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Kunj and all others get confused didn’t understand what twinkle try to saying kunj didn’t want any scene happened currently so he tells abeer take twinkle from here mehar and abeer take twinkle while kunj and yuvi or Aditi standing there only.

Yuvi: kunj what happened..

Kunj: let’s go from here he hold Aditi hand and went from there. While Yuvi to left for Sarna Mansion..

Twinkle went in her room directly she entered in room and see ammar sleeping on couch his hand falling down she composed herself went in washroom after get freshen up she come in room and went towards Ammar and lift him and take him toward bed make him lay down and Itself sit on bed tears brimming from her eyes.

Twinkle PoV..

How can he did this with me i never thought he’ll stoop so low what happened today I’ll never forgive you Kunj Sarna you took advantage of my silence.What did you think I’m your property that you can sell it.

How could you kunj I never expected this from you.That night also you make me feel so unashamed. Today what is this???? She started crying cuddles her knees.this all I’m getting punishment to love you. Still. In these years I try to forget but in one cover of my heart I never ever erased you.Today I get what I deserve.

Please the song:💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

Ye mumkin to nahi jo dil ne chaha tha wo mil jaye,(female)

Koi umeed toote to kiya karein,


Its hurts when you hurt by your love.

It’s hurts to love someone and not be loved in return but what is the most painful is to love someone and never get back the love what you have for him or her. 

Twinkle have hurt so badly that her whole body is crying her heart is aching so much and can’t take a breath and she can’t say a word she can’t make a move and her mind is set on her pain. Twinkle just feel the burning heavy tears streaming down on her cheeks.Kunj walking on roads.. 

Jo dekhe khawab aankhon ne,

Haqiqat wo na ban paaye,

Jo qismat sath na de to kiya karein,

Ye dil jo ro raha hai to kahein se sabr mil jaye,(male)

Howe jo bud gumaan ham to kiya karein,

Ye dil jo ro raha hai to kahein se sabr mil jaye,

Howe jo bud gumaan ham to kiya karein,

Ye mumkin to nahi jo dil ne chaha tha wo mil jaye,

Koi umeed toote to kiya karein,



She slept while crying but kunj was restless what she try to saying. He stuck between his mind and heart war..

What More making kunj suspicious is who call twinkle there and the game they planned just in a second turn into against them.

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Ammar wake up and look at twinkle who sleeping in sitting position he didn’t disturb her went downstairs and see Leela and Rt having tea he went towards them.

Leela: Arey waha today my son wake up.. where Is your mamma..

Ammar:woh mamma sleeping. Give me something.

Rt:haa.Leela went and bring something to have for ammar he take and went

In room back went towards twinkle kissed on her eyes and cheeks twinkle feel his magic touch she open her eyes and see ammar. She sit there only.

Jo Dil Ke Pass Rahte Hai,

Wo Dil Ktu Tod Jaate Hai,

Wafa Ke Badle Kyu Wo,

Jo Dil Ke Pass Rahte Hai,(female)

Wo Dil Ktu Tod Jaate Hai,

Wafa Ke Badle Kyu Wo,

Bewafai Chor Jate Hai..

Twinkle: ammar.

Ammar:mamma see I bring breakfast. Twinkle see and give him smile.

Twinkle: wait I’ll feed you.

Ammar: no I’ll feed you.

Twinkle:acha.. they both get freshen up and they sit together ammar feed twinkle with his tiny hands twinkle keep smiling tears formed in her eyes.

Ammar:mamma. What happened?

Twinkle:nothing my baby.Let’s get ready for school okay. Twinkle try to distract her mind so she get ready to ammar and went downstairs Leela and Rt see twinkle face but they didn’t say anything let it go. She didn’t wasted time quickly left she drops ammar his school than leave for her office.

Deewan [email protected] he was sleeping on floor due to spray effect he doze off.. he wake up and try to get what happened last night.

Puru:where is that girl.what happened yesterday man.Let me see he wake up and get freshen.He get twinkle call and talk to her.

