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Krishna Chali London 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna saves Lali’s life

Krishna Chali London 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna checking the chemical bottles. Radhe and Saajan look for doctor masks. Radhe gets the masks and shows her. Krishna asks them to wear masks. She also wears a mask. She says I will try the chemistry I learnt. She adds the chemicals. The goons break into the door. Krishna throws the gas can towards them. They cough. Krishna asks Gajanan to come fast. Radhe and Saajan fight the goons. Krishna also hits the goons. She asks where is Gajanan. Goons fall unconscious. Gajanan lifts Lali and Pinky and gets them out. Radhe smiles and says that’s my brother.

Dubey calls Krishna. He says her flight didn’t land yet, she may get late. Bua goes to check at the door. She gets shocked seeing Krishna with Radhe’s family members. Krishna gets Lali inside. Bua asks

didn’t you go to London, what happened. Dubey asks what’s all this. Krishna says I will tell you everything later, Lali needs medical aid, please call some doctor. Lali gets treated. Krishna says I had to cancel going to London, what would I do, I would have fallen in my own eyes if I left this way. Dubey says think for others and never for yourself, did you think how you will go to London. Radhe says I will help her. Dubey says Lali is suffering from cancer, its all because of Shukla, people who are away from you are lucky. Krishna asks Dubey not to scold Radhe. She asks Radhe to leave. She asks Saajan to take Radhe. Saajan takes Radhe. Dubey gets shouting. Krishna says calm down, its not Radhe’s mistake, Lali is sleeping inside. Krishna says I struggled for avoiding marriage, but it happened, lets leave everything on destiny. Saajan asks who are you to think big things, what will you do now, you gave divorce to Krishna.

Radhe says yes, but I have seen everything, Gajanan made entry as a hero, he protected his wife and daughter, what did I do, I didn’t fulfill my wife’s dream, I couldn’t even protect her, Shukla did much wrong, I didn’t do anything, I m a fool, I will fulfill Krishna’s dream and protect her, I have to become like Gajanan. Krishna comes to Gajanan and asks what are you thinking. He says I m not able to think of anything, I trusted dad, if you didn’t help, I would have not known about my wife and daughter. She says Shukla is elder, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be wrong, I feel you should talk to him once, you have to call wrong as wrong. He calls her Bitto and blesses her. He says you are really good, Radhe is unlucky that you aren’t with him. She cries.

Shukla asks Shuklain where are her sons. She says I don’t know, they will come on own. He scolds her. He gets minister’s call. He says arrangements are great, call the media, we aren’t scared. Triloki says Gajanan and Radhe’s numbers aren’t reachable. Shukla slaps him. Triloki gets upset. Shukla says where did they go together. He calls his goon and asks where are you. The man says my phone is not working. Shukla says make me talk to Lali. The man asks but how. Shukla asks what’s the matter, did she run away. The man says no, how can she run, doctor gave her sleeping drug, send me money. Shukla disconnects. Shukla says why am I scared, maybe Gajanan and Radhe are enjoying somewhere. Everyone comes to the fair and attend the event. Shuklain does aarti of actors playing Ram and Sita. Radhe and Gajanan reach there. Shukla sits smiling. Matuk tells the story of Raavan Dahan. Radhe and Gajanan get in. Krishna looks on.

Radhe scolds Shukla and says person should have deeds like Ram to do Raavan daahan, Gajanan is Ram for me, not you. Gajanan does Raavan dahan. Krishna and Radhe smile. Someone is seen coming….

Update Credit to: Amena

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