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Twist Of Fate KKB – Episode 4

Previous Episode:

After dropping Abhi home, Sid left for his office. There was a misunderstanding regarding the meeting with KPR Company (Of which Pragya is the CEO and Sushma is the owner), which scheduled was for the next day. His secretary has mistaken it to be in next month.

Sid – This is one of the largest multinational companies we are going to deal with. And how can you do such a grave mistake? If we get this deal, our company will make progress that it won’t be able to achieve in the next 5 years. If we lose this deal, it will be a huge loss to the company.

Secretary – Sorry sir.

Sid – What sorry? Now how will I prepare for the meeting? There is not a day’s time to get ready for it. How will I manage everything?

Secretary bows his head down of guilt.

Sid – Now leave from here. Why are you standing in front of me?

Secretary (still afraid) – You can ask Prachi ma’am for help.

Sid – Okay. I will see what can be done. Now go and do your work. And if such a mistake repeats in the future then you won’t be spared.

Secretary – sorry sir.

Secretary leaves from Sid’s cabin.

Sid POV:

I know Prachi can solve this matter, But now she lives in Kohli House and no one in the family knows that she works in our company with me and helped me when I was new to this business after their marriage. I used to go to their house and Prachi used to help me in operating business. I knew nothing about business when I took over from Vikram chacha. It was Prachi who was handling all business under my name till I learned it. Still, I need her to run this business with me. It is best for the company as well. But, still, she is not fully accepted in the house. How can she help me living in that house? If anyone comes to know about it, there will be a huge ruckus in-house. Let me call her and ask if she can do anything.

Sid calls Prachi but she did not pick the phone as she was busy in the kitchen. So, he calls Ranbir, who was doing some work for his startup.

Ranbir – Hello Sid. Prachi is not picking phone so you called me. Right?

Sid – How did you know Ranbir?

Ranbir – I know. You never call me to talk to me. Mr. Workaholic. And Prachi also likes to do work..hh(annoying)

Sid – Because she is a sincere girl and dedicated too. Not like you, who has no interest in the business.

Ranbir – Haan haan…

Sid – Yaarr, please call Prachi. It is really very urgent.

Ranbir – I will try. It’s just half a day in this house and she is not giving time to even me.

Ranbir goes to call Prachi and she comes upstairs from the kitchen.

Ranbir – Sid has called. He said there is some urgent work.

Prachi – Yes Sid, What happened?

Sid explains the whole matter to Prachi and Ranbir on speakerphone.

Prachi tells him to get the basic information of the company and overall meeting and they can sit on the terrace or any place in the house and complete the presentation after dinner when everyone sleeps. So that no one will be disturbed.

Sid – Thank you Prachi. You are a true savior. How will this company function without you?

Prachi – It is you who handles this business so well being new to it. Now stop praising me. Complete your work and come home fast. So that we will get maximum time to complete the presentation.

Ranbir interrupts – Now Sid, daytime was not enough that you are taking mine and Prachi’s alone time too for your work? You are married, so I thought that now you would spare us.

Sid – Sorry yaarr. But, this is very very urgent.

Prachi – These talks of Ranbir will never stop. You complete your side of work and gather details necessary for the presentation and meet you at home. BYE.

Prachi cuts the call.

After some time in the evening, Sid comes home and goes to his room to freshen up. He is tensed for the next day’s meeting and that is seen clearly on his face.

At Dining Table :

The whole Kohli family is eating dinner together. There is some awkward silence between all of them after what all happened in the past.

Didaa – Today I am very happy to see my family sit and have dinner together.

Similarly, Prachi is also very happy as she can’t believe that finally she is in the Kohli House and having dinner with all the family members like family.

After dinner, everyone goes to their respective rooms.

Around midnight when all are finally asleep, Rhea too, Sid and Pranbir meet at the terrace to prepare for the meeting the next day. Sid and Prachi started working on their presentation and Ranbir was playing football and keeping an eye if anyone comes upstairs.

After 2 hours :

Ranbir – Don’t you guys get bored doing this stuff. Just chill guys.

Sid – Ranbir, we don’t have time even to breathe. There is a lot of work to be done.

Prachi – Haan Ranbir, If you are feeling sleepy, Please go and sleep. I will come once this work is complete.

Ranbir – Even if I am sleepy, I won’t go anywhere leaving my chikchiki alone. I can do one thing, I will prepare coffee for all of us.

Sid – That is much needed.

Prachi – Thank you. Love you Baklu.

Ranbir – Now coffee will even be sweeter.

Ranbir heads for the kitchen and Sid Prachi continues with their work.

Around the same time, Rhea goes to the kitchen to have some water and Ranbir was making coffee. Seeing each other alone in the kitchen, there was some awkward silence between them. Rhea goes to fill the water bottle and silently observes Ranbir pouring coffee in 3 mugs.

Rhea – 3 mugs?

Ranbir – Yes, for me, Prachi and Sid.

Rhea – Sid? He is with you?

Ranbir – Don’t you know? I thought he told you before coming to the terrace.

Rhea – I have no idea. What are you guys doing on the terrace?

Ranbir – Come with me. If we talk here like this, my coffee will get cold.

They both go to the terrace. Seeing both of them together,

Prachi and Sid say in unison – Rhea you here?

Rhea – Why? Can’t I come here?

Sid- No you can go anywhere in this house. But at this time, awake?

Rhea – You are also here at this time. Yes, I went to the kitchen to fill the water bottle. There Ranbir was making coffee. He told me that you are here.

Sid – Yes I was about to tell you before I left, But you were asleep. So I didn’t felt it right to disturb your sleep.

Ranbir interrupts – You both are working for the last 2 hours, Now take a half-hour coffee break.

Sid – Half an hour? No, only 15 minutes. Please there is a lot to do.

Ranbir – Okay.

Sid explains everything to rhea and how Prachi is helping him with a presentation for the meeting.

Rhea – Ohh…

Pranbir goes to the other side of the terrace and have a romantic coffee time together.

Prachi – I hope Sid and Rhea are happy with each other. After the incident that happened 2 years ago, she was all alone.

Ranbir – I am sure she will be happy with Sid and he will take good care of Rhea too.

Prachi – Look they are looking nice together.

Ranbir (staring at Prachi ) – I only look at you and you look gorgeous anytime. I love you chikchiki.

Prachi Blushes – I Love you too my Baklu. By the way, This coffee is the best coffee I have ever had.

After 15 minutes, Rhea goes to her room to sleep and Sid and Prachi continue with their work. Ranbir did not get sleep as he had coffee and started doing his work seeing Sid and Prachi sincerely working.

Around 4:30 AM:

Prachi was almost sleeping and Sid completed the remaining work. Seeing Prachi asleep, He asks Ranbir to take her to their room and make her sleep comfortably. He will also go and have some rest.

Ranbir was mesmerized by this sleeping beauty and take her to their room in his arms while she was sleeping. He places her comfortably on the bed while she holds his hand in sleep. Seeing her sleep like a cute baby, he also falls asleep with her.

Precap : Pragya Sid meeting, Rhea Pragya hit and miss…

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