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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani lies to Ramo about her job

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajeshwari says I liked what you did but your way was thrid class. Everyone up together, I am impressed. Waking up early is healthy. Especially you Vikram. And you Rani, you are a servant here. So be one, don’t do your low-class things here. Today is your first day so I am telling politely. Kumud says why doesn’t she talk to us like this. Rajeshwari says don’t whisper here. She says to Rani I have to teach you a lot. Kumud, Shanti Champa, you guys drink? Where are you lost? Kumud, this girl is at Ramo’s place. She has to keep an eye on the servants and Kumud you are my PA, so you have to keep an eye on her. Were you blind to see she’s not wearing a uniform? You two? You didn’t say anything either? Rani says I.. Rajeshwari says I am not talking to you. Rajeshwari says Kumud she’s new. You know everything. Rani says it’s my mistake. I thought it’s a gift, it has to be born on special days. Rajeshwari says I give gifts to people of our class. What I gave you is a favor and a new identity so better own it. We will have our family and friends here. A wedding is happening in this house, better learn things. And all this shouldn’t happen again. The plate falls from Rani’s hand. Rajeshwari gets up in anger. Rani picks it and leaves.

Vikram says good night. Rajeshwari says what’s your plan? He says go out with friends and chill. She says you are never serious. Rajmata says he’s a kid. Rajeshwari says he’s my kid. Parents can’t control their kids and the family has to pay for it. Her husband holds Veer’s hand. Nandani sneaks upstairs. Rajeshwari stops her. She says to wear better clothes. She says mom, I wear this. Rajeshwari says you are a royal house’s daughter. You can’t wear this in front of servants. Nandani leaves. Rajeshwari says Vikram I got you admitted in the best law college. You must have focus, you have to be the best. Get an internship in the best firm. She says Veer I hope you will explain to him. Veer says don’t worry I will explain him. Veer says why can’t you just say yes Vikram? Vikram says she keeps saying. Veer says she says all this for your good. Go get ready. These are Rani sa’s orders.

Scene 2
Rani says to Kumud sorry, Rani sa got mad at you because of me. You’re like a mother to me. Shanti says you called me mom. It feels good. Rani says you didn’t marry? She says no I didn’t. Kumud says this file has all tasks of the house. Rani says I will have to all this? She says no you have get it done from all the servants and calculate all that comes in the house. You have to submit it to the accountant at the end of the month. This is last month’s calculation. Rani says 24k for cheese? 10k for onion? And Chowmein? Kumud says Vikram eats them. They are noodles. She says 7 lacs for a month? In my village wedding, elections, holi, drama can happen in this amount. Kumud says it’s city. Let me know if you need any help and wear uniform. Rani looks at the list and says 100 litre phenyl do they wash roads? I thought I would work in officers and now washing all this here.

Pinku says then leave it? I told you Rani sa will make you do all this. Rani says no work is big or small. He says but you had big dreams before it. She says so? I have put them on hold. Didn’t give up on them. He says you will fall in this trap like babu ji. He had been in this trap for 20 years. Rani says no, we will take him back. Rani sa got him a good lawyer. We can’t afford him so we have to pay it back. Pinku says this is a curse, you won’t be able to get off it. In entire Baliya no one is as good as you in maths and you’re lost here in these chores? This is wrong. Rani says don’t worry. Don’t be mad. My entire focus is on getting babu ji out of the jail. If I have to do these small things for sometimes for that, I will. I will learn like I learned to cycle and writing from him. Like always speaking the truth and saying apna time ayega (my time will come). Rani says my heart will take it. He says what will you do when he gets to know all this?

Scene 2
Vijay says to Ramo your daughter is superfast. Ramo says what happened? Vijay says she’s on call. Ramo says how are you Rani? She says I am good. Did Rani sa give you job? Rani says she gave me work in accounting. Ramo says wow. Which office? She says Rani sa said I am so intelligent I can do accounting for all the offices. I got this job because of you. Ramo says no you got it because of your hard work. But focus on education as well. You have to go to Banaras as well. Rani says dadi called and told me I cleared the engineering test. I didn’t tell her about you. Ramo says I am so proud. It’s such big news. Rani says I have to go to Banaras and give an interview after that I will get admission. He says I know you will pass. Rani says you will also have to pass in some interviews. He says who will interview me? Rani says the lawyer will ask you questions about that night. He says we are talking about your engineering. Rani says I only wait for the time when you will go back to the village with me. He says where is the bangle I got you? Rani recalls she gave it to the lawyer. He says did you lose it? Rani says it’s in the trunk. Rani says I am getting late. I have to go for work. He hangs up. Rani says I lied to him for the first time about job and the bangle. I will ask him for my bangle.

Vijay says to Ramo your daughter will get you out of here. You have brought her up so well.. But tell me if there’s something? Are you hiding something? Ramo says I forgot the truth. Ramo says everyone has one question what is truth? How do I tell them?

Scene 3
Rani comes the lawyer and says eat fast and after that return my bangle. He says you stupid girl, you came again? I don’t have any bangle. Rani says better give it back before I hit you on the head and turn your face into a circle. He says I will trap you in so many cases you will be with your dad. She says a man like you can never get my dad out. He shoves her. Rani says I am not weak. No one can mess with me. If you try to scare me, you will suffer as well. I will defame you everywhere. Vikram and Veer come there. Vikram says what is she stuck in now? Let me ask her. Veer says you have an appointment. Go there. I will see her. Rani says I have to get my bangle back.

Episode ends

Precap will be updated later.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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