Kunj:I have to talk to twinkle about this just than Kunj pa come and tell him that twinkle calling him in her cabin.Kunj went in twinkle cabin and see abeer or Yuvi, aditi was there already he get confused so suddenly like this why she called everyone he take steps ahead Twinkle turned and look at Kunj. What happened twinkle why you call us.

Twinkle:in anger voice I’ll tell you. She come near. How dare you come in my office after what you have done it still don’t you have shame haa.

Kunj:what nonsense you were talking about twinkle I didn’t get it.

Twinkle:don’t act like you were so innocent.Purushottam take the entry.

Puru: what happened twinkle??

Twinkle: sir I need to talk to you.

Puru: yeah you can tell me:.

Twinkle:sir I can’t work on this project.

Puru: but why twinkle? Do you have any problem with this project.??

Twinkle:not with this project sir but with this man who is standing here she point out her hand on kunj.

Puru: what??

Twinkle: yes sir you can’t fire him so Itself I.can’t work with this type of man who don’t know the respect.

Puru: Twinkle please at least for me.

Kunj:no need of this don’t dare to think kunj sarna have only this project I had lot.

Puru: kunjj please let’s do one thing twinkle.Kunj you work yourself make everything no need of to come to twinkle okay now it would be good okay I’m going. He turned and smirked it. And left the cabin.

Kunj:what nonsense you were speaking ha.

Twinkle:acha I’m speaking nonsense what you done last night. Call me in that room.

Kunj:what I call you why I’ll twinkle.

Twinkle:you call me and you know what abeer what he did he sell up me to that man just for she shudering for a one night all get shocked. He give him 10K.Wait I have something twinkle throw 20k Cheque.
take your money in return but double Kunj Sarna try this to any other one not on me.

Kunj:till now I thought you don’t have mind today I get to know too. I’ll give money but whom haa.

Twinkle: that man whom you send in room. To rape me.. tears escaping from twinkle eyes.

Kunj:rape twinkle really. I didn’t give anyone money why I’ll do this.. twinkle grab kunj collar.

Kabhi Jo Humsafar The,

Ab Wahi Anjan Lagte hai,(male)

Mohabtoon Ke Wo Rishte

Bhi To Bejaan Lagte Hai,

Twinkle:because you have problem with me na.If I did something bad with you so you’ll take your revenge like this kunj haa. That night also you offer me for stand one night with you but that not happened you choose this and take me like a whore haa.

Tell him that he can used me for his needs haa you can take your revenge from me. Very cheap way you choose.

Kunj:unbelievable twinkle.You have so cheap mentality.

Aditi:yes BF never do this.

Twinkle:she look at aditi.Acha very confident about this man.

Yuvi: if he did this all why he’ll save you haa.

Twinkle:just wanted to become hero haa but I’m twinkle too.Kunj fade up he held her shoulders mehar come there and shocked.

Khusi Ke dar Pe dastak,

De rahe Hai Hum Masalsal Hi,(female)

Kahi na Chain Paaye To Kya Kare…

Kunj:anger  across the level today.

I did this all you’ll put this cheap allegation on me and I’ll listen like a daft person haa. No twinkle Taneja.You take me very lightly.

And talking about respect I know how to do no need of learn from you. Did you have any proof that I did this all. Heheh laugh out Sarcastically tears brimming.

I’ll did this all to become hero in front of everyone eyes haa not twinkle.i offer you yes I did why you know the answer if I’m that type of man’s who cross there lines than this I’ll do it long back. Arey you think yourself something really big but come down on earth twinkle no one is interested

In you I’m toh not at all. Not today not 5 years before get it put this in your nonsense mouth.

Kisi se Hum Nawai,

Sila Na Hum Ko Mil paaya ,(male)

Huye Jo Bud Gumaa,

Hum To Kya karein,

Twinkle:good lines I’m impressed man. First look at yourself who living with someone.

Aditi: why you blaming him if he didn’t come no right time than you know.

Twinkle:I’ll be happy more than what he did.

Kunj:it’s none of your business what I’m doing it did I poke my finger in your personal life not na so you better.

