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Anything for u my love… Swasan – Character sketch

Hi everyone. Welcome to swasan ff


Character sketch

Sanskar Maheshwari(26 yrs):

Handsome guy. Son of sujata and Ram Maheshwari. Loves swara very much. Working in a xyz company as a manager.

Adarsh Maheshwari: sanskar’s elder brother

Uttara Maheshwari: Sanskar’s younger sister

Swara Gadodia(26 yrs):

Beautiful simple girl. Daughter of sharmishta and Shekhar Gadodia. Loves sanskar very much. Working in a company(not sanskar’s company). Loves family and sister very much.

Ragini Gadodia(24 yrs):

Sister of Swara. Loves her family and sister very much. Loves laksh. Currently practicing in a hospital.

Laksh Singhania(24 yrs):

Friend of swara and sanskar. Loves ragini. Working in same company with swara.



@gadodia house

Sha: shona, laado come soon and have breakfast otherwise again you both will get late for work.

@Swaragini room:

Both are getting ready in hurry

Swa: ragu where is my bracelet? How many times I told you after using things keep them in their  particular place. Am not getting that now.

Rag: di.. see there only. I kept in first drawer. Am  not getting my favourite earrings.

Swa: its on dressing table.

Sha: ofho.. both of you know eachothers things but not own things. Take your bracelet and you take your earings. Get ready soon now.

She turns to go, again turns back sees both

Sha: with any costly ornaments also my both daughters looks like princess. No evil eye should cast on you.

Swa: mamma.. till you and  dad are with us, no evil eye can cast on us.

Rag: mamma, am hungry.

Sha: come down now. Its ready.


Both sit on dining table. Shekhar also joins.

Swaragini: what is special today?

Swa: wow,, my fav gajar ka halwa!

Rag: and my fav kheer!

Both look at each other for a second. Then look at their parents. Both are cutely staring them.


Swaragini goes to their parents and hugs them.

Swaragini: happy anniversary mamma, dad. We are so sorry, we forgot.

Shesha: its ok. We forgive.

Swa: mamma., its our fav dishes. Where is dad’s rasmalai?

Rag: (teasingly)di, that mamma wil give when we will go.

Sha: ragini?

Swa: yes mamma. Don’t hide, we are your daughters.(winks at ragini)

Sha: (fake angry)now stop your drama, finish breakfast and go.


Swargini: (kisses on their cheeks)mamma, dad , bye..


They leave on their bikes.

Sha: shekhar, I just pray to god that our kids should be always happy like this..

She: they will be mishti. Now what about my rasmalai?

Sha: shekhar? You are also behaving like them. Stop it. Its on table go and have it.


Precap: swasan and raglak

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