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Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 9

Hai friends I’m back with today’s episode. Yesterday at two places I mentioned Prerna instead of Sona. I’m so sorry for that mistake. Thank you Jasmine for pointing it out. As per suggestion of Bhuvaneshwari Natasha will be paired with Neil and it will be a small side track. Lets go to the episode now

Dev and Sona are inside the car. There is silence in the

Dev: Sonakshi you are silent suddenly

Sona: What does that mean?

Dev: It means what it means

Sona: You say that I talk non stop

Dev: Initially i didn’t think so but after yesterday night

He bursts laughing

Sona: Why are you laughing?

Dev: I just remembered your face when the candle blew off

Sona makes a puppy face.

They pass across a coffee shop

Sona: Dev…stop the car

Dev applies brake and the car stops with a screech.

Dev: What happened?

Sona: Coffee..

She points the coffee shop

Dev: Its drizzling Sonakshi

Sona: Dev why are you so boring?

Dev: But…

Sona gets down and goes to his door and opens the door. She holds his hand and pulls him out

Sona: You stay here I’ll get us coffee

Dev: Nahi…you wait here I’ll get them

Dev goes and gets them coffee. He gives her coffee

Dev: Come lets sit inside

Sona: Why? Its not pouring now lets sit outside.



She sits on the bonnet. Dev is amazed but he joins her. They start sipping their coffee .

Dev: Did you feel awkward when i called you my fiancee?

Sona: No. Why?

Dev: I noticed your face was not bright when I told Natasha that you are my fiancee

Sona: Thats not the reason

Dev: Then?

Sona: I was jealous to see with another girl

Dev is shocked and Sona bites her tongue

Dev: What? What did you say now?

Sona: Nothing Dev..its gonna rain. Lets go

Dev: But Sonakshi..

Sona gets down quickly and gets inside the car. Dev gets in and starts the car. Sona doesn’t speak anything till they reach home.

Sona gets down from the car.

Dev: Sonakshi…

Sona: Dev..God night.

She goes in. The scene freezes.

Next day Dev is in his office. Natasha’s secretary comes to meet him

Dev: Where is Natasha? It was her appointment today

Secretary: Mam is waiting down in the car sir. She asked me to meet you in person and tell you that hereafter Mr.Krish Gujral will collaborate in this project with you

Dev: Why?

Secretary: Sorry sir I don’t have an answer for this

Dev calls Natasha. She picks the call up

Dev: Natasha what happened?

Natasha: Dev…sorry Mr.Dixit hereafter I won’t be a part of this project. My brother will take charge

Dev: Suddenly? And you don’t even want to meet in person to tell me. I’m coming down to your car

Natasha: Dev dont do it

Dev: Or else you come in

Natasha: Okay i’ll come.

Within 5 minutes Natasha is in Dev’s cabin

Dev: Why are you leaving this project suddenly. You said that its your dream project right

Natasha: But I din’t know that you are engaged

Dev: What difference does that make?

Natsasha: Nothing for you. But it makes difference to me

Dev: What?

Natasha: Dev..I really didn’t know that you love someone else..if I had known these feelings would not have occurred.

Dev: I don’t understand

Natasha: Thats the problem…you don’t understand how jealous I was when I met Sonakshi..that jealousy was because I really love you..oh sorry loved you,,If I continue to be a part of this project anymore I’ll not be able to control my emotions.

Dev: You love me?

Natasha: Yes thats why i told Dad that I will work with you. I really love you but I won’t disturb you after knowing that there is another girl in your life and you are engaged.Bye.

Natasha gets up and goes outside wiping her tears. She bumps into Neil who has come to meet Dev regarding a deal.

Neil: Careful Miss

Natasha apologises to him and leaves. Neil notices her tears but doesn’t say anything.

The scene freezes.

Dev’s room is shown. He is lost in thoughts. He remembers Sona telling that she was jealous as he was with another girl. Natasha’s words also ring into his ears.

Dev: Sonakshi loves me?? But do I love her?? Or am I fooling her ?? Is this marriage for mom’s sake or do I love her? How should I find?

Miraculously  he over hears Nikki and Rhea’s conversation

Nikki: Rhea di when we are in love that person’s happiness will become our concern. We will never mind going to any extent for their happiness. When someone asks us the happiest moment in our life it will definitely be the moments with them. Without our knowledge will be start behaving according to them

Rhea: Nikki why are you saying all these

Nikki: Arrey Didi my favourite show ki title credit hai ye

Rhea hits her forehead.

Dev : If what Nikki told is love I’m ..I’m in love with Sonakshi… if not..why would I worry about her not having scooty to go to hospital and send it through vicky..I would not have worried about her getting drenched and offered to take her scooty home or dropping her…its with her I smile..she made me laugh..I found her nickname cute but..before this I hated nicknames..I hate people talking nonstop but today her silence disturbed me..

He goes to the mirror. 

Dev: Hey buddu you are in love and you haven’t realised it. You needed a broken Natasha to make you realise it. Sona loves you..she felt jealous when she saw you with another girl.  She sat in your place in the thought that it is a duty as daughter in law…but she asked you to know about you and become a part of your life..the love of your life..[He hits him on his forehead] Arrey she may be thinking that i’m marrying her for Mom’s wish thats why she fell into  an awkward silence after blurting out that she indeed was jealous…Dev..come have to propose her..Propose?? What else? till now you didn’t even ask her wish or tell your wish but started to say that she is your finacee. Get ready and go to her now..tell what you really feel..wait…wait..tell her what you realised…



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