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Papa By Chance 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kids hate Yuvaan

Papa By Chance 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman meeting Yuvaan and everyone. Yuvaan makes him away from kids. He asks how dare you come here. Harman asks him to behave well, else what will kids learn. He says I came with good intention and got cake for kids, the hearing is tomorrow and you will win case. Yuvaan says this is my house, I don’t want you to come here, just go. Harman threatens Yuvaan. Dhoni asks him to leave Yuvaan.

Harman says I m not fighting with him, I just want you kids to know who killed your parents. Yuvaan worries. Ullu says we know you killed them. Harman says no, you are mistaken, you can check the culprit. He shows Yuvaan’s pic on the cake. The kids get shocked. Ullu asks Yuvaan about the car. Harman says Yuvaan has taken this car that day, he has killed your parents. Ullu gets

angry. Harman cuts the cake and eats. He enjoys.

Gungun cries and says Yuvaan lied to me, he has sent our parents to Lord. Harman says Yuvaan’s planning will end. He sees his car tyre punctured. He asks who has done this. Genie meets Harman and says I have done this. He asks how dare you. She says you are foolish to park car here, I m trying to get my scooty out, I had to teach you a lesson. He asks her how will the car leave now. She thinks my thinking ability ended while dreaming big. She says I will buy your car. She gives him a cheque of 40 lakhs. She asks him to deposit cheque later, she is getting 900 crores in few days. He gets shocked. Yuvaan asks the kids to listen to him. The kids refuse. He says I didn’t kill them, it was an accident, are you listening. The kids cry. Harman sees Genie and says who is this girl. Mohini says Genie is trapping Yuvaan, she thinks he will win case and money. She says you will be winning money now, you remember your promise. He scolds her for cheating him. He says I won’t give you any money, I will snatch that house as well.

Yuvaan cries and says I didn’t kill them, I have hidden the truth, how would I tell you. The kids scold him for using them. Bela and Amrit cry. Gungun says maybe his love was not true. Yuvaan says how can you think that I will use you all, we can still manage the situation. Kids ruin the room and refuse to believe him. Dhoni says you aren’t my angel. They go out. Dhoni tears drawings. Yuvaan asks Amrit to leave him alone. He sits crying. Amrit knocks the door. She stays outside. She tries to talk to kids. She tells them that Yuvaan loves them a lot. Yuvaan hears Amrit. She sees Yuvaan inside. He cries and says I lost everything.

Kashvi says Yuvaan has proved that he has become responsible. Kids give statement against Yuvaan. Harman smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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