Twinkle:huhu she taking your side you know him aditi.

Kunj:why you taking her in this twinkle don’t take her between us. This will be very…

Twinkle:what kunj tell na.What you did now you cross your all lines I had some good sympathy for you today everything finished.

Kunj:great na.I didn’t do anything that’s it I know that I’m innocent for your f**king sake I’ll not give any kind of explanation but wait I’ll show you.

Twinkle: what you’ll do??

Kunj:wait and watch don’t fly too much on your success twinkle.Just in few seconds I’ll show you real place. I told you before only to leave the party but you didn’t can’t you see the place and people in that party.He went near Aditi and hold her hand went from there. While Yuvi too run behind them while mehar and abeer went near twinkle.

Mehar:Twinkle what are you saying.

Twinkle: I’m saying truth mehar he was the one who plan this all just for insult me.

Abeer:Twinkle I didn’t understand anything please will you tell me everything.

Twinkle:abeer 😭😭sobbing twinkle turned and went towards windows. Abeer kunj is my husband. As soon as abeer Listen this get shocked.

Abeer: what husband twinkle really??

Twinkle:yes abeer it’s truth of my bitter life kunj is my husband. Abeer relate all the things and look at twinkle she turn and look abeer.

Abeer: means ammar is kunj son.She nodded in yes even mehar. That’s why I always wonder how can someone look Exact like another one. Because kunj is ammar father that’s why ammar same copy of kunj. You never tell me twinkle it’s since long we work together with them still.

Twinkle:what I’ll tell you abeer nothing I had kunj Is my bitter past. He is ammar father 😭😭. That’s it only.

Abeer:Twinkle if he is ammar father and your husband than why you both not together.

Twinkle:it’s very long story abeer. My parents wanted me to get marry kunj because my MAA find him the best boy for me.Kunj father too same we did arrange marriage.Kunj is really best human being.

He did everything what a husband duty of.

But life wanted something else.

Abeer: what vikram doing in this all?

Twinkle:he is my best friend. Kunj mother who didn’t like me since from starting me and she used to filled kunj ears against me and point out finger on my and vikram friendship but kunj never said anything neither he stop me to maintain friendship with vikram.One day when i was telling him about my feelings that beautiful day become worse day of my life. She tell each and everything to abeer about that photos.

Abeer:didn’t kunj support you.

twinkle:in anger voice no he didn’t he just

Listen what his mother saying him I beg him lot.When I got to know I’m pregnant I was shocked cam surprised this beautiful news come in my life when everything ruined in my life. I don’t have guts that I’ll go to him and tell him I’m pregnant with his child. We leave Amritsar my whole pregnancy time is so horrible and worse when I wanted him lot he was not with me I craved for him so much he never cared  about me and my feelings. After I met with him again in Mumbai he and his family snatch the reason to live they only give me back. That day when his mother abused my son. She don’t know she abused his own son blood.Kunj wife is weak but not ammar mother.After that he is nothing to me. Now you know how we met with him.

Ye mumkin to nahi jo dil ne chaha tha wo mil jaye,

Koi umeed toote to kiya karein,

Kisi ka Sath Paana Bhi,

Kabhi Asan nahi Hota,(female)

Kisi Ke Dur jaane Se,

Ye Dil Viran nahi hota,

Abeer:I never knew twinkle you bear this

Much.It’s so painful still you carrying smile on your face. Didn’t kunj knows about ammar.

Twinkle:not and I don’t want too. He thought ammar is my & vikram son let him live in dream.

Abeer:I’m sad for you twinkle but if he did this why he’ll save you.

Twinkle:you don’t know him he is very cleaver.Kunj Sarna naam hai Uska.

Abeer: don’t know anything twinkle you just be happy and strong we all with you he hugged her.Mehar too get emotional but don’t why she didn’t believe on this. Her mind saying kunj is innocent some other one is culprit.

Scene shifted to beach there Kunj standing while Aditi and yuvi slightly few step back to him.. Aditi went towards him she had anger in her eyes. She keep her hand on kunj back and make him turned.

