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Shakti 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Soumya and Harman shocked to know about Heer

Shakti 30th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet asking Heer to write a letter to Virat stating that she is leaving the city and going very far, so that Virat can’t search her and asks her to write that if Virat loves her truly then shall not come to search her. Gitu asks Heer not to write. Daljeet keeps gun on Gitu. Heer says don’t do anything to her. She takes a pen. Gitu asks her not to write. Heer recalls her moments with Virat and gets teary eyes. She writes the letter. Tu hi mera khuda plays……She gives the letter to Parmeet. Parmeet takes it. Heer asks Gitu and uncle to come. Parmeet pulls Heer’s hand and asks the goons to tie her. Parmeet, Sant Baksh and Daljeet laughs. Heer says you have promised that you will leave us. The goons tie Heer on the chair. Heer says I am ready to leave Virat and wrote the letter too. Daljeet says ok, I will leave her. He slaps Gitu and makes her fall down. He loads the gun. Her father asks him to leave Gitu. Daljeet shoots Gitu. Gitu dies. Her father cries. Heer is in shock and shouts Gitu. Sant Baksh then shoots Gitu’s father. Everything gets recorded in Heer mobile, but Sant Baksh, Kareena, Parmeet and Daljeet are not seen in the video. Heer asks what you have done, you are blo*dy murderers. Daljeet is about to shoot her, but Parmeet keeps the gun down. Heer says I will not leave you, you are not human, but devil. She says Virat regards you as God, and asks what will happen if he comes to know. She says I will not leave you. Parmeet says we hate you and I curse the day when you met my son. She says you met him in college and then started meeting him secretly. She says I didn’t know that you was a kinnar. She says the day has come finally, you have come to our house as kaal and made black magic on us, I thought to throw you out. She says I will throw you out and will kill you.

Heer recalls Parmeet torturing her. She says you shall be proud of me and you should have understood that I have fulfilled all my duties and tells that the kinnars are not curse, and tells that Virat has understood this, but not you. She says I am very sad to say this. She says I was never alone, just like Virat’s love is with me, my Gulabo’s reflection and Harak and Preeto’s blessings are with me. Shakti song plays….Heer says you have to pay for whatever happened here with me, as my Gulabo will never leave you easily. She says I have born as a kinnar, but when I go today, I will not have any repentance, as my beautiful family is with me. She reminisces her family. She says my Harak, Preeto, Rohan, Gulabo, Harman, Mamma etc. She says she will be in their hearts as the memory and she will beat in Virat’s heart as the heart beat. She says I am not alone. Parmeet asks her not to talk to her about love, and says I feel disgusted with you, a kinnar’s value is to clap. She says you have crossed all the limits and today I will punish you for this. She takes a heavy iron plough/rod and hits Heer. Blood falls off in air and she faints. Sant baksh asks the goons to dispose all the three bodies. The goons say ok. Soumya and Harman are shocked as Kareena ends telling about Heer.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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