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Hamariwali Good News 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka attempts solutions for Adi and Navya

Hamariwali Good News 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Renuka asking Adi and Navya to lie to Sumitra and others about the fake pregnancy. Adi thinks mum can tell her about me. He says you said it, I will explain her. Navya asks what. Adi takes her. Renuka stitches the blouse. Kusum says everyone will see me when I wear it. She asks Renuka to stitch a good blouse for herself also. Renuka says you say anything, tell me, if the idea works. Kusum says no, I heard its guaranteed result. She says my relative’s daughter got twins, but why do you need this, you want to get a child too. She teases Renuka. Renuka says you say anything, I was asking for the sake of my friend’s son-in-law. Kusum says if a man lacks it, the woman gets blamed. Renuka says you just tell me, if it will work.

Kusum says you can go to Banjaras and take help. Renuka thinks. Preeti meets Indu. Indu gets her husband’s call. Renuka meets the Banjara man and buys some powder to get a grandchild. The man asks her not to worry, the child will be born. She leaves. Preeti waits outside for Indu. She doesn’t see Renuka. Indu sees Renuka. Preeti also sees her. Renuka says what are they doing here. She asks you both here. Preeti asks what are you doing here. Indu asks is everything fine. Renuka says don’t think anything, this powder is for every disease. Preeti asks what are you hiding. Renuka sees a man coming holding his knee. Renuka says I had knee pain, so I came here for treatment. Preeti says you are preparing to run after grandson. Indu says they add drugs in medicines, you will get addicted.

Preeti says don’t get into this. Renuka says stop giving me Gyaan, I m hurt, don’t tell anyone, they will make fun of me. Renuka prays that the powder works. She leaves. Adi and Navya leave from the hospital. She cries recalling doctor’s words that IVF option isn’t for her. She sees a little boy crying and goes to console. Adi gets icecream for the boy. The ladies come and scold Navya for stealing the boy. Adi says mind your language. Navya gets her file from clinic. The lady says you can’t get your own child, so you are stealing my child.

Renuka is on the way and worries. Navya cries. jag soona sonna….plays…Mukund is at his shop. Mukund says I got the diapers for the coming baby. She sells the lollipop to the boy. He says it comes for 5rs, go now. He stops the boy and gives the lollilop for 4rs. He says don’t tell this to anyone. His servant says you are going to become a dada ji now. Mukund smiles.

Navya thinks of the taunts and cries. Renuka comes to the kitchen and stops her. Navya burns the food. Renuka says I will make it. Mukund comes and says Sanjay is the best guy for Anchal, his house is A one, he is coming here to see Anchal, Sumitra shouldn’t complain. He asks Navya to manage everything. Navya nods. A lady comes and says we had a puja in the house, my Saas asked me to feed some pregnant lady first, so I thought of Navya. She asks Navya to eat it. Mukund asks Navya to eat it. Navya says I can’t eat it. She goes. The lady says she refused to me. Renuka says don’t feel bad, Navya isn’t feeling well since morning, she didn’t take breakfast. The lady says fine, its first month, feed her later, explain Navya to not upset anyone.

Navya works out. Adi stops her. Renuka comes and scolds Navya. Navya asks what’s the matter. Renuka says don’t talk in between all the time, no one will come anytime to trouble my bahu, you are my bahu. She packs the bag. Adi asks how long will Navya stay there. Renuka says the world will not leave it, I can’t protect her all the time, you don’t understand. She says you don’t have to tolerate this for long. She cries.

Navya comes home and sees her maid talking to her mum. The maid gets sad that she isn’t able to raise her baby. Navya scolds her. She says one who wants kids don’t get them. She goes home. Shanti asks what happened to Navya today. Sumitra calls Mukund and asks him to go for Pariknama, Navya is pregnant, the prayer will be good for baby. Mukund leaves. A baba comes home. Renuka welcomes him and shows the house. She gives sweets and Dakshina. He scolds her. He asks her to just get what he asked for. He tells her about the stars. She asks is everything fine. He says we have to end this hurdle. Renuka asks will my son’s problem end. He says leave it if you have doubt, call me later. She says no, I beg you, I have sent everyone out by difficulty, my son is at home, he can’t give a child to my Bahu. He says there is a solution, go and get the things I told you. He does some tantra mantra. Someone knocks the door. She worries.

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