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RadhaKrishn 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Is Misled

RadhaKrishn 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha tells Balram ]that even she thinks only Krishna’s girlfriend can stop him. Ayan reminisces Krishna telling he loves Radha and says no no, she cannot do anything. Balram asks how does he know, does he know that girl. Ayan says no. Balram asks Radha if she knows. She says no. Baratis enter playing drums. Balram acts and says Krishna had told his girlfriend will wear yellow veil during Sudevi’s wedding. Krishna gets Bhairav ready as girl wearing yellow veil and asks if she is ready Bhairavi. He says yes. Balram with Radha and Ayan joins baratis and dance. Radha asks Ayan to search yellow veil girl. Ayan says she will not come. Balram says that means he knows who the girl is. Ayan thinks how to tell Radha is that girl.

Bhairav enters wearing veil. Radha asks who is

she. Bhairav in girl’s voice says her mother ordered not to show her face to anyone. Ayan insists. Balram stops him and says let her not show her face if she does not want to. Radha says let us see her face. Balram sasy let us take her to Krishna. Ayan stops and extending hand towards Bhairav’s veil says she is not Krishna’s girlfriend. Krishna enters and holds his hand and says if she is not his girlfriend, then is she Ayan’s girlfriend. Ayan says no, but.. Krishna asks then who is his girlfriend, reminiscing revealing Ayan that he loves Radha. He insists to tell Radha….then says how can Balram support a friend who betrayed him, he is alone now and only has his gilfrined with him and walks away with Bhairav. Ayan thinks who is Krishna’s girlfriend then.

Kans’ spy shows half coin to Vrishbhan and says someone from Barsana sent this broken coin saying Krishna is in Barsana. Vrishbhan orders to find out who is a traitor who is holding his coin. Jatila watches from balcony.

Radha stops Krishna and asks if he is helping Sudevi run away. Krishna asks Balram if he revealed his plan to Radha, Radha will betray even his brother. Balram says he did not leave him any option. Krishna says there is some defect in Barsana’s water that is making 2 brothers fight. He argues with Balram and acts as fighting. Radha stops them. They both smirk. Krishna challenges Radha and takes oath that he will get Bhairav and Sudevi’s wedding at any cost and walks with Bhairav. Radha stops him and says wedding has already started and shows Sudevi being brought into mantap and her wedding rituals starting. Krishna says Bhairav and Sudevi’s wedding will happen for sure and counts 3. Ayan smirks that nothing happened. Krishna says it is silence before storm. Sudevi loses consciousness and collapses. Krishna says till Sudevi’s condition normalizes, Bhairav and Sudevi’s wedding would have finished. He walks with Bhairav smiling, leaving Radha tensed. Bhairav’s friend taunts Bhairav that he is looking more beautiful as Bhairavi. Bhairav thanks Krishna for helping him.. Krishna promises his wedding with Sudevi will happen for sure.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that mistake and human are related like river and its flow, when they both are together, there is no need to shy as mistakes make human to learn and not repeat it. If one does not accept mistake, it will turn into sin, so one should correct mistake and accept it on time.

Precap: Radhaa plays Krishna’s bansuri. Krishna and Radha dance next.

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