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teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushqil — illegitimate

gauri was putting some stuff away in the cupboard when she felt her feet leaving the floor. she was placed on the bed and saw the man who carried her.

her long hair boyfriend, om.

gauri: omkaraji, what is this? I was working.

om: and you shouldn’t be working. especially in this condition. I will do everything.

gauri: but…

om: no ‘buts’ or ‘ifs’.

gauri just simply smiled as om put everything else away. just then they heard shouting.

om: what happened?

gauri: let’s see.

rikara goes downstairs and then out of the house  only to find their two eldest viren and insiya with small bruises on their arms and a cut was on their son’s forehead. then they saw two other boys who were beaten up very badly. everyone on their street was there and they saw their youngest munni crying.

munni ran to om and hid behind his leg as rikara were shocked with what they were seeing.

gauri: viren, insu, what happened? how did you get these brusies? and viren, this cut?

woman 1: your children beaten up my sons. is this what you taught them?!?!

woman 2: leave it Rekha!! these two people only know how to make children, not bringing them up properly!!

om: shut up Rekha and falguni! think before you speak. and viren insu, why did you beat these boys up?

insu: these two idiots were insulting you and mama. we couldn’t stand it.

viren: so we beaten them up because that’s what they deserve.

boy 1: well your parents deserved to be insulted you bastards!

boy 2: exactly! all they know is how to produce illegitimate children!

viren: stay out of our matters PLEASE!

girl 1: look viren, this entire town knows that your parents aren’t married. here every married woman wears sindoor and nuptial necklace but your mum doesn’t wear either those.

girl 2: we all know that your parents are in a live in relationship!

gauri: look kids, please go back home. insu, viren, munni go inside please. insu, get your brother the first aid kit.

insu-viren: but mama/mum…

gauri: go please.

unwillingly insu and viren goes with munni in viren’s arms. once they went, gauri spoke again: look Rekha and falguni, before you say anything about our upbringing, think of yours! look at your children!

om: and please stay out of our personal life. since we moved here, all you guys do is taunt us. we are bearing it silently but we won’t stand it if people taunt our kids.

and with that sentence, rikara went back in their house and locked the door.

they went into the living room and saw insu, viren and munni’s heads down.

gauri: what happened kids?

viren: when will you two marry?

insu: yes mama, papa. when will you marry?

viren: and how long can you two bear insults? this has been going on for years. we can’t stand it when people insult you. really we can’t.

insu: please marry. it hurts us when you guys get insulted.

with that, all three left leaving rikara sad.

precap: ‘1 year

so what will happen now?

will rikara ever marry?

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