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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan cooks for first time

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan tries to wear the sari. she says dadi I can’t wear saree. Durga says how could you on the wedding day? Dadi says you three will get her ready and also teach her how to wear saree. Saru and laxmi fix her saree. They are angry. Guddan says thank you. She goes downstairs. Dadi says you look very good. Guddan says you look like their saas now. Dadi says you will get used to. Guddan says I am coming back in a while.

Guddan presses AJ’s coat and says it is wet. I have to dry it. AJ comes and says what are you doing here now? What have you done? He picks the iron. He says this is my coat. she says I didn’t do it. It just happened. He says I ask you stay away from my things. The coat gets burned too. Guddan says don’t show me this anger. He

says i will burn everything you touch. she touches all his clothes. He throws them all on floor and burns them. Guddan is dazed. He leaves.
Revati calls Guddan and says how are you? She says I am good. Bhushan says is everything okay? Come home. We left the house and neighborhood. You should come there. Guddan says I don’t give up. I told you I will live here.

Dadi says to AJ spend some time with Guddan. She will like it. He says no one can spend time with her.
Durga says AJ left home without breakfast for the first time. Saru says we should ask Guddan. Saru says what will you take in breakfast? Guddan gives them orders. Laxmi says I am sure you know how to cook. this is a tradition. You have to cook for the whole family. SAru says she can’t. Guddan says I can. Guddan goes to kitchen.

Guddan says I can give it a try. She watches recipes online. Guddan serves the food. Durga says is this how you cooked for AJ? He measures food and throws it away if it is not apt. But Laxmi and saru will have to eat it. Dadi says food will be eaten anyway. All of you sit down. Durga says I can’t do this. She isn’t my MIL. She is just Guddan. Dadi says sit down. Guddan says every girl shouldn’t know how to cook. But I tried. Dadi says well said. You can do anything.
Guddan eats banana. She says let me bring the kheer. Guddan brings the kheer. Laxmi has spilled oil on the floor. Guddan slaps. All the kheer falls on her. Laxmi smiles. Dadi gets up and picks Guddan. Guddan says I slipped. They all laugh at her. Guddan laughs too. Laxmi says one picture please. She takes Guddan’s picture. Guests come home. Durga says guests are here for munh dikhai. Look at our MIL all ready. She says Laxmi go and open the door. Let them see her too. This is your reality. You will be seen by them exactly like this. Laxmi says let me bring guests. She opens the door.

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