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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira learns Birju’s drama

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devina dancing on hungama hogaya…. She reveals her plans to Birju. She says I will be getting this house and property. Ira comes there and says I got milk for you. Devina refuses to drink milk. Ira checks Birju’s legs recovery and asks if he is feeling any sensation. Birju sits acting. Ira asks will you drink the milk, I will get it. She stumbles. Birju gets up and holds her hand. She gets shocked. He thinks what did I do, she will tell everyone. He sits back. Ira says you got fine, you just stood up. She shouts to everyone. She asks Birju to say truth about Devina’s pregnancy to Pushpa. Everyone comes.

Ira says Birju got fine. Pushpa asks him to say something. Devina says I can’t see any improvement in him. Birju thinks if they know my drama, Akhilesh

will get angry and make me handicapped in reality. He starts acting. Akhilesh says he is still the same. Ira thinks Birju is doing a drama and won’t say truth in front of Akhilesh. They leave.

Ira says so this is all a drama, I can’t believe that Akhilesh is your son, he stood against his mum for proving his wife right, you have no courage to say truth, remember this, the day when your truth comes out, even I can’t save you from Akhilesh’s anger, I wish you could learn from your son, how a good husband is. She goes. Birju cries.

Akhilesh asks Ira to go to hospital. Ira thinks I wish I could tell you dad’s truth. Tau ji says you are doctor right, treat Birju, do his vasectomy, else he will get a group of children here. Tai ji says admit your Tau ji also. Akhilesh says dad will decide about this, we can’t decide it. He sends Ira for work. Pushpa says I can’t stay here, Devina is doing this to make me jealous. Devina gets toys for baby. Akhilesh says we can’t bring hurdles in mom’s happiness. Aditya says the shopkeeper laughed on me knowing about my mum and dad’s parenthood again, don’t expect me to take you to hospital, its disgusting. He goes. Akhilesh says don’t worry, I will come with you to hospital. Devina thanks him. Pushpa scolds him. He says the baby will be my sibling, its Birju’s fault, just look after Devina for my sake. Pushpa agrees. He says Ira forgot tiffin, I will go and give it to her. Chandu asks Pushpa will you look after Devina. Pushpa says yes, I can know if she is really pregnant. She takes Devina. Akhilesh comes to hospital and sees Ira. He says what is she doing outside hospital, I will call her and give surprise. He calls Ira. She says I m in OT, a big operation is going on. She ends call. He thinks why is she lying to me, is she trying to hide something.

Pushpa asks Devina to have healthy breakfast. Birju laughs. Devina says I can’t eat oily food. She feeds Devina. Chandu asks what shall I do of this wine. Pushpa says drain it, Devina can’t drink it now. Birju wants to have wine. Chandu puts wine in plant pot. Tau ji stops Chandu and says give the bottle to me, I will drink it. Tai ji scolds her husband. Pushpa massages Devina’s back. Tau ji feeds wine to Birju. The nurse says Ira didn’t get permission to join the hospital. Akhilesh meets the dean and says I m Ira’s husband, sorry, I wanted to know why you didn’t permit Ira. Dean says Ira is careless, she can’t work in any hospital again.

Akhilesh says you will get Ira to this hospital, I swear this. Devina gets angry and wants to make Pushpa’s relatives against Pushpa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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