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Bigg Boss 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 26
Rahul tells Naina that it’s a deal, I am doing my work. Naina says I am the referee here so don’t tell me.
Shardul tells Pavitra that I won’t give up my bag easily. ,,
Nikki tells Rahul to throw his cycle and make him lose balance. Naina tells Rahul that you have already taken two bags. Rahul says you are not part of the task, don’t interrupt. Naina says I am playing fairly, I would have stood with Eijaz if he was on his cycle. Eijaz says it’s not written anywhere. Eijaz pushes Naina away so Nishant shouts at him to not touch her. Eijaz asks him to shut up. Naina says don’t push me Eijaz, you could have talked to me. Eijaz says I am sorry Naina but listen to me. Nikki asks Pavitra to fight. Nishant is helping Abhi so Nikki and Jaan come out too. Nikki says Nishant is breaking the rule so we will come here too. Nishant moves away from Abhi so Nikki and Jaan go back in the red-zone. Jaan tells Nishant that you can’t touch Abhi. Naina shouts at Nikki to not come out. Naina protects Abhi and says I won’t let you take his bag. Bigg Boss tells Naina that you are not part of the task, you can’t take part in the task and you can’t make your own rules. People whose bags are in the red-zone are out of the task and can’t take part in anything. There will be two people out of the red-zone at a time.
Rahul and Pavitra attack Abhi, he falls down but keeps a hold on his bag. Rahul asks Abhi to leave his bag. Naina says this is too much force. Rubina says this is violence. Pavitra shouts that I am holding him, he is not dying. Bigg Boss asks Pavitra, Rahul and Abhi to stop as someone will get hurt. Abhi says I have hurt already. Rubina says they are grabbing each other. Bigg Boss says you have to put the bag in the basket and protect it in the basket only. If the bag is out of the basket then red-zone people will own that bag, they will decide now if they want to put the bag inside the red-zone. Pavitra shouts that I was holding Abhi carefully, I was not doing any violence. I was holding Rahul back and not letting him hurt Abhi. Shardul hugs her and says they were not saying anything to you. Pavitra shouts that they are ****, my upbringing is not wrong. Shardul asks Pavitra to calm down. Eijaz says let her speak, they are calling for calling her violent. Pavitra hugs Eijaz and says he is trying to calm me only Shardul.

Abhi tells Naina that Eijaz got down from his cycle first so he is out of the task. Eijaz says how? Abhi says it’s written in the instructions so you can’t change it as per your convenience. Nikki took my bag when the task was not going on but you didn’t stop her? Where were your rules at that time? Eijaz says I stopped her but she didn’t listen. Eijaz says I fell from my cycle. Abhi says you are disqualified because you got down from the cycle.

6 PM
Shardul says there is no respect in this house. Pavitra says people taunt about upbringing here, you don’t know that. Shardul says no one is innocent here. Pavitra says all are from good houses here and nobody wants to hurt others here. Shardul says they are all goons here, no one is good here. We didn’t come here to learn respect here, all are from roadside here. Pavitra says everyone brings upbringing here. Rahul says who gave the right to Shardul to call us from the roadside?

Jaan tells Nikki that Nishant was talking to me about Abhi. Eijaz asks Rahul if he is fine? Pavitra hugs him through the wall and sighs. She holds Eijaz’s shirt tightly.

Abhi tells Rubina that Eijaz will become the captain.

6:30 PM
Rahul tells Jaan that I didn’t know your parents were separated so I am sorry, I don’t understand that pain. Jaan says it’s okay, I don’t keep grudges. Rahul says I am sorry.

Jasmin cries and tells Rubina that I can’t distract myself. I was scared last night, I woke up two times. He is an animal (Rahul).

6:45 PM
Bigg Boss says BB World Tour has ended. Bigg Boss asks Naina at the end of the task, whose bag is outside the red-zone? Naina says only Eijaz’s bag is out of the red-zone. Bigg Boss says so Eijaz becomes the winner of the task. He is the new captain. All red-zone people cheer for him. Pavitra smiles brightly. Eijaz thanks Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss asks Kavita to empty the captain’s room for Eijaz. Pavitra calls Eijaz and hugs him tightly. Nikki and Jaan cheer for them. Jaan hugs Eijaz and says I can’t think about cheating on you. Nikki and Rahul hug him.

7 PM
Eijaz says so my duties will be divided. He asks Kavita if she can wash the dishes two times as he was doing it? She says I will do it. Eijaz says I used to clean the washroom also. Abhi says I will help Kavita in washing the dishes. Eijaz asks Naina if she can clean the washroom? Naina says I can’t clean it alone, it’s a lot. Abhi asks Kavita if she will clean it? Kavita says I will do what the captain asks me. Abhi says I will wash dishes with Naina and Kavita can clean the washroom. Kavita says I agree.

