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Excuse Me Madam 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam meets Sanam as a tailor

Excuse Me Madam 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sanam meets Madam as her tailor’s elder son. Sanam says Chatterjee is scaring me. Chatterjee leaves from there. Madam tells Sanam that you want to take my measurements? He says sure. He starts taking her br*ast size but his hands shake. Madam says what are you doing? Sanam says I can take measurements from my eyes only. Madam says how? He asks her to turn around then tells her measurements. He shows her material for her blouse and moves closer. He says I liked you.

Kranti tells Amar that this blouse is bomb, it’s not proven that Sanam got some woman’s blouse. Amar says I will prove that he got it from a girl. Kranti says if that’s the case then he will try to hide it from me, you should keep it in the police station as he won’t suspect that. Amar takes the blouse and leaves. Bhaisa thinks Sanam is gone now.

A woman enters Addu’s room and says my boyfriend is a goon, please save me. Her boyfriend comes there with his bodyguard. He thinks Addu is the man his girlfriend is cheating him on with. He points the gun at Addu and says you took my girlfriend.

Sanam compliments Kranti and says we should get romantic. She says no, you have cheated on me. Sanam says what have I done? Kranti says Amar says that. Sanam says you want us to break up because of her? Kranti says till Addu wears that blouse and proves that it’s his and not some other woman’s, I won’t talk to you. Sanam says what if I prove that it’s Addu’s blouse only? She says I will not talk to Amar anymore. Sanam says she will have to say sorry to me as well. Kranti says if it’s not Addu’s blouse then I won’t spare you. Sanam says there might be some issue with the fitting of that blouse, Addu bought it but it might not fit him. Kranti says that doesn’t happen, it should fit Addu. I have given blouse to Amar and she has kept it in the police station.

Scene 2
Addu pleads the boyfriend and says I don’t have an affair with your girlfriend Razia, please don’t kill me brother. He gets a call and puts it on speaker. Sanam tells Addu to wear the blouse. Addu says no I won’t wear that blouse, he ends the call. The boyfriend laughs and says he is not normal, he is that type (gay). Razia hugs Addu and puts a chit under his shirt. Their boyfriend gives his card as he is gay.

A man comes to the police station and says my wife doubts me too much. She keeps complaining to me. The officer asks him to leave. Sanam comes there and meets the officer. Officer says you are Amar’s brother in law so my brother in law too.

Madam is dancing around in her office. Chatterjee thinks she is going crazy again, he pinches her but Madam slaps him and asks him to get lost. Madam sits and gets his tailor’s call. Her tailor says you didn’t give your measurements. She says your son came to take it, he says which son? What was his name? She says I don’t remember, he tells his sons’ name but she says his name was something different. He asks her to call him again and asks him to take your measurements again.

PRECAP – Madam calls Sanam and says I want you to come and take my measurements again. Sanam meets Madam as a tailor but she says I have called your father as well. She calls real tailor inside her office and Sanam is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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