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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya wins the lottery ticket

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe and Pappu doubting Sarla and Sweety. The ladies refuse to swear holding gangajal in their hands, but Radhe and Pappu force them. Sarla swears taking gangajal in her hand and says this ticket is not mine. Even Sweety swears that it is not hers. Gudiya says why you didn’t ask me? Sarla asks her to be quiet. Guddu comes to the window and asks what is happening? Harbheji tells that they are trying to become equal to us and quarelling over the lottery tickets. Nanhi says we shall go there and see. Gudiya takes gangajal in her hand and tells that this ticket is mine. Everyone looks shocked. Sarla says now you are doing these things and beats her, asks can’t you speak since long. Gudiya says you didn’t let me speak and runs. Sarla runs behind her. Harbheji comes and says if there is a sugar and then asks what is going on in your house? Sweety says I will tell and tells that I have won in the competition on who has felt bad. She tells that we came to Gudiya plays lottery. Harbheji says Gudiya plays lottery. She says girl plays lottery and taunts Sarla. Gudiya signs Guddu to say. Madhav comes there and asks why sounds are coming from here. Harbheji tells him about lottery ticket. Madhav says people call us dacoits then? Harbheji asks Sarla to feel ashamed and keep her head low.

Gudiya goes to Guddu and tells that even she shall feel ashamed as Guddu gave the half money for the ticket. Guddu says it is truth. Sarla gets a chance now and taunts Harbheji for brainwashing Gudiya. Sarla says I am not accusing Guddu. Harbheji asks Guddu to say. Guddu says it is truth that 50 Rs was mine, but I gave it on her insistence. Gudiya asks will you jump in the well if I say. Sweety says I don’t like lottery. Putli Bai comes and asks what is happening here? Harbheji says liar people are arguing with us. She asks Gudiya to say. Gudiya tells everything. Putli Bai appreciates Gudiya and her family for such good values. Atta comes there and forgets seeing Harbheji. Harbheji asks why did you come? Putli Bai takes the ticket from Gudiya and says she will tear it. She is about to tear it, when Atta stops her and tells that Gudiya has won 5 lakhs rs. Everyone gets happy, forgetting their hatred. Amma doesn’t believe him. Atta shows the newspaper.

Harbheji checks it. She asks Sarla to give the ticket to them so that they can get the prize money. Sarla refuses. Putli Bai tells that prize money will be equally distributed to Guddu and Gudiya equally. Later Sarla thinks that though Gudiya has won the lottery, but it is of many people’s hardwork money and refuses to take the money. Pappu says only lucky people gets the lottery. Radhe says we got the money to get her married. Sarla says she don’t want free fund money. Sarla says even I get greedy, but the way to greed take us to the empty well. Radhe says you said right and tells that there is nobody like her, truthful and honest. Pappu says we will do as you say. Harbheji asks why you was refusing if you don’t want the money. She asks her to give the lottery money. Sarla says I will give 5 lakhs in charity and will not give you. Harbheji says small people and small thoughts. Later Harbheji calls Atta. Atta comes there. Harbheji asks him to call Gudiya. Atta calls her.

Gudiya goes to the shops and orders clothes etc for his family. She eats golgappas. Atta comes there and tells that Harbheji is calling her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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