Aditi:what did that twinkle saying BF tell me how dare she said this all to you and you didn’t said anything. You were hiding something from me kunj.

Kunj:what I’ll say Aditi. She was my wife:

Aditi: was??

Kunj:she is my ex wife Aditi you know my life truth she is same twinkle whom about I told you.

Aditi:Twinkle is your wife. And in these years you both never try to in formed me.

Kunj:Aditi I’m sorry for this but now we don’t have anything.

Aditi:when you are innocent why you didn’t give her back BG.She cupped his face I know you better than everyone you can’t do anything bad with anyone talking about respect no one did like you.

Kunj: she think I did this let her na..

Purushottam sitting with his that friend only ( his name is Vijay Varma)

Vijay: I give you money what I get it in back haa that girl doing so much drama. Didn’t let me touch her.puru smoking and smirking like devil. Now speak up man.

Puru:thanks to god you were sitting here not in jail.I used my mind tell you just used
Kunj name instead of mine and yours.Just because of this you are safe.

Vijay:hmm but how he come I mean.

Puru:Arey I’m too mastermind I used my mind tell waiter to tell twinkle Kunj calling you because I saw of them they didn’t like each other maybe business riyals that’s why I used this trump card.Already fire is there I just put oil so it’s inflame more. That reaction I saw today in office good one.Now don’t try to go near twinkle now She is my Shikar 😏😏😏.. I just wanted to make out my work with them.

Vijay:just like same you did years of back.

Puru:absolutely right👹..

Chinki was sitting in her room thinking about something just than there Riya come and sit beside her.

Riya: Chinki bhabhi what happened are you lost in something..

Chinki: no I’m fine.

Riya: before you are so fun loving girl now.

Chinki:when you wanted something from your life and you don’t get it Riya thats makes you like this.

Riya: what you wanted something really special..

Chinki:yes really very special what I wanted it. I’m thinking let’s go and meet with twinkle my bestie she make my mood awesome.
Riya: hooo.

Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen

Aditi was shocked to know about that twinkle is kunj wife it’s little bit shocking and surprising for her.. whole day went like this one side kunj was suffering in pain other side twinkle too same.

At night in mehbeer room.
After listening about twinkle life he still

Can’t believe it.he was sitting in confusion.Mehar come and see him. And sit beside him on couch.

Mehar:what happened abeer you looking stress.

Abeer: mehar i can’t believe it still that Kunj is ammar father and twinkle husband I mean.

Mehar:it’s true abeer..

Abeer:you know this before only na.

Mehar:yes abeer I know.

Abeer:many time I doubt it but leave it because it’s totally impossible whenever I see ammar and Kunj both reflected same to same now I understand why.. felt really

Bad for twinkle.. she bearing so much.

Mehar:right abeer but i don’t think so kunj did this.Abeer look at twinkle face in shocking way.

Abeer: what are you saying you mean twinkle is wrong. Supporting that man who did so much with twinkle make her life hell still Mehar,.

Mehar: not like that abeer I’m not supporting anyone I know kunj did bad with her but this time I’m sure he didn’t.

Abeer:why you thinking this can you tell me please..

Mehar:abeer I don’t know him very well but I seen him he is not that much bad he’ll not do something like this..

Abeer:But twinkle..

Mehar:she misunderstood kunj.

Twinkle was in her balcony crying so horribly in low voice cuddling herself so tightly.Remembering what happened today.

Twinkle:how nicely you said you don’t know anything haa..

Kunj sitting on floor lights was off he drinking and tears escaping from his eyes.

Kunj:I’ll not leave you twinkle today what you did it’s not good.I save you but you put all blame on me.Really you think I’ll stoop so low that I’ll do this with you only haa he having twinkle and his wedding photo frame in his hand looking at photo.
Arey I love you this much never try to hurt you I’ll do this and stoop so low.If I didn’t respect girls I’ll not do your respect too.I stay with you still you thinking this about me yes I had problems with you but I’ll never used this cheap thing for you just insult you not at all.he take the sip of drink his face fully become red and hot tears dropping down. You didn’t respect and care about my feelings now doing this haa.That buster Purushottam if I get to know your hands behind this all promise I’ll not leave you.he gulped whole bottle.


