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I will die in this love – Episode 1

So I choose the title that Riya Vaghani suggested and other’s were also gud but.  I was confused to select with one of the title so I ask my mom to choose a title and she choose this so I hope you don’t mind

So let’s start. 

At 9:30 

At Sharma Villa 

Angre saying, ‘Riddhima come fast, I have a meeting with vansh. 

Riddhima wearing a floral sharara comes and says , “ Oh bhai, I think that I am not your sister and he is your brother. That’s why you are dying to meet him. She says in mind, “Just One time I’ll meet you mr vansh then I will tell you you have make my brother addict of you. 

Angre says – “Not only me you are also dying to meet ishani and sia. They are also sisters of vansh. And today they are coming our villa . Now riddhima and angre sit in front of each other and angre says – are you ready and riddhima says yes. Now they have a panja fight and just then the gate opens and vansh comes and angre looks at him and riddhima take the advantage of it and wins the fight (panja) . Riddhima says ‘Now my award would be That I want a bhabhi because I can’t handle you alone. Angre says “Ok then you have to find your reward, I mean bhabhi. Just make sure the she can handle me and just then vansh coughs and say angre Should we start the discussion. Agre says “Yes VANSH” . Riddhima hears this and understands that he is vansh and thinks that is he the brother of ishani and sia. She comes in front lf vansh and says, “You’re the one because of which my brother can’t find a gf for her. What type of a friend you are, can’t you help your friend to find a gf for him. Vansh says “Nice to meet you Riddhima , and about. Your brother is that Neither I nor him are interested in love and all this we only love our family. Riddhima says, Ishq ek baar sabko hota h aur uska nasha ek baar chad jaye to zindagi bhar nhi utarta. Vansh smiles and asks , “Do you have any BF. Riddhima says no but I have BFF. Vansh says what. Riddhima says I am talking about ishani and sia.  Vansh say oh they are coming with cycle, I have asked them to come with me but they said no.  Now vansh and angre sit on sofa and start discussing the presentation. Just then vansh looks at riddhima adn says, why are you standing at the door, my sisters will take time to come but just then they both come and vansh says you both will

live 200 years more as Riddhima and I were talking about you and just the aryan come And say hi and what about me. Riddhima says aryan hisays , How are you? Aryan glances at riddhima and says I am good  

Precap – Just as Siya enters the villa, she slips and angre holds him. Riddhima says in mind  I got my bhabhi

Ok So that was for today, I hope you like it and just not forget to give your review in comments box. Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ how much will you give to my ff.  Do tell, ok bye

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