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Unknown to each other- TS Part 2 (Last)

Unknown to each other-Part 2 (Last)

Hey guys, I’m back with the last the part of this TS, hope you like it.


Vansh and Riddhima were best friends from school till college. Riddhima wanted to be an IPS officer and Vansh a businessman just like his dad. They used to hang out with each other all the time and they gradually fell in love. Vansh helped Riddhima to train hard for her place as an IPS Officer, they had become each other’s support system.

Then one day she had a race in which she had participated, that race was extremely important as it was the deciding factor and with all her hard work Riddhima won it. However it all was destroyed when the officials found steroids in her blood after some tests. She was declared as a cheater and was thrown out of the firm.


Riddhima was ready to seize the container that she saw arriving in front of her eyes. A few men in black got down the truck and went to the back, unlocking the container that had the boxes of drugs and weapons that were illegally being supplied. Riddhima hid behind a wall and captured their activities in her phone as for proof.

She got impatient waiting for her partner; Agent Veer. However on the other hand Agent Veer; Vansh had been hiding behind a crane, taking some shots of the scene in front of him. He had witnessed them bringing the container full of drugs and weapons. He grit his teeth thinking about his partner being late. Unknown to each other, they both were present at the dock site, unknown to them Vansh and Riddhima both were each other’s partners.

Riddhima all of a sudden saw a shadow approaching her from the opposite side. She stood alert, in a position of attack. As the face of the shadow came in to light, she without thinking or waiting kicked the guy in his stomach, pointing her gun that she carried. The man groaned silently in pain as he fell on the ground. Riddhima kneeled and pressed one of her knees on his stomach while her hand had caught the person’s neck.

“Vansh! You?! Here?” Riddhima asked curiously.

“Get off me!” Vansh groaned as she had been pressing her knee on his stomach.

Riddhima got off him and straightened her clothes. She forwarded her hand to Vansh but he brushed it off. He stood up, straightening and composing himself.

“What are you doing here?” Vansh asked

“The same I would want to ask you!” Riddhima replied

“Shut it and say, are you following me?” Vansh said pissed.

“Following and you….what would be my purpose? Are you mad! I’m not like you who had pretended to support me and follow me everywhere only to see my destruction!” Riddhima taunted while she felt some tears in her eyes.

“Really! You won’t come up from that will you? You still keep pouncing on me with that blame game of yours!” Vansh angrily held her shoulders tightly.

“Because that’s what you did, get it! You spoilt everything! You were the reason to the destruction of my dreams! You fed me those steroid sweets!” Riddhima blamed him, in a loud yet quiet tone expressing all her pain and anger.

“I didn’t do it! How many times am I supposed to prove it to you…and did you forget what you did? You didn’t do any less! You went ahead and spread all the hate and rumors in front of my business partners leading them to withdraw all their investments!” Vansh roared at her lightly.

“Why did you that Vansh? If you hadn’t done that then probably we’d have been together!” Riddhima said teary.

“I didn’t do anything Riddhima! I didn’t it was all framed!” Vansh said in a softer tone, cupping her face.

“You know Vansh, till date I couldn’t stop loving you but I can’t forget that because of you I had to go through all that defamation. So no more” Riddhima said wiping her tears away.
Roothi ae shab te rabba
Rabba dil bhi hai rootha
Sab kuchh hai bikhra bikhra
Bikhra sa rootha rootha

Chup mahi chup hai ranjha
Bole kaise ve na jaa
Bole kaise ve na jaa
Aaja aaja

Bole kaise ve na jaa
Bole kaise ve na jaa
Chup maahi chup hai ranjha
Aaja aaja
“Think of anything you want, I won’t care!” Vansh left her face and looked away.

As Vansh looked away he saw a reflection of a person heading towards them. He snatched the gun from Riddhima’s hand and shot the person. Hearing the bullet sound, the others arrived and they both prepared for a fight. Vansh hit two at a go with his elbow while he shot a few others, Riddhima pulled out a gun from Vansh’s back and shot them, kicked them leaving them lifeless.

Taking a chance, Riddhima went towards the container that had the drugs and armaments. Unknown to her, a person was aiming at her, he pressed the trigger and before it could hit her, Vansh pushed her in a dive. They both fell on the ground, Vansh on top of her while they both looked at each other. Riddhima pulled out the other gun from his pocket and shot the guy while Vansh kept looking at her.

Sharing an eye lock that held mixed feelings, they both were lost remembering the glorious days that had spent with each other when they were madly in love with each other, they probably were still in madly love with each other just that the hatred had put a cover on their love. Composing themselves, Riddhima and Vansh both walked to the container.

“How do you know all this Riddhima? Fighting and all? Drugs?” Vansh asked looking at her in suspicion.

“I don’t think I need to explain to you!” She coldly replied. “In fact I should ask why are you here?”

“I’m here to swim and relax with my partner!” Vansh said sarcastically.

“Really? Then have fun with your partner!” She rolled her eyes

“Sure I will!” He said while he pulled her closer to him, he went near her ear, smirking and whispered “After all it’s you, Agent Shaina!”