Wajah Kuch Aur Bhi Mil jati Hai,

Duniya Me Jeene Ki,

Kisi Ke Aas Pe Jeena Bhi To,(male)

Aasan nahi Hota,

Kunj: in painfully voice- JAB INSAN AKELA REHNA SEEKH LE NA TO KISI KE HONE YA NA HONE SE KOI FARQ NAHI PARTA… This I learn long back twinkle many years I spend for you just remembering you only what things I never done in my life that I used to start this bottle never I touch but your betrayal make me do this. Why twinkleeeeeee.. if you leave me I never asked you anything back. Just take it like this only written my destiny.You know what twinkle Alisha is much better than you  today feels like this she just wanted me to leave my house and stay with her. I’m also idiot get ready for marry you. Just because of this so called family today they living peacefully in their life’s didn’t care about me whether I’m alive or not and what I’m go though.I had no one beside me my Papa who living like lifeless body can’t get up and speak anything today I need him lot but he is so helpless can’t wiped my tears😭😭😭😭😭😭. When I’m small that time also. But MAA with me today she too not.Woh kehte hai sometime in life you have to deal with them.I’m totally changed when my

Papa will see me and what he’ll think about me I used to share everything with him.. just for his happiness I’m ready for marry to twinkle when he’ll get to know about her he’ll regret lot..Yes I’ve changed. Only because I’ve been hurt by the people I never thought would.The worst pain in the world goes beyond the physical. Even further beyond any other emotional pain one can feel. It is the betrayal of a friends and your love.

Twinkle open the box and take out something and continuously looking at that.crying

Twinkle:today you break me kunj.You play with my soul.Why I married to you my worse decision ever I have done it. Being with you as your wife I never get love just humiliation after you leave me now too giving pain no matter whether we are together or not.Yeh zaroori toh mahi hai ki jinke dil me Pyaar ho unke kismat me bhi pyaar ho.babaji why you doing this with me what I have done with you haa you just written pain in my life babaji now I can’t take it anymore why you forcing me to do something with myself.I HATE YOU KUNJ SARNA.Twinkle see her baby girl photo whom she lost and even Kunj as well.YOU ARE THE MURDERER OF MY FEW HOURS BORN.. 

Naseebo Mai Hi na Likha Ho To,

Wo Kase Mil Jaye,

Khuda Bhi Ruth Jaye To,(female)

Kiya Karein,

she cuddles her baby girl photos which fuzail click when she born but never thought this few photos of her last..

Kunj take get up in anger and went towards drawer and finding something get it and take out the powder and mix in his drink bottle and drink.Yes kunj started taking drugs. After drugs his body become numb so he didn’t feel pain for not feel this pain he taking drugs.Kunj closed his eyes fall down on the floor. He was not in Sarna Mansion but in his luxurious penthouse where he live alone when he is out of his zone.Kunj looking straight his eyes just blinking while whole body numb fully tears falling on floor. Kunj back facing to ceiling.. just one word come out from his mouth with lots of difficulties I HATE YOU TWINKLE YOU BREAK DOWN ME AND MY HEART YOU ARE THE CULPRIT Of MY HEART BREAk. 

Ye dil jo ro raha hai to kahein se sabr mil jaye,(male)

Howe jo bud gumaan ham to kiya karein,

He screamed… may be one day I’ll be what you need but don’t wait too long because the day you want me maybe the day I’ve finally given up….,,,,,
Ammar finding twinkle in room but she is not there than he heard some voice coming from balcony he went in balcony and see twinkle crying.

Ammar: soon as Twinkle heard ammar voice she get shocked he’ll not see kunj and baby photo. She immediately hide it and wiped her tears ammar went towards her. Mamma why you crying haa.Do I hurt You. Twinkle nodded her head in no. Ammar sit on her lap and wiped her tears while twinkle cuddles him tightly and give Up.. crying so loudly while ammar too hug her back. Sometimes they spend like this only. Later ammar hold twinkle hand take her in room. They went to bed and ammar gesture twinkle keep her head on his little lap twinkle did what he wanted she rest her head on his lap while ammar Caressing her hairs like she does it.she smiled at him.and closer her eyes. Rt and Leela see this from window.