Naina tells Abhi that so the referee doesn’t have any power to make a decision? Abhi says Eijaz should have been disqualified for getting down from the cycle. It’s clearly written in the rulebook that we have to keep sitting on our cycles but what happens if we get down? Jasmin says it was not written what will happen if he gets down. Abhi says they didn’t even ask about Eijaz breaking the rules, they just asked whose bag was out of the red-zone. It means it was pre-planned to make Eijaz the captain so what am I doing here?

Naina cries so Eijaz tells her that you were a good referee. Naina says I came across like I was partial, Bigg Boss said that I was making my own rules when I was trying to be so fair. Eijaz asks her to cry and then wake up fresh.

7:45 PM
Abhi asks Rubina what was written in the rulebook? Rubina says it was written that we can’t get down from our cycle till the buzzer ends. Rubina says the decision will go in the favor of more coverage. I am not being biased, if they are giving TRPs more and getting more coverage then the decision will be done in their favor only.

8:45 PM
Eijaz tells Jaan to call Pavitra to him. Kavita calls Eijaz but he doesn’t listen to her. Kavita says he is not even listening to me now as he is a captain? Eijaz says I am talking to Jaan. Kavita says you have such an attitude now because you are a captain? Eijaz says why are you making this an issue. Kavita says don’t be so arrogant in becoming a captain, you can lose it like me also. You could have told me that you were talking to Jaan. Eijaz says I was talking to Jaan. Pavitra tells Eijaz to just say sorry to her.

9:15 PM
Kavita tells Eijaz that you could have just told me that you were busy talking to Jaan, I respect you a lot. Eijaz says I was not ignoring you.

10:15 PM
Kavita tells Nikki and Jaan that I thought it was a joke about Pavitra and Eijaz. Pavitra says it was not a joke, I have feelings for him now. Kavita says I knew it. Pavitra says I like him but I don’t know about him. Kavita says there should be love here too. Nikki asks Eijaz to come here like Shahrukh. He acts like Shahrukh, all laugh. Kavita says it’s fun here.

10:30 PM
Eijaz tells Kavita that I have no healing till now about that incident. Pavitra has issues with me too. Kavita says you can give her a chance. Eijaz says it will not happen, I want to focus on the game. I don’t want to make this part of my game. If I have an attachment with someone then I become biased and put everything on a back burner. I don’t want to make this part of my game. Eijaz says very few people have made food for me that I like, she has done that. Kavita says she is liking as the way you are, she has accepted you so she should be praised for that. It’s not easy to bear you but she has. Eijaz says don’t put this in my mind.

11 PM
Kavita shouts at Eijaz because he keeps taunting her about the rules. Kavita says stop being irritating with me, you are picking up small things and tell me about rules constantly when I am following them on my own. Eijaz says I asked you wear your mic properly so why are you getting rude to me? I am the captain. Kavita says but you are not Bigg Boss, don’t be so arrogant. Eijaz says I am talking nicely to you. Kavita says you call me a friend but we haven’t spent time, you call me your close friend but we are not close friends, you just want to win the game so you are using me by calling me your best friend in this house. Eijaz says I am using you? Kavita says I am cleaning the washroom alone so don’t be picky with me. She starts leaving and asks him to shut up. Eijaz says don’t leave. Kavita says if I am your best friend then you should know that I am irritated, I will react if I want. Eijaz says you are misbehaving with me. Kavita says people have become my enemies here because of you, you misbehave with people in the tasks so all think I am your friend and they are not talking to me. They think I am close to you and you don’t get along with anyone else. Eijaz says I will tell everyone that you are not my friend.

Shardul tells Abhi that Kavita and Eijaz are doing drama. Abhi says maybe this show needs it.

Kavita tells Eijaz that we are not close friends. Eijaz says so you think I am using you because I want an ally and you are not a friend? Why were you acting like my friend then? Kavita says I did a favor on you when I came here so you used me. Don’t irritate me right now, I don’t need anyone, I like to be alone so stop this drama of being friends with me. Eijaz asks her to be respectful.
Jaan says I feel bad about Eijaz. He doesn’t say anything to girls. Pavitra looks on.
Eijaz tells Kavita that she is over-reacting. Kavita says leave me alone, don’t try to make me angry more.
Pavitra tells Nikki that why Kavita is doing all this? Why was she coming here all the time? Why was she joking and making friends here? She should decide whose side she is on. Nikki says she was acting like she is on Eijaz’s side. Pavitra says she is saying words to make Eijaz angry. Eijaz comes there and says I will talk to Kavita tomorrow. You people must have heard. Pavitra says we did hear. Eijaz says people break here. Nikki says you did well by not answering her. Eijaz says I can’t misbehave with a girl.
Abhi tells Rubina that Kavita was telling me she will have a big fight with Eijaz so this looks staged.

9:30 PM
Shardul tells Pavitra that I will not fight with you, it was illogical that I am new so you won’t make me a captain, reason was that you people decided on a name and you people wanted him to become the captain so I should have moved away myself. I can’t do all this with you. Pavitra says I am sorry but if you are in a different team then you will have to support them and go against me. Shardul says I can’t go against you, I will move back but won’t hurt you.

