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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone lies down on the floor to pay their reverence to Sarvagya Maharaj. He keeps his feet over each one of them one by one to bless them. He notices Ram ji near the cart and asks him to step forward. Ram ji stays put which intrigues Sarvagya Maharaj. Who does not want my blessing? They remove the gamcha from Ram ji’s face and flinch. Pundit ji gives a brief about him to Sarvagya Maharaj. He says he will be punished for his crimes as that’s his karma. My karma tells me that I must bless him. those 2 guys advice him to take the blessing of Sarvagya Maharaj. Ram ji begins to go but they push him on the floor. You wont have to take birth in this community in your next birth. Sarvagya Maharaj asks the villagers to cover Ram ji with a cloth. I must not touch his body anyhow. Another villager keeps a blanket over Ram ji. Sarvagya Maharaj keeps his feet over Ram ji’s head. Mangesh says let’s make use of this and crush his son like this. He will be equally crushed this way. Let’s not delay this good deed. Ram ji pushes his way back up and glares at Sarvagya Maharaj.

Sarvagya Maharaj asks him what happened. I could have blessed you for a little more time to make things better for you. You are unlucky though. Ram ji folds his hands. I respect you like everyone else but I don’t want a blessing which can change just my future. I want social support from you all because of which the lives of people like me can change for good. Give this support in place of blessing. Sarvagya Maharaj asks him if he wants him to act against God’s will. It is the outcome of the sins you guys have committed. It wont change. Ram ji is positive that they will change it with their hard work one day. He walks away. Sarvagya Maharaj announces that they must ban people like him from breathing in this town. Mangesh adds fuel to the fire. He tells Sarvagya Maharaj about Bhima, Dhruv and Madhvi. Sarvagya Maharaj slaps him. You are telling me as if it is a thing of pride. Why dint you all just die when all this was happening? You are a burden on this earth. You cannot protect your dharma or your people. You people will be in their feet if this continues. Dhansukhlal says we invited you here to change all of that. We will do whatever you will say. Sarvagya Maharaj tells them to do something to make their life hell here. They should be forced to leave Satara. Purify your society and city!

Anand tells Bhima they must take revenge for what those people have done to Bala. Bhima says revenge isn’t the only solution. We must do something to make sure this isn’t repeated with someone else. I will ask Baba what we should do. Bhimbai asks about Ram ji who enters just then. Where were you? He thinks of what happened outside Dhansukhlal’s house. He lies that he was at Puranjan’s house. Bhimbai says it does not look like it. What happened? Tell us something. He asks for water. Bhimbai goes inside to bring it.

Bhima asks his Baba what they should do to make sure no one else meets the same fate like Bala Bhaiya. Ram ji recalls what he had overheard earlier. Bhima asks him again. How to stop them from doing injustice? Ram ji says pratikar (rebellion).

Ganga and Manjula are on their way to the well. Villagers throw a dead animal inside the well shocking all the ladies standing around the well.

Bhima asks his Baba what rebellion means. Ram ji explains the meaning to him. It should be so strong that it can stop all this from happening. Bhima says we should rebel against Sarvagya Maharaj as he dint do the right thing with Bala Bhaiya. Ram ji cannot stop thinking of what he had experienced. Ganga and Manjula return home. They share what just happened at the well. We had covered their faces with a piece of cloth. Another couple shares that someone has thrown dead animals in all their wells. Bhima reasons that this started since Sarvagya Maharaj’s arrival. It must be those who would have assembled there. is this what they have decided to know in the name of dharma? Bala reasons that this isn’t what dharma teaches anyone. They are using it to hide their arrogance and ignorance. Bhima wants to speak to Sarvagya Maharaj face to face but Ram ji stops him. They must have come to a conclusion together. As far as I know Sarvagya Maharaj, I am certain that this would be his order only. Villagers have become aggressive after his order. They can do anything right now. People become herds in that case. Bhima says something needs to be done though.

Villagers have placed notices on the way. No one from upper community is allowed to walk this path. Puranjan is shocked to see it. Dhansukhlal advises his allies to keep place such notices in every way. Puranjan informs Sakpal family. Bhima insists upon speaking to Sarvagya Maharaj but Ram ji stops him. Bhima asks him again. Ram ji says there is no point talking to him. I feel this is the beginning of a big game plan against us.

Few villagers dump waste in the area where people from lower community live. Entire village has decided that all the waste would be dumped here from now on. Ram ji and his family can save you if anything goes wrong.

Sakpal family hears about this as well. Bhima says this is too much. Ram ji says this is what a religious struggle comes to. They will try to force us out of our city now.

Sarvagya Maharaj says let’s take the last step now. It will decide the course of this battle.

Bhima says we have to come to a decision now. Let’s rebel in a way that they never forget this! Bala says we can do the same things to them. We can throw dead animals in their well too. Ram ji points out that they cannot become like them. Bala questions him. Why should we lie down in their way when they walk all over it? This isn’t right! Ram ji gets thinking.


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