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Zaroori tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 15

Hey everyone this is the 15th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.


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Shivaay ” wow!! Look who’s trying to crystal my identity.

Jis ney apni pahachaan aur apni hasti ke tukare tukare kar diye.

( the one who has fragmented her identity and his own personality.)

Aaj woh mujh bata rahi hai ke mein kon hoon.

( Today she is telling me who I am)

“First look at yourself what you were then and what you are now”

Anika” Shivaay why you…

( Shivaay cuts)

Someone said correct Anika and it’s actually qouted for you…..

Dosron ko nasihat aur khud miyan fazihat.

( Physician heal thyself.)

Anika” so you won’t go back to OM?”

Shivaay” Never”

Anika ” Shivaay ap pagal ho gay hai kya?”

Shivaay” yes i’m gone mad and you are selfish. “

Anika ” i’m not selfish i’m saying for you Shivaay “

Shivaay ” that’s why i’m calling you selfish Anika.

I thought you’ll be different from other girls but you are also like them.

After getting married or falling in relation guy, why you forgot your family and their love? With whom you have relation of years but just within few months and years for you girls that love and care of parents became nothing.

And the guy who entered your life just days his love became everything for you girls. Then that love is just a lust nothing else.

But for him you girls are ready to run away from that house where you spend your moments of happiness but when suddenly a boy knock at your heart you girls gets ready to break every knot with your family and turn happiness into sorrow thats it.

Anika i never expected at least this not from you. That for my tadi and Ideologies you want to go back to OM. But what about Dev uncle?

He….. no actually i won’t let you but I’ll show you.

(He grasp Anika hand) Come with me Anika let me show you what that man lost….

@ Dev Cabin 


Dev caressing Anika childhood picture and talking to it.

Today i’m very happy my pride my Anu. After months no not after months but after years i saw you giggling i heard your chuckles.

Anu you don’t know but when i use to return home.Hear your giggles and seeing your naughtness what peace i got.

Dev was talking to Anu picture unaware about pair of eyes gazing him.

Anika couldn’t hold herself more seeing her baba in this state she stepped back and runs from there.

@ Anika’s cabin 

Have you see my wifey?  This man who had worn the mask on cold face what he’s from inside.” He said closing door”


How soft he’s from inside just for his Anu. This is not for today he’s talking to your pictures but the day you left them alone. From that day he spend all his time infront of that picture talking and smiling.


He don’t cared what losses he’s bearing in business but what’s killing him inside was his losing in life his peace that’s his Anu face. 


Anika infront of you I’ve losted my Tadi but think what this Man lost? What was his sin that he losted everything. 


But still he remained rocked infront of everyone but infront of that picture he breaks down.


Anika for you my respect matters but for him nothing matters to you?


Now tell me Anika, are you not similar to those girls from whom husband and guy come first than father? 


If you would lived a normal life like other girls who lived in their parents house for years then after marriage i would have happily took you to OM.  


But the one who could not enjoy see you growing infront of their eyes. How can you except me to again snatch their happiness by taking you away from them.

I don’t except this from you Shivaay but it’s my decision, that i want to get back to OM….. thats it ” Anika delcear”

Aur agar ap ney meri baat nahe mani to mein ap se naraz ho jau gayi….” She calmly threats him”

O really , you will get annoyed with me? He asked stepping close to her….

“Yes, I’ll get annoyed with you” She replied taking her step back

Yeh naraz hone ka haq tumhara nahe hai. He haq to sirf mera hai Anika ” He said pulling her close.

( this is not your right to get annoyed with me but it’s mine)

Just because of you i lied to maa that yes you slept last night but the truth was that when i woke up you didn’t even blink your eyes….

You can’t fight with your fear you….

Shivaay should get annoyed with you, after what you did with me it’s my right to get annoyed and show tantrums to you.

No, actually i’m sorry Miss Ruthless only my Anika, Shivaay has the this right to get annoyed with me and show me her tadi not you and “how dare you to order SSO?”He asked twisting her wrist

“Shivaay “

Don’t call me Shivaay….. only my Anika and my family can call me Shivaay for rest and strangers it’s just Mr Oberoi. Did you get that. “He said jerking her hand”

I’ll get annoyed with you ” He repeats Anika words”

I’m going to RM and you Miss Ruthless go where were you want to go.

Now i won’t stop you ever and left the matter of Maa and Dev uncle I’ll handle them now they are my parents…. ” He announced walking out of cabin not before flicking his hairs”

Anika got dumbstruck listening Shivaay.. She was about to break  the vase when Aarohi words ringed in her ears….. She fumbles…

Shivaay why you are not understanding? “She shouts at the top”

In evening

 @ Shivika room



Anika enters the room saliently and looks around for her bagad billa. She slowly steps towards pool area and smiles widely seeing him standing near balcony 


Shivaay was standing near balcony having his espresso gazing the sky lost in his Anika thoughts.

Thinking about me? She asked hugging him from back.

Good illusion ” He replied trying to break the hug”

I’m sorry na ” She apologise pecking his shoulder

Just leave me ” He commands”

No, never ever I’ll leave you. I didn’t hold you to let you go.

