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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram and Sophie’s past connect

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vikram asking Sophie to join. Shravan orders the special tea. He asks Vikram what happened. Vikram says nothing. Shravan jokes on Suman and says sorry Vikram, I was telling something personal, you know Sophie is the best wedding planner, she has come to plan her friend’s wedding. Suman says Vikram is also from Mumbai, he now lives in Bhopal. Sophie says its great. Vikram says I should leave now, I will drop Suman. Sophie says we can drop her if you don’t mind. He says thanks, I will go. Suman says when you come on dinner, you can get your muffler, I m going to make your fav dishes. Shravan says I didn’t give you a party, you come to my new house tomorrow, we all will party. Vikram says fine. He goes. Suman says we shall also go. Shravan says of course. They also leave.

Shravan starts taunting Suman while talking to Sophie. He makes Suman jealous. He asks are you coming for dinner. Sophie says I wanted to come, but maybe next time. He drops Sophie. Suman and Shravan come home. She scolds him. Suman says I m just silent because of Beena. She slips. Shravan holds her. They recall their old moments. Shravan goes home. Kanchan argues with him. Sophie comes to meet him. She asks is there something between Suman and Vikram. He says yes. She says Vikram and I were in a relationship when we were in Mumbai. Shravan laughs. He says I m laughing at life. She says that relation was casual for me, Vikram got serious, he wanted to marry and settle down, my work started that time, I wasn’t ready for marriage. He says its an old thing now. She says I know his ego was hurt, I had seen his reaction, he hasn’t move on yet, I m glad he is moving on with Suman, promise me, you will not tell Suman about Vikram and my past. He says Vikram is a good guy. She says he won’t want Suman to know that he got rejected by a girl. He says that’s why you refused to come for dinner, it won’t affect our friendship. They smile. Shravan calls Bunty and tells everything. He says I won’t come between Suman and Vikram, Suman invited him for dinner, Vikram thinks Sophie will be here, he won’t come, Suman will wait for him, think of her reaction. Bunty says yes, you are always mischievous. He ends the call. Dumroo gets the vegs and money. Shravan asks him to give it to Suman. He says when will dinner time come. He smiles.

Suman, Kanchan and Beena prepare the dinner. Shravan says I can’t wait now, lets have it. Suman shouts stop, Veer you learn good manners, Vikram is our guest, you can’t eat anything until he comes. Shravan thinks Vikram won’t come. Suman asks Kanchan to call Vikram. Beena serves food to Veer and Shravan. Kanchan says network is not available. Suman worries. Beena asks did you tell him anything, don’t fight with him, he likes you a lot, keep good terms with him. Suman sees Shravan.

She cries and says you did good to tell me that I fight with everyone and not value relations, you think I m so bad. Shravan looks on. Kanchan argues with Beena. Beena thinks how did I make a big mistake, sorry Suman. Veer asks Shravan to have food.

Shravan says Suman would be crying in her room. He goes to Suman and says Vikram is a nice guy, he wants to talk to you. Suman sees Shravan in the lawn and comes to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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