Rt: see Leela.

Leela:we used to think na how twinkle will handle ammar along with her pain but see today our little ammar hand his mamma.

Rt:yes twinkle had someone too apart from us. I’m feeling so good today to see ammar like this he can understand his mother emotions..

Like this two days passed away aditi and yuvi worried about kunj because he didn’t take their calls and they asked everyone where he is.even In office also Purushottam asked where is kunj. But nobody answer it even Yuvi too.

At office yuvi or abeer and twinkle sitting and checking the files. Just than Aditi call Yuvi.

Yuvi:yes aditi I’m busy..

Aditi: Yuvi you were busy in office where is BF I call him and check him everyone asked usha aunty as well.

Yuvi:aditi I don’t know where is kunj. Twinkle and abeer look at Yuvi face.You do one thing check in his farmhouse maybe he was there if not than he went somewhere but where: I’ll call you okay.

Abeer:what happened Yuvi..

Yuvi:nothing.Yuvi murmured don’t know where this boy went now.before Aditi di something in his tension I have to find him.

Okay twinkle and abeer our today work is done.. okay I’m going.

Abeer: Arey you asked kunj about that file.

Yuvi:yup..he left after twinkle and abeer. Otherside ammar was so restless Kunj was not answering him.Mehbeer called Taneja’s and sasha or Rishi at their house for dinner. After see twinkle crying ammar too get sad for him twinkle try to forget everything and act like normal and happy.

Ammar: mamma why we going at nipple face house haa.

Twinkle:ammar don’t say this okay now let’s go.They all went down and they all went to mehbeer house it’s next to there ammar run inside and see hiya playing with dolls he went near her and tease hiya. Meher and Abeer come and greet with them.

Mehar:come.They all sit at them time Sasha and Rishi too come and joint them.

Rishi:aur what’s going on??

Abeer:nothing where you are nowadays.

Rishi:no where you know na this kids. Karan.

Karan: ammar let’s play together leave this girl.

Hiya:Acha bachu..I’ll complete my notes.

Ammar: I’ll do fast than you wait. Kids sitting with elders.

Leela: why this boys fighting with hiya.

Karan: you don’t know her..

Rishi:Arey ammar why you doing with left hand haa..

Ammar:I’m lefty na..

Hiya: you devil used you right hand.

Ammar:I’m so talented. You can’t do.


Ammar: wait.He write with his both hand.

I can write with right and left born talent not like you silly girl.Abeer remember even Kunj too lefty how he write with his both hands this felt good but sad as well.

Karan: hiya you should call Romir.

Hiya:I didn’t call you both too itself you come uninvited 😂😂😂.. ammar puller her hairs..



Yuvi and Aditi searched all possible places where he can.

Aditi:Yuvi we check all places but where is my BF.She started crying.

Yuvi:adu don’t cry let me think.Kunjjj yaar. Buster didn’t taking my calls too.

Aditi: hope he is fine bas… just than something click in Yuvi mind..

Yuvi: we check all places but not one.


Yuvi: let’s go your BF will be there only. She and Yuvi left.Ammar thinking about kunj just.

Ammar: I’ll call him again. He dial kunj numbers on landline.

Mehar:whom you were calling ha..

Kunj who sleeping passed from two days due to drug effect. Ammar calling kunj continuously due to rings Kunj wake up open his eyes not fully become so heavy. The phone near his hand he press the button and pick up the call but still in same position. Tears brimming..

Ammar:ufff finally you pick up my call..

Leela:whom you call ammar..

Ammar:shhhh Nani let me talk to him. All keep silent.

Ammar:dost where are you are you listening me haa.dost I’m missing you please come to meet with me na.Kunj just listening him feeling so good but didn’t speak up lambuuuuu kunj smile on this..
before could speak further phone Battery drain.dostttttt.ammar end the call. What happened to dost..

