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Shadain Ki Lafandar : A FaTejo FanFic (Episode 8)

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️ This chapter contains mature themes such as s*xual content, violence and/or suicide. Proceed with caution.

“You want me to ignore Tejo, are you crazy she’s my wife.” He said to her over the phone with the tap running. “Fine, I’ll try to ignore her…Yeah. See you tomorrow.”

I backed away from the bathroom door and stood beside the table facing the mirror. Picking up a brush I acted as though I had just been brushing my hair.

Why should he ignore me, I’ll ignore him, it’s not like I wanted to talk to him anyways.

Fateh left the bathroom, visibly annoyed and threw his wet towel onto the bed. I ignored it despite warning to tell him to remove it and stared into the mirror when my eyes landed on what I had worn.

He noticed it too, both my silence to the wet towel on the bed and the clothes of that night. I heard his breath hitch as he looked at me but I remained silent.

“What happened?” He asked, walking towards me as I watched him move in the mirror.

Please don’t come closer. Please don’t come closer. Please don’t –

He stopped directly behind me, so close that his breath fell onto my bare back. With my hair in my hands, there was nothing covering my back.

“I asked you something Tejo.” He whispered though with the proximity he might as well have yelled it. “What happened to you? You didn’t yell at me to move my towel and you wore this dress.”

I continued brushing my hair, ignoring his presence behind me but he seemed to have other plans.

His fingers grazed my amrs as he trailed them down to the brush I was holding, letting it go from my hand. It fell to the ground with a thump and his fingers wrapped around my hands.

I gulped, his touch involuntarily waking up my hidden desires. I shut my eyes trying to regain control but whatever little control I had went down the the drain as soon as his lips met my neck.

His lips worked their way toward the crook of my neck as he used his finger to lift up my chin. Our eyes met in the mirror as he continued his attack on my neck not moving his eyes from me at all.

I gripped the side of my dress as I leaned into him, my body betraying my mind as I craved more of what he was giving me.

He moved his lips down to the strap of my dress, tugging it with his fingers as he pulled it down slowly, still not removing his eyes from mine, making me watch his every move.

Images of that night flashed through my mind and I shut my eyes once again reliving the memory. The candlelight, the poetry, the bed, the bliss. The bliss filled moment where he used me to fulfil his needs.

Used me. He used me. He used me like he’s using me now.

That was enough to snap me out of the lust filled trance I was currently in. My eyes widened with hurt, regret and anger. Anger at both him and myself. How could I be so stupid? Was I really just going to let him use me all over again?

Stop.” I barely whispered.

He continued. I doubt this is what my sister meant when she told him to ignore me.

“Stop Fateh.” I said louder this time, unwrapping his fingers from my wrist. “Stop it.”

“Tejo..I..I dont know wha-“

I didn’t let him finish as I brushed past him, grabbing a change of clothes, into the bathroom. Only after checking I had locked the door did I allow myself to shed a few tears.

He knocked on the door a couple of times, saying my name, giving up after the seventh- or was it eighth- time. The sound of our rooms door slamming shut told me he had gone out, most likely to the terrace to call his lover.

How could I let him use me like that? How could I be so stupid? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I repeated to myself. No wonder you got betrayed so many times. First Jas, now Fateh. Stupid. Stupid.

My eyes caught a glisten down near the laundry basket and I reached down to it,my fingers latched onto a piece of paper that looked very much like a bouquet card. I recalled Fateh gifting me the flowers at the mall and was about to discard it but the writing caught my attention, my name wasn’t that long. I flipped over the card and my eyes shut, not wanting to see anymore of it. My sisters name was sprawled onto the card signed by my husband.

⚠️Proceed with Caution especially if you are light hearted ⚠️

I winced and retracted my hand back as it hit something sharp, when I moved it away from the clothes basket.

It had remained there. Of course it had, no-one bothered with the laundry apart from me and I hadn’t touched this area in days.

Just do it.My own voice told me. Its not like anyone’s going to care.

“Wrong” I said to no one in particular, My family will care.”

Family? Which family? The one that throws you into the fire to save their own skin? Or are you talking about that sister of yours who sneaks around behind your back with your own husband? Is that the family you’re talking about?

A lump formed in my throat as I held back my tears