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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Avnit is sleeping in her room. Mahi says why would Avnit lie about this? She has to tell us. Renu says yes, she has to tell why she would do all this. Jogi says calm down, let’s forget all this and we won’t talk to Avnit about this. Renu says we can’t forgive her like this. Jogi says we have forgiven each other many times so let’s end this. Rupa says we have to talk to her. Jogi says I am requesting you to forget this as Avnit’s mistake. He leaves. Beeji asks Rupa to come with her. They all leave. Avnit wakes up and has a headache.

Beeji tells Rupa that you saw that Avnit is a liar and you were taking her side? Jogi is still thinking about her. You have give guts to a girl like Avnit. Rupa says but.. Beeji says if you try to separate Jogi and Mahi then I will tell Jogi that you called Avnit here to do all this. Rupa looks away and thinks if I was wrong about Avnit? Why did she lie like this? Avnit hides and hears all that.

Avnit comes to Akash’s room. Renu is scolding Akash for going to Avnit’s room. Avnit comes to Jogi’s room and sees Mahi hugging Jogi. Mahi thanks Jogi for taking her side. Avnit is hurt seeing them together. Jogi is tensed. Mahi says calm down and forget everything. Jogi holds her hand and says I was in 6th standard and didn’t know the exam, I was going to cheat but Avnit asked me to not cheat as it’s wrong and I failed. She never did anything wrong so how can she do all this? Mahi says let’s forget all this, we will not let this family break. Jogi nods and hugs her. Avnit is hurt.

Avnit talks to her soft toy and says I have hurt Jogi today, I am sorry. I didn’t do it deliberately, I didn’t want to hurt you. We have to shed some tears for our love. She recalls how Jogi said that Avnit was lying. Avnit says Jogi is like an open book, I knew Jogi would take Mahi’s side.. our love is so true that Jogi did what I knew he would do. Everyone thinks I lost but it’s my victory. When Jogi would know that he should have trusted me and not Akash then his trust in Mahi would weaken. His relationship with Mahi will end in 24 hours.

Scene 2
In the morning, Mahi brings breakfast for Jogi but he is still sleeping. Mahi teases him and says Ia m loving my husband. Jogi is excited about the breakfast. Mahi says we will enjoy breakfast and talk romantically. Jogi smiles and says what else.. He says I can’t believe you are talking about romance. Mahi says I always love you, your eyes are so deep and you look so hot. Jogi says we can ignore the breakfast and just start loving each other. Mahi laughs and asks him to wash his face. He runs to the washroom. Mahi smiles and says I just want him to wake up smiling everyday like this.

Avnit says to herself that everyone can see Jogi-Mahi’s couple but before them it was Avnit-Jogi. I went to a foreign so I could build a life for us, a place where Rupa wouldn’t have to do anything, where I could become Jogi’s partner and he would handle me. I didn’t know Mahi would take my place but I will get my Jogi back. I have a right on Jogi. I have a right on his love, it’s my right. Everyone thinks I am crazy but why can’t they see my love? I just love Jogi. I have a heart and it loves Jogi. No one is perfect in this life. When will Jogi see my love and pain? When we don’t get what we deserve then we have to snatch it away.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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