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Kasautii Zindagii Kay (AnuPre / Prerna-Rishab?)

I haven’t watched the first season of KZK before. I am a big Erica fan which is why, I have dropped into watching ‘Kasautii’. But with the hustle bustle of the show and it’s grandeur, brought me out with quite a surprise. I was intrigued with what actually happened to Anurag-Prerna. Thus, I went on to watch Kasautii Zindagii Kay (2001 Series).

I am a very nosy person, to be honest. I want to dig out details and that too as soon as possible. So it took me only 7 hours to watch all the 1,423 episodes of KZK. Although the storyline got detoriated by the end of the show, with all its stupid plastic surgeries, amnesias and all… The serial was hit because of the eternal love of Anurag-Prerna. I agree with SRK saying that, “they are those two star-crossed lovers who live without each other yet for each other!”

This show was one of the most intense romantic shows of Indian Television, where the writers showcased what real love is! It’s not just a “I-love-you” and the many “kisses”, it’s about departure, it’s about pain of love, it’s about the bliss of falling in love.

Now coming to the point, I saw many of the followers of the show fighting for Anurag-Prerna-Rishabh. The first question that comes to everyone’s mind while thinking about Prerna (Shweta Tiwari) is that, whom did she love? It was like a top secret that disappeared with the death of Prerna.

Did she love Anurag and it was just friendship with Mr. Bajaj? But we did see love in her eyes for him, right?

Did she love only Mr. Bajaj and not Anurag? But they were the star-crossed lovers who were meant to be with each other, isn’t it?

Then did she love both of them? Can we love two people at the same time?

– For starters, it means you’re human. No, falling in love with two people at the same time is not common. But, it does happen, and it is possible. Love starts a feeling — a strong feeling. You may have that feeling for someone and then unexpectedly feel it for someone else. There are many beautiful and mesmerizing people in the world.

AND…. There is a whole lot of difference between loving someone and being in love.

For me, Prerna loved Mr. Bajaj, he was her confidant, her husband and the bond that strengthened them was their trust and the family they nurtured together. But, Prerna was always in love with Anurag. They were those star-crossed lovers who were meant to be, let alone be the trials of love, hence they got united after death.

We can choose to love someone. We can decide to see their best qualities, appreciate them for who they are, and be a supportive partner to them. We can also choose to stop loving someone, to walk away and forget about them. But being in love is not a choice. It’s something that can happen without our intention or consent, and it’s not something we can walk away from. If we leave, we’ll take the feeling of being in love with us.

Love can literally end at any moment. He can do something annoying, or you get in a bad fight, or you’re kind of in a funk, then BAM! You don’t love him anymore. Being in love isn’t that fickle. It stays through the fights, the lulls, and the full blown existential crisis. When the honeymoon phase is over and life gets a little more routine, only the relationship where we are actually in love will be a happy one. We don’t need constant excitement, because our feelings are real without it. Just how Anurag-Prerna’s love remained intact, even with so much of revenge, hurt and betrayal.

When we love someone, we always want them to be around. We crave them. We want them to be with us more than anything. When we are in love, we want them to have a happy balanced life, which means sometimes spending time away from us. We want them to have time out with the guys, or alone time, or time to pursue some hobbies without us. Being happy doesn’t equal being together all the time.

A common answer people give when asked why they love someone is, “Because of how they make me feel.” That’s a valid answer, but if it’s all about how you feel, then you probably aren’t actually in love. Loving someone means you are only concerned with how he makes you feel loved, special, or appreciated. Being in love means you worry about how to make him feel loved as well, because that’s equally as important to you.

Loving someone is about ownership, being in love is a partnership. When you love someone, you want them to be yours. Labelling them is important. You need them to commit to being your boyfriend and say they’re yours. Being in love is about wanting to be each other’s. You give yourself as much as you get. You two are a partnership, a team, and no one belongs to anyone.

Loving someone is an uphill battle, being in love is effortless. You will hear people say, “It shouldn’t be this hard.” And they’re right, it shouldn’t.  Fighting and scrabbling to stay connected and keep the spark alive isn’t being in love. You may love this person, but it will inevitably turn into a situation where you feel like you’re just forcing it. I’m not saying that a relationship with someone you’re in love with will always be easy, just that the feeling of being in love will be there without any effort. Some days will be difficult. Some days will seem to take everything you have. But at the end of the hard days, or the hard months, you will always feel that you are in love with each other. That feeling will never be work or effort.

I hope the people who ask who Prerna actually loved might have got the answer. We humans are emotional fools and confused souls, we might love two persons at the same time. But choosing the right one is an important task. Although after watching the show I fell in love with Anurag-Prerna, but Prerna took the right decision by marrying Mr. Rishabh Bajaj.

The show has many stupidest plots and a lot of loopholes yet it taught us the beautiful meaning of love!

I wish all the best to the entire cast of KZK (2018 Series), may they rock it! I have watched the first three episodes of it and it’s getting me hooked, yet waiting for today’s episode which is still unavailable in Hotstar.

I’ll be posting the recaps of the show as soon as possible.


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