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Taken for Granted (RUMYA FF)

Oberoi Mansion

Anika’s POV

Today is my and Shivay’s one year anniversary and today is the day I am going to tell him the good news. I immediately get up from my bed and get ready to tell Shivay the good news. I rush downstairs to see another fight happening between Jhanvi aunty and Tej uncle. This time it sounded much serious as Tej uncle just slapped Jhanvi aunty across the cheeks.

Jhanvi aunty (crying) – No Tej, you can’t… don’t divorce me…. What will I do without you? I need you

Tej uncle(angry) – No you are useless… I don’t need you anymore anyway…I have got Swetlana (slapping aunty)

Om (interrupting and grabbing Tej uncle’s collar) – How dare you to raise your hands on my mum? I am calling the police right now and you will be arrested for domestic violence and for the extra-marital affair.

I try to intervene but a hand pulls me into a room. I try to scream but he covers my mouth with his hand.

Me (shocked) – Sh…Shivay

Shivay (angrily holding my hand) – Just sign these divorce papers and leave my house. Our marriage is a big mistake and I want it to be over today. Mum is right you are nothing but a gold digger.

Me (crying) – But… Shivay what made you think that? I love…

Shivay (hurting my hand) – Don’t say that sentence and you want to know why I thought that then here (pointing to his phone) watch this

A short clip starts to play I am seen in an intimate position with a guy and mentioning that I never loved Shivay and that I only love his money.

Me (crying) – You really…believe that … I thought that…

Shivay (letting go of my hand) – I do … you aren’t worth my trust or love so just sign these divorce papers so I can finally be free.

I start to cry but Shivay… becoming Stone Singh Oberoi just stares at me with disgust and then leave the room. Suddenly, my hands which were already a little red start to burn. I turn towards the cupboard to get the first aid kit where a letter falls over, I could clearly see that the letter is addressed to me but I don’t know from who. I open the letter feeling that there is a connection between me and the person who wrote the letter

Dear Anika didi,

By the time you read this letter, I must have gone far away from here. I am writing this to tell you a truth. Didi, I was never was the bad girl, I only went to the bad side to protect you guys. But I didn’t know that the people I want to protect are so heartless. You guys didn’t once think that this might be my plan to try and protect you… I may have looked bad but… you… as soon as you guys found out I was on the bad side, you guys accused me of being a fraud and cheater. I thought I was like a family to you guys but I guess I was wrong. I am not going to complain as you wouldn’t understand me after all I am not your real sister. Anyway, the thing I want to tell you is that I have got proof against Svetlana and Tia and it’s in a little locket which is near your bed. There was one more person in your family that was involved with Mrs Kapoor, you will found out who in that little locket which is a USB. That person was the third sister of Svetlana and Tia…. I was only replacing her.

Your ex-family member,


I read the letter more than 3 times while my eyes started to fill up with water. My guilt starts rising up. How could I? I treated a wonderful girl who considered me as her sister, her idol really bad. I never thought that I would be this cruel… I feel like I am becoming another Shivay Singh Raizada… who jumps to conclusion. Suddenly, an idea comes to my brain…I rush towards my … now, Shivay’s bed to get the locket as the least I could do is to bring her innocence.

Should I continue the story? This will be based on the responses that I get

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