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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent readers
Dear jasmine I dnt submit any article on wattapad directly maybe its a copy of articles submitted on Tu
Readers i had uploaded this epi 2 days ago but just checked maybe some problems it didn’t get submitted so am re writing

Recap- Adi gets bored in chowki he tactfully takes zoya outside for having icecream This creates misconception in minds of zoya Harshvardan and anjana that he has feelings for zoya
He got bored in zoya’s co

Siddquis return to their house
Noor and zoya are glowing n glooming with happiness

Anjana goes to Harshvardan
Anjana -y didn’t u speak about adi zoya to wasim bhai shaab today
Harshvardan -Anjana have some patience i will first speak to adi
Anjana -but today we saw na…
Harshvardan interrupts -Anjana i cannot talk to a father about his daughter’s alliance without talking to adi.Pls Anjana try n understand
Anjana nods
Anjana -so pls go n talk to adi now
Harshvardan (laughs)-adi might be sleeping I will talk tom morning Anjana little patience

Anjana smiles n hugs him

Sun rises

Anjana is shown praying
She does arti
She goes to offer arti to Harshvardan

Anjana -Did u speak to adi

Harshvardan -Darling he isn’t in his room how can i speak to him

Anjana (panics)-where did he go so early morning

Anjana calls him

Adi is shown driving
He attends call
Anjana -Adi where r u beta??
U didn’t even have ur breakfast
Where are u

Adi-maa relax i got up early so thought to enjoy some morning drive I haven’t gone far i will reach home in sometime. You and pa pls eat breakfast

Anjana -no u come home first we need to talk something imp with u Adi

Adi closes his eyes

His pov-Again a lec on son get married get settled

Anjana -Adi what Am talking to u we have waited for u for one whole year cannot we have right to talk to u r u too busy

Adi-maa am coming home dnt wry

Adi’s pov- god spare me pls

Adi enters

Harshvardan-Adi son see i will get direct with u beta
Son marriages are really beautiful It completes ur life and all marriages dnt fail son
Look at ur ma n me
R we not happy son??

Adi nods
He itches on his face
N tactfully puts some cotton in his ears

Anjana -son if partners understand eachother everything is smooth
Adi we have a perfect match for u
N i feel u like her too
U know her well
So adi
Whats ur opinion about zoya

Harshvardan -son i was thinking about talking about ur n zoya’s alliance with wasim
Will u get married to zoya??
Adi doesn’t respond
He pretends to be listening
Actually he hasn’t heard anything

Anjana shakes him

Anjana -Adi will u get married? ?

Adi-yes maa yes i will
I will get married soon pls now i want to freshen up am hungry

He leaves

He didn’t hear anything about zoya

He takes off cotton from ears

His pov-sorry ma n pa but pls i cannot listen to same lec again n again n i cannot agrue with u am sorry

Anjana cannot believe what she just heard

Harshvardan gives her hi fi
Harshvardan (excited )-u r right Anjana adi likes zoya he said he will get married soon to her
I will immediately talk to wasim
Anjana hugs him tightly


Zoya walks around in corridors
She is smiling remembering her moments with adi
Just then someday a handsome Dr pokes her
Dr-Dr zoya siddqui so how was ur date??
Zoya (stunned)-shut up yash i had gone for a chowki
Yash-ohh really i saw u enjoying ice cream with him
Zoya u cannot hide things from ur best friend
N zoya glow on ur face speaks volumes
I know everything
Zoya-areee yash nothing like that he wanted to talk to me
Yash-woowww seems he missed u alot zoya tell me everything i want to know each n everything

He pulls zoya
While she blushes

(Readers am adding a new character Dr Yash Arora-A happy go lucky and always cheerful Mischievous Dr He is a very good friend of zoya Always supports and advices her He will play a very imp role in adiya relation )

At siddqui house
Roshnaq n wasim are sitting
Harshvardan-wasim yaar i really feel we should take our friendship to next level
I will be direct I want our children to get married

Roshnaq -but Harsh bhai shaab
What about kids we need to know what they feel

Anjana -Roshnaq zoya’s feelings are evident in her eyes n adi we spoke to him today morning he wants to marry zoya soon

Roshnaq smiles
Wasim (evil smile) His pov-Lottery ticket This alliance means benefit n benefit for me Everything that belongs adi will belong to zoya n that means will belong to me slowly i can convert this partnership into only my ownership n be the boss n rule the world

Harshvardan is looking at wasim with hope
Wasim hugs him-Harshvardan its a honour for me if my daughter my princess becomes queen of ur house
I cannot get a son inlaw better than adi
Anjana is extremely excited she hugs Roshnaq

Precap-Adi is sleeping
Anjana wakes him
Anjana -son get ready soon Siddquis are coming for lunch today so that we can plan everything about marriage get ready chalo

Adi is sleepy

Anjana leaves

Adi-Siddquis coming ohhh woow Arjun He convinced everyone for his n noor’s alliance N chote u did nt even tell me
Wonderful surprise
U come home i will take ur class
Am so happy for u

Adi excitedly gets ready
Zoya too is getting ready with smile

Anjana smiles looking at adi’s excitement

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