Abeer:oyye dost ke dewaane.


Leela:whole day dost and dost.what He gives you ammar.

Ammar:nothing Nani lost in his thoughts but lots of love my buddy gives me..

Abeer:(think).see ammar so crazy behind His friend that man don’t know who he is but happy he give love to Ammar and look at yourself world most precious things you were missing.Fatherhood is best but you will not feel this.

Hiya:I have my papa better than your friend..

Ammar:my dost is best get it. Don’t mess with me it will be very costly for you don’t forget after consequence. He said in anger voice his eyes become fully blood red and sweat on his forehead and nose. Looking at hiya in anger which make Mehbeer and twinkle surprise lot because he looking same like kunj. Snap his finger. And went from there.Leela look at twinkle face gesture her leave it.

Soon Yuvi and Aditi reached kunj penthouse.

Aditi: they we come here??

Yuvi:you come with me na. They went inside Yuvi open the door with another keys and went ahead find no voice.

Aditi: Yuvi Kunj is not here can’t you see.

Yuvi: you shut up you check here I’ll be there they both find kunj every corner of this penthouse their eyes went on room door they both together open the door and find everywhere darkness little went ahead and on the lights as soon as lights come Yuvi and Aditi see the scenario in front of their eyes get shocked to see kunj in this condition. Kunjjj.

Aditi: bfff. Kunj looking at them blinking his eyes.They went to him and both sit down. Yuvi touched kunj hand and get more shocked what he have done with himself. He understands. Kunjjjj what is this are you okay na. She take his head on her lap. Kunj try to moved his body but can’t.
Yuvi make him turned straight. They both look at room condition.

Yuvi:Saale what is this haa here you were sleeping peacefully haa.

Aditi:yes kunj from 2 days didn’t think about us we dying to think about you.
Kunj try to get up they see this both help him.He sit on bed. And lay down while Aditi and Yuvi beside him they stay like this after kunj went in washroom on the shower left water flow on him which bring him out from his intoxication. Kunj sit on floor water falling down on him.Kunj closed his eyes and take the support of back wall and rest his head on wall.

Yuvi:Aditi you go I’ll come with kunj okay.

Aditi:let’s go together na..

Yuvi: daee jaa must be worried about us so you tell her we’ll come you go.

Aditi: okay.. she left while kunj come out of the washroom. Yuvi see him and throw his clothes on him. Kunj didn’t said anything wear his clothes Yuvi help him his feet’s can’t properly stable on floor.

Yuvi:what is this kunj you take that na whyyyy..he sit in front of him on his knees and Kunj avoiding eye contact with Yuvi so he cupped his face.answer me kunjjjj. You promise us na you’ll never ever touch the drugs but you take it whyyy you forget what happened with you last night.what this drugs gives you haa..

Kunj:he look at him. Relief Yuvi after this I forget everything. Tear drop falls down.

Yuvi:Dekh kunj this all happened in everyone life’s.But your way to deal with your pains it’s not correct you promise her.
Because of this drugs you were sleeping peacefully from 2 days haa don’t care about anyone.

Kunj:Yuvi please don’t I’m not in mood.

Yuvi:this time I’m leaving you both next time I’ll not at all. Chal now.He hold his hand and they leave from here.

Twinkle and others having dinner twinkle get call from Purushottam she immediately received the call.

Twinkle: yes sir.

Purushottam: twinkle where is kunj he didn’t answer my calls.

Twinkle: sir I don’t know where is kunj.

Purushottam: it’s okay.

Leela:what happened??

Abeer:this kunj didn’t answers the calls too I wanted to discuss something.where he went.Twinkle thinking about kunj where kunj went he is fine na.

Episode ends

Your mystery of life will be created by the chapter of karma everything happens in your life according to your chosen path nobody change your destiny but if you want to accomplish your vision than you should be change your karma for better path and purity or soul..

(Kunj find out who was behind this all)next


Hope you all enjoy the episode?.. 

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now I fade up. 

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