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My wife, Yuvani, part 20

Few more days passed likewise. Yuvani were enjoying their life. Yuvraj goes to camp in the morning and comes in evening. Suhani too, they reach almost at the same time. Then spent some time together and then she gets busy with her works and he in his practise sessions. Life was moving smooth for them. They enjoyed the time spent together, they always fight, but it always lighten their mind, he enjoyed his game and she, seeing him happy. They call Suhani’s parents and Younger Birlas every evening.

He was supposed to go for a foreign trip after one day.


Yuvraj dialled Saurab.

Yuv: Suhani, I am calling Bhaiya.

Suh: (from kitchen) Put the phone in speaker, I am coming.

Sau: Hello,

Yuvani: Hello Bhaiya.

Other three: Hello.

Yuv: Guys, I am leaving day after tomorrow,

Anuj: I will come,

Sau: (getting what he meant) No I will,

Rag: No I.

Men: But what are you talking?

Anuj: Bhaiya is going for trip, so Bhabhi would be alone there, so at least one of us should go there and say with her na.

Men: oh yes, then I will come!

Then the four started fighting and Yuvani laughed.

Yuv: Guys enough!

Rags: Suhani, you say, who do want to be with you?

Suh: Bhabhi! Fine do one thing, this time, either Anuj-Menka or you both come, and at the next time the other too.

Anuj: We are coming this time.

Yuv: Guys, don’t start again, Bhaiya, you both will come the next time.

Sau: (sadly) Ok!

Yuv: Bhaiya, don’t be dramatic!

They talked for some more time.

Yuv: (Irritated) What was wrong them, why were they all fighting like kids?

Suhani acted like smelling something.

Suh: Yuvraj, are you getting some burning smell?

Yuv: No why?

Suh: But I am getting, someone is verrrrrrrrrrrrrry jealous!

She started to laugh.

Yuv: (Trying to cover up) So what is wrong with it? When my brothers behave like I am not at all present, I would feel bad na. You stole my brothers from me.

Suhani started to laugh:

Suh: Yuvraj don’t behave like a kid.

Yuv: I am saying truth only; they look like they are your brothers and not mine.

Suh: I am so smart na, so everyone will love me only.

Yuv: No one needs me.

He pouts and turns his face childishly.

Suh: (turning him towards her) Yuvraj. Stop acting like a kid, I don’t know about others, but for me, you are always my top most priority.

He looked at her lovingly, and she was looking at him intensely. He came close to her and then, they kissed.

That day passed peacefully.


So now into diary.

From the day they came to their new home, Suhani’s diary appeared so pleasant. Of course, she was happy, and these days they were together and she needs nothing more. Yuvraj was amazed by it, just by his presence; it appeared that she is happiest person in this world. All she needs was his presence, but she never ever tried to mention it to him. She loves him to that extend.

So the diary of the above mentioned day.


“Day after tomorrow Yuvraj is leaving for camp. What to do, I don’t want to leave from here, but alone, in a new place, I don’t know. Why alone, I will ask Bhaiya and all, I am sure they would come


The day went peaceful and evening before me asking Bhaiya about coming here, Yuvraj asked him. My sweet hubby!”

Yuv: You are sounding like I got you moon, please, don’t make me look great, I am not! But you are.


“God those four, they were fighting like kids, at last it is decided that Anuj and Menka are coming. I am sooo happy; I was missing them badly, now they will be here, hurray!

And Yuvraj again started, from the day we came here, he kept saying that I am their favourite and he is none to them. Such a kid he is, really he is jealous of me?”

Yuv: Oi, I am not a kid.

“But I told him, for me he is the world, he is and will be forever”

He was overwhelmed.

Yuv: Yeah, you said it, but at that time, I didn’t know the depth of it. I am sorry!!

“Then I called Mummy, she is very worried for me. I wish she isn’t, because I am happy with my life. She is scared of my future, but when I have Yuvraj’s presence around me, I am sure that I would have a nice future ahead, even not with his physical presence. But I don’t know how to make her understand. After all she is mother, and tension is quite normal. I am worried for her.”

Yuv: Worried for your mom, me, Ma, Dadi, and who not. At least for once, why can’t you be worried for yourself? At least for once, why can’t you think of yourself? But Yuvraj, if she did it na, then you won’t be this happy now, you won’t be able to lead your life like this, the way you wanted. She forgot herself just for you.

He looked at her painfully. He was scared to read further.





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