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Udaariyaan 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh decides to leave for Canada

Udaariyaan 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasmin saying I know Tejo, she can’t do anything, its better if Fateh and Tejo stay away. Bebe comes and asks did you patch up with Sweety. Jasmin says yes. Bebe asks how much will you lie, with whom did you fight, whom did you go to say sorry, is there any guy, tell me. Jasmin says yes, but I don’t want to tell anyone. Bebe asks why. Jasmin says two marriages broke, its not a small thing, I want to be sure myself, then I will tell. Bebe says I understand, I m happy that you are trying to move on. Jasmin hugs her. Fateh is at the academy. He thinks of Tejo and Buzo. He thinks do you really have something with Buzo. He holds his head. Tejo comes. She asks what happened. He says I m fine. She says I was scared, we will have lunch. He says I have work, I have to go. She says its our lunch time, you should have told me, I would have not come. He says its imp work, you can go home if you want. He goes. She says what happened to him.

Fateh and Jasmin are on the way. She says I m also shocked, Buzo and Tejo, why did you stop the car here, we are still in the pind. He says we have cared for everyone a lot, if Tejo can lie, then why shall I care, let her see, let her feel bad, she is lying to me, Buzo is my best friend. Jasmin says we are not born liars but we say many lies for each other’s love.

Fateh says we think just of ourselves but Tejo isn’t such, she thinks of everyone, she cheated me. She says everyone likes me, maybe she is taking advantage of this, everyone is after me and say Jasmin is bad. Fateh says don’t compare yourself with her, we are also cheating her, you have no right to say anything. She asks why, if you can say, then why can’t I. He says because I m her husband. He says I will find out today. He goes home. He comes to his room. He hears sound from washroom. Tejo’s phone rings. He sees Urvashi’s call. He thinks what’s the passcode, Tejo’s birthday… He checks and unlocks. He thinks Tejo still kept my birth of date, why, I will dial Urvashi’s number. He calls back. Simran goes to take the phone. Candy plays. He falls. Simran leaves the phone. She asks Candy is he hurt. Buzo comes and jokes. Simran and Buzo cheer Candy. Simran says tell Tejo that I will talk to her later. Fateh thinks once I hear Buzo’s voice, then it will be clear. Buzo answers. Fateh gets shocked. He thinks Urvashi is Buzo, its confirmed. He keeps the phone. Tejo comes and asks what happened, is everything fine, how was the lunch. He says really good. He leaves. She says he does the mistake and talks to me rudely.

Fateh is somewhere. Buzo comes on his scooty. He asks what happened, why are you angry. Fateh says you always told me to focus on Tejo, we don’t talk well these days, I m getting a cheap feeling, I feel Tejo is lying to me. Buzo says you are thinking wrong, Tejo can’t lie, you both are good friends, she isn’t such. Fateh asks how is she, you know her, right. Buzo says how do I know, I meet sometimes, I mean I met her with you. Fateh says yes, you won’t meet her alone, what’s the tension if she goes to other pind, there is nothing to doubt. Buzo thinks he is thinking something else. He says Tejo can’t lie, you know her. Fateh calls Jasmin and says meet me urgently. Buzo asks whom are you talking. Fateh says there is someone who would help me in this. He drives off. Buzo thinks will Tejo’s relation get spoiled because of Simran and me.

Fateh comes to meet Jasmin. Jasmin asks what do you want to say. He says Tejo is lying. She asks are you sure that Tejo and Buzo have an affair. He says I thought I m cheating her, I didn’t imagine that she can cheat me, we will apply for your tatkal passport, you burnt it right. She says yes, but why. He says you said we should go away, I was thinking much, we will go away, without telling anyone, Tejo will know what is pain. Tejo says everything for fine, why is he behaving like before, how will the problem get solved, I will call him. Jasmin asks will we really go. He says yes, we will go far from here. She hugs him. Fateh sees Tejo’s call. Tejo calls again. Jasmin says what’s her problem, she keeps calling. Fateh reads Tejo’s message, I have to talk, where are you. He says leave Tejo, we have to think where will we go, I promised you that I will take you to Canada, we will go there forever. Jasmin asks really. He says yes. She smiles and dances.

She hugs him and says I can’t believe it, thanks, we will go there but job, it will take one month min. He says we will go on tourist visa, we need time to make your passport. She says Gippy had applied for my tatkal passport, I got it two days back, I have passport sized pic also, take it. He says you came fully prepared. She says yes, we have less time, we have to rush, just apply for visa. He says I will do it tonight. She says I m so happy. She dances and says I can’t believe we are going to Canada forever, I will be spending my life with you. He says it won’t be easy, family, Tejo… She says its not tough, I have a plan, until we get visa, let this go on, no one should go, we will leave a letter for the family. He says everyone will feel bad. She says yes, I m scared that your dad will bring the gun, your mum will cry a lot, my family will blacklist me, they will accept us after some years. He says Tejo will be most affected, but she will forget in some time, she may marry Buzo. She says yes, you send her divorce papers. He says right, I will apply for visa tonight, we will leave without telling anyone. He hugs her. He thinks of Tejo.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: Amena

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