Riddhima looked at him shocked while he smirked. He remembered when he had pushed her from the bullet and fell on her, he had noticed the small badge on her uniform that was an emblem to their agents, guessing that she was his partner; Shaina.

“You’re agent Veer!” Riddhima exclaimed. “You’re an agent, an undercover agent!”

“Just like you sweetheart!” He smirked and touched her cheek slightly.

“I can’t have you as my partner! No way!” she objected.

“If I can have you as my life partner then why not this?” He chuckled.

Riddhima sighed and signaled to the container and they both removed the boxes, clearing the entire truck. Riddhima then informed their back up team to come and collect the packages while she still tried to digest the fact that Vansh was an undercover agent.

“Agent Noel, we’ve accomplished the first part of this mission. We’ve seized the drugs and armaments” Vansh informed him.

“Great job both of you!” Noel congratulated, joining Riddhima in to their call. “I’m sure you now both know that you’re not only life partners but agent partners too!” He chuckled.

“Agent Noel, I’m sorry but I wouldn’t like to accept him as my partner. I just can’t!” Riddhima apologized as she had connected her call to theirs and touched her earring.

“Agent Shaina….I know both your problems but to confess today I had done all of that!” Noel confessed leaving both Vansh and Riddhima bewildered. “I was the one who had included the steroids in your sweets that were offered by Vansh to you as part of my plan to recruit you to this department. And on the counter attack in behalf of you Riddhima, I had spread the negativity and forced the investors of his company to withdraw.”

“What!!” They both let out a shriek. They were in complete shock and their heart felt heavy with pain and betrayal.

“Why sir?” Riddhima asked in a broken voice. She looked at Vansh in tears while he did the same.

“To have you both recruited in my department, as I knew you both were capable! I had to do this to create difference between you two so I can have you both in my team but separately.” Noel confessed further.

“Sir do you know how much this has cost us!” Riddhima nearly shouted in pain with tears flowing. “It spoilt everything, my dreams, his ambitions, our relations.”

“Sir this wasn’t expected of you…..if it were someone right now, he would have been dead by now for spoiling one of my beautiful relations, for snatching my love from me!” Vansh uttered in anger while Riddhima looked at him with love.

While they all tried to absorb the information, Riddhima sat down on a stone having no courage to stay standing. She wept remembering all that she had said to Vansh and all that happened to them both. After a few minutes of silence from both sides, Vansh asked.

“That means you have another identity too! Who are you? How do you know about us since college?” Vansh asked in curiosity.

“Smart!” Noel said laughing. “I’m your college professor.”

“That’s why you never showed your face in all these years!” Vansh said after realization hit him.

“Yes. Shaina, I’m really sorry but it was important to keep you both for this department, for this country’s protection against all odds. I know you’re the most hurt but if you can please do forgive me. If you do then meet me tomorrow at the den, over an out!” Noel bid them adieu and hung up the call.

Vansh stood in tears and saw Riddhima crying without any stop, she was dejected and felt extremely guilty. Vansh went on his knees and pulled her in to a tight hug, one that they needed. They both cried their pain out in each other’s embrace.

“Stop…crying now sweetheart!” Vansh said hiccupping.

“No…I was wrong! I’m sorry Vansh, I troubled you a lot, for something you never did! I accused you….I’m so sorry. My trust on you had broken….my love, jaan! Jaan I’m so sorry!” Riddhima cried in his arms.

Vansh cupped her face and wiped her tears and looked at her lovingly.

“It wasn’t your fault get it! Stop crying….if you make such a cute face like a baby, I’ll fall in love with you once again. Stop it! It wasn’t anyone’s fault, and not only you, I had taunted and hurt you too. So it’s not only you. So stop crying instead lets mend the things.” Vansh explained

Riddhima cutely nodded while he chuckled. Rubbing her tears once again, he gently picked her up for her to stand. Once she stood upright he went down on his knee and looked up at her holding her hand. He kissed it softly.

“You know after a long time you called me jaan, the last time you did was back in college, just before your race. Since then these ears of mine had been yearning to listen to it. Sweetheart, I had always loved you, even though all this happened between us there was no night that I didn’t spend remembering our moments together. I used to and I still love you!” Vansh confessed his feelings while she smiled.

“I love you too jaan! I love you the exact same way I used to before and maybe right now more than what I used to. I love you so much!!”Riddhima shouted in happiness.

Vansh smiled and hugged her, picking her up and swirling around with her. She kissed his forehead when he let her down. They joined their foreheads together.

“So agent Shaina, will you be my partner and life partner Riddhima?” Vansh asked cutely

“Of course!” Riddhima replied with joy.

“Will you forgive Noel?” Vansh asked

“I don’t know if I’d be able to!” Riddhima silently replied.

Not asking more of it, Vansh took Riddhima back to their house announcing they patched up due to other reasons. It was unknown to them that they were separated by a person but destiny brought them back together.

They were agents unknown to each other.

The End.

Hope you all liked it! Please do comment and support.


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