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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Samrat Leaves Chavan Mansion

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Patralekha/Pakhi reacts when her parents gift her Switzerland honeymoon package and says its not possible. Badimaa scolds her to stop showing attitude and tell why she doesnt’ want to go to honeymoon. Sonali says its an open voucher and they may go later. Badimaa maa scolds her to shut up and insists Pakhi to tell her reason. Samrat says they cannot go as he has to report to duty tomorrow itself as his whole battalion needs to shift to Ladakh. Mansi asks how can he go just after a day of his marriage. Sonali says poor Pakhi. Badimaa says Pakhi should be proud instead that her husband is going to serve motherland. Ninad says he will speak to Brigadier and cancel his leave. Samrat says no need for that. Ninad calls Brigadier and requests to postpone Samrat’s reporting at least for 12-14 days, but Brigadier says he can’t.

At Sayi’s house, she makes Aaba perform yoga. Aaba gets lazy. Sayi scolds him and gets him jogging clothes via online, says once shifting to Nagpur, they will wake up around 5 a.m. and jog. Aaba says who will wake up so early. She scolds him his mother’s soul came into Sayi, even she used to scold him like this. Sayi insists him to sing her favorite song. He emotoinally sings Jaage hain der tak, kuch der sone do.. She then asks him to get ready for breakfast and walks in. Virat enters with constable. Sayi greets him calling sir. Virat asks if she is fine, sir directly from gabbar? She says her view towards him changed and she respects him now. He asks her to call Kamal sir. She asks if he came to convince him to cancel VRS. Aaba seeing Virat walks to him and asks Sai to stop, but Sai continues. Virat calls inspector Pawar and says he will take charge after Kamal sir. Pawar speaks to Kamal and Sayi. Sayi leaves. Kamal tells Virat that he doesn’t want to retire till he frees Gadchiroli from Jagtap’s terror and goes to wear his uniform.

Samrat over phone thanks brigadier for cancelling his leave. Brigadier asks why did he cancel leave while could have joined duty after sometime, if he fought with wife on first day itself. Pakhi walks in. Samrat disconnects call. Pakhi asks why didn’t inform her about leave cancelation. He says even she didn’t inform her many things; his brigadier says life is unpredictable, but people are unpredictable. He packs his bags and leaves giving her blank cheques and asking to seek Virat’s help if she needs something. Pakhi thinks if Samrat knows about her and Virat.

Precap: Sunny tells Pakhi that fate got her in Chavan family to Samrat instead of Virat. Pakhi says she cannot forget Virat. Sunny says she has to. Pakhi catches Karishma hearing their conversation. Karishma thinks of informing Mohit. Virat and Aaba’s team plan to catch Jagtap.

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