“She spoke tightening the hug”

This is my line and that i say to my Anika. You don’t need to copy mine ok ” He said pulling Anika to front”

Acha ji when you can take my everything  can’t i take your lines ” She spoke smilingly”

I didn’t took anything from you and don’t show me these teeth ” He spoke coldly”

“Then what you want me to show ? “She winks getting close to him

Just don’t show me your face and  why i’m even talking to you.” He spoke pushing her away”

“I’m sorry na Shivaay please” She pleads holding his hand

Shivaay glare her stop your drama and what you are doing here huh? Go from here now. ” He said jolting her hand “

“So you will not talk to me?” She asked coming close to him

Shivaay without giving her mouth started stepping back

Anika smiles….. nor you wanna see my face ” She  asked huskily getting more close to him.

Shivaay kept on taking his steps back without replying her

Both where standing at the edge of the pool when Anika in her more deep and huskily voice asked for the last time

“So you kept maun vart ?” She whispered in deeper tone wrapping her arms around his collar

Shivaay took his steps back and both slips in pool. Both share an intense eyelock. Their old moment flashes infront of them and brought them close.

Both tempting lips where about to meet when reality stuck in Shivaay mind and he breaks the eyelock.

He was about to go from their when Anika pull him close and whispers tracing her finger from his wet face to neck.

Agar ap ko roothna aata hai to mujh bhi manaana aata hai. Mere billu jiiii. ( She stress on jii and plant kiss on his cheek and runs from there)

Shivaay body shivers with the warmth of Anika. Before he could melt infront of her he made an excuse and flees from their holding his heart.

Anika gazes him from corner of eye and smiles

@ Devi ji room


“Maa ji you called me?” Aarohi spoke stepping in.

“Yes, my daughter i called you. Come sit here ” Devi ji replied signing her to sit next to her.

Aarohi obeys her and sit close to Devi ji.

What happened maa ji? Are you fine na? She asked with concern.

“I’m fine my daughter, don’t worry about me.” She replied caressing her face

“Then why you are worried for Anu. Right?” Aarohi asked sternly.

Yes, i’m worried but not because for Anika but for my daughter.” Devi ji said cupping Aarohi hand”

“Aarohi gave her confused look”

Devi ji sign her let me explain look….. Aarohi beta i’m worried for yours and Anu relation.

Today we all have seen and observe near temple and then on breakfast table that Anika getting frighten of you and your anger.

From circumstances through which that innocent soul gone thought it’s pinch only she can feel.

I’m not blaming you for all this but Aarohi you know how much Anika is possessive for you.

She never let you cry when she was just a kid of years and today somewhere she feels that just because her Anu’s maa and we have suffered.

 Anika is not angry with anyone but she’s angry on herself. The girl who can’t hurt anyone but today she feels everyone got hurt because of her.

She’s doing all this so that we all special you stay away from her.

Dadi ji is absolutely right Maa.” Shivaay spoke stepping in”

Maa i’ve  heard whatever dadi ji was saying to you and i complete agree with her ” He spoke gazing them”

What you all think? I felt happy getting angry on Anu? She said glancing her hand……

Aarohi / Maa

I know, Kabir told me everything before but Maa ji and Shivaay i don’t left with any other option instead of rising my voice and hand on Anu….. if i didn’t do that Anu will lose her mental state this time.

They way she is behaving and believing that she’s responsible for destruction of Rajput’s she can……. Devi ji cuts

Beta she will get far from you if you will get angry on her.. She needs your love not your anger.

Yes, Maa please don’t get angry on her more, the more you are getting angry the more Anika will step back from you ” Shivaay said”

I’ll try ” She spoke excusing herself”

Shivaay beta we have to do something and bring them close. ” Devi ji spoke”

Shivaay nods positively

@ backyard 

Anika lying on her yellow mustang car roof , neck arched and head hanging in the air…… cool breeze of October hitting her face and her long silky staright hairs waving with flow of breeze some of strands of hairs were falling on her face too.

Shivaay words were hammering her head


Naraz to hum un se hote hai jin se hum pyaar karte hai…. par tumhein to shayad kabhi kisi se pyaar he nahi kiya…   kisi se kya tumhein to kabhi khud se bhi, pata nahe kabhi pyaar kiya hai ke nahe.

( We get angry with whom we love…..But you probably never have loved someone…. what with else, don’t know you have ever loved yourself )

Nahe kiya ho gay is liya tumhein kisi ke pyaar ki koi kadar nahe.

( yes you have not ever loved yourself that’s why you don’t respect others love)

Aur ek meri Anika thi jo sirf aur sirf pyaar ka parteek thi.

( And there was my Anika that was just a symbol of love )

Khushi mein jhoomti thi aur dard mein muskarti thi.

( dances in joy and smile in pain.)

Aur tum to sirf bedard ho…….

(And you are just Ruthless)

Flashback ends 

Shivaay has the right to get annoyed with me but i’ll to extend  to earn his forgivness.

If he can go this much for Rajput’s then why i can’t get ready to bear me and my kanji ankho billa. I’ve to regret for my deeds.




A every warm welcome to all as today’s board meeting is really important for Rajput empire as today Rajput industry getting it’s next CEO and it’s………..


Just hold on Miss Jenny ” A deadly voice cuts 


Billu ji please kissy do na muwah wali… 


Don’t call me Billu


Then what should i call you if i can’t call you Shivaay nor billu ji then what…. think Anika think 🤔


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