10 PM
Kavita shouts at Eijaz that I treated and pampered you like a child here. Eijaz asks her to wear the mic. Kavita says you have no mind, you want people to pamper you and praise you. You make tea and want me to praise your the whole day for that. Eijaz says I did a mistake by asking for your praises. Kavita says you have changed totally when you become the captain. You have irritated me. Eijaz says I am doing my work. Kavita asks him to get lost, just leave me alone. I respect Bigg Boss. Eijaz says you can’t sleep right now as it’s against the rules. Kavita says they will play alarm if I am sleeping, leave me alone. Eijaz says this is my work, I won’t let you sleep. Kavita says F**k you, leave me alone. Don’t enter my ****. Eijaz says you are not here alone. Kavita says you are a *****. Pavitra hears it. Kavita leaves from there.

Kavita tells Abhi that Eijaz is dancing on our heads as he is the captain now? He is a kid. I don’t want to act like this on TV. He is constantly irritating me. She says we are not close friends, we didn’t spend one day together before the show. Abhi says I thought you both were best friends. Kavita says no we just had mutual friends.
Eijaz comes to the red-zone and says I didn’t expect this from her. I know you people are on my side. Nikki says we are. Eijaz tells Pavitra to not say anything. Pavitra says she was sitting with us and calling us interesting, she was saying Abhi-Rubina’s side was boring, now they are not boring anymore? She screams so Kavita can hear her. Abhi asks Kavita to not react. Pavitra says this is her reality. Rubina says to Kavita that I thought Kavita will emotionally support Eijaz. Eijaz comes there and tells Kavita that we used to have phone conversations and I thought we were friends, I am sorry to call you my friend. I thought I had 4-5 friends and you were one of them but I was wrong. Kavita says people don’t become best friends with some phone calls. She leaves from there. Jasmin laughs and asks Eijaz what he has done? Kavita was so strong and sensible but what Eijaz has done in one day that she has gone crazy? I should leave from Eijaz how to shoo people away. Eijaz laughs.

1 AM
Kavita says I was trying to make this house lighter with fun, she tells Rubina that I thought I will bring entertainment to the show. I thought I will not fight here but it’s impossible to not fight. I just said that I am bored somewhere but they use it against me only? Jasmin says everyone is making their own episode here. Nishant comes there and asks Kavita if she has green tea? She says I am not the captain anymore. Abhi says I have done camping with Eijaz before but he was not like this. Kavita says I am more friends with Abhi. Abhi says he was acting like you were his best friend. Kavita says during the lockdown, he called me and said that if I can cook food for him. I made that food for him, I am not friends with him. I don’t spend time with at all, I don’t know Eijaz, I don’t know his personal life but I respected his excitement when I came here but he was lying when he said I am his best friend.

Day 27
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song jing jing. Rahul and Nikki dance together. All dance and enjoy it.

9 AM
Naina gives a massage to Kavita and says you must need it. She asks her to become friends with Shardul. Kavita hugs Shardul.
Nikki tells Rahul that Kavita changed her sides in a day only?
Shardul tells Kavita that I got hurt by the way you talked. Kavita says it’s okay, she opens the door for him and says you will get doors open.

Jaan tells Eijaz that I don’t want to leave now. Eijaz says I will protect you, I will get a chance to save you.

9:15 AM
Kavita says I didn’t want to fight with Eijaz. Naina says I am showing patience here. Kavita says I was trying to be patient, he asked me to become like his assistant.

Rubina tells Jasmin that we should have put Eijaz’s bag inside the red-zone. Jasmin says the conclusion is that we don’t break the rules so we won’t be able to win any task. Rahul called Jaan nepo kid and all that but now they are a team? They don’t even feel bad? Rubina says they have no self-respect.

10:30 AM
Eijaz tells the red-zone people to handle each other. Don’t break any rule here. Nikki says Jaan is a kid, I swear Jaan was ready to take your bag Eijaz. Jaan says you don’t know that. Pavitra tells Eijaz that I want to come out of here, I don’t want to be here anymore. Eijaz asks her to not be negative, I thought Kavita, Naina and Shardul will support me but I am totally alone, I will handle them in my own way.

Jasmin tells Shardul that I am not able to get over Rahul’s behavior. Shardul says don’t get affected, these tasks will come and things will repeat, give him a fight. Jasmin says he threatened to hurt me, I can’t even sleep now. I am trying to get over that thought but I am getting angry by seeing his face. Shardul says you are very strong, you are letting this thought over-power, makers will not let you get hurt by Rahul. Jasmin says so when he attacks me then I should just back off and let him do what he wants? I can’t see him, I can’t bear his face.

11:30 AM
Rubina tells Kavita that Eijaz doesn’t follow his words, he flips on his words. He is confused. Abhi says I ask him if he is playing alone or on a side, he says he is playing alone but he is always planning with Pavitra-Nikki and co.

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