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Gupta Brothers 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Shiv talks to Ganga about her alliance

Gupta Brothers 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ganga making Shiv name on the cloth through embroidery. She recalls how he took stand for her and thinks she can’t stay away from him. She hugs the handkerchief. Shiv is upset and thinks Veeru has crossed his limits today. I thought they will understand me. Jaya says she will teach a lesson to Veeru. Amba says we will talk to Shiv. Veeru comes there and asks her to talk to him. Jaya asks how dare you to come here? and asks if he came to break her head holding his bat. Veeru walks towards Amba and offers bat to Amba, asking her to beat him. He tells that he didn’t push her intentionally and tells that his leg got stuck. He says they will never let any woman come in their house. Jaya asks him to go and talk to Shiv. Veeru tells that he can’t hear anything against Shiv and apologizes to Amba. Amba says you are really stupid and forgives him. She tells that it is their mistake too and apologizes to him. Veeru holds her leg and asks her to forgive him. She says go home and ask Shiv to make something for us tomorrow. We will come for breakfast. Veeru says I will make all arrangements. Amba says no, ask Shiv and asks him to go. He goes. Amba looks on.

Veeru, Alok and Rajat ask Shiv to open the door. Shiv says I don’t want to talk to you, leave from there. Alok says Veeru has apologized to Kaki and she forgave him. Rajat asks him to open the door. Veeru apologizes and thinks how to get his forgiveness. Rajat gets an idea to get the door open. Alok asks why did you cut your hand with knife, so much blood is coming out. Shiv hears them and comes out. They apologize holding their ears and do sits up. Shiv forgives and hugs them. Shiv says my condition gets worse than you whenever I get angry from you. They make food and sit to have it. ek dusre se karte hai…..

Next morning, Ganga comes to Shiv’s shop and tells that she wants some stuff for the orphanage. Shiv checks the list and says I will pack it. Ganga says you have done so much for me and I couldn’t thank you so I…She gives handkerchief in his hand and tells about the embroidery. Alok comes there and sees Ganga. Shiv keeps the handkerchief in his pocket. Ganga thinks even he must be liking too. Shiv gives list to Alok and asks him to pack it. He apologizes to her for hiding it from Alok and tells that they don’t understand. She says I understand it is difficult to like me. He says I like you. Mama ji comes home and tells that he came to talk about Shiv’s alliance with Ganga. Veeru says I will not leave you and runs behind him. Alok and Rajat also run behind him. Shiv asks him to stop. Mama ji tells that he has come to talk about Ganga’s alliance with an orphan guy, who is well educated and have a good job. Veeru says you would have gone to Ganga. Mama ji tells that he had gone to her, but she refused for marriage. He asks him to think that this new alliance will prove good for her and asks him to convince her, as she respects him a lot. Veeru asks him to go and convince Ganga.

Mridula is in the orphanage, when Shiv comes there and tells that he has brought Rajat’s toys which is still in the packet. Ganga calls the orphan kids. Shiv gives them toys. The kids gets happy and hugs him. Shiv tells that he came to talk to her about the alliance. Ganga smiles.

Precap: Ganga gets ready for the marriage, but the groom elopes leaving a letter behind. The society men accuse Shiv which forces him to take a decision.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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