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Kaleerein 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Tries To Kill Vivan

Kaleerein 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Meera is sound asleep when Tulika dayan calls. Hypnotized Meera wakes up and walks out of room. Vivan who has tied to his and Meera’s hand wakes up sensing a pull and runs down searching her. He sees thread and Meera going out of house and runs behind her. He folllows her and sees her going into an old dilapated haveli. Tulika with mask on her face sitting on chair asks if he came. He asks who is she, what she wants. She says she is black magical dayan and tonight she will sacrifice Meera and finish Vivan. Vivan says god will save us. Tulika says even hanuman chalisa will not work on her, he can try. He starts chanting hanuman chalisa. Tulika orders Meera to cry and laugh. Meera does same. Vivan asks what she wants. Tulika orders Meera to pick knife and stab vivan. Meera walks towards

Vivan holding knife. Vivan walks into magical circle trying to escape from Vivan. Tulika thinks in some, Vivan will be Tulika’s and orders Meera to move ahead and sacrifice Vivan. Vivan collapses. Meera extends her hand to stab Vivan when sunrises and Tulika’s back magic evades. Meera gets back into her senses and pleads Vivan to wake up and asks Tulika who is she. Tulika says Meera will sacrifice Vivan. Meera shouts for help. Meera continues pledingn for help and shakes Vivan to wake up. Tulika strangulates Meera, but guruma’s holy locket saves her. Tulika feels shock and runs away.

Vivan wakes up and asks Meera what happened to him. Meera says she does not know anything, when she got into senses, she foundhim unconscious on floor and she found a dayan woman there who escaped. Vivan says he is sure Tulika is dayan, let us go home and check. The reach home and see Tulika sleeping. Meera says she told Tulika is a good girl and is perfect for Prince.

Next morning, Tulika’s fake mother brings police. Dolly tries to stop them. Mother enters yelling and says she wants Tulika back. Prince says Tulika is becoming our family member, so she will stay here permanently. Mother yells but leaves with police.

Meera in her room reads holy book and finds out if they imprint mahindrapur’s balaji’s mehandi on walls, evils will not enter. Vivan enters room. She informs him same. Vivan holds mehandi while Meera imprints mahendi on main door walls. Tulika returns home with Prince after wedding shopping and is unable to enter due to mehandi. She fumes on Meera.

Precap: Tulika inflicts an injury into Meera silently and mixes her blood in Meera and thinks now Meera and Vivan will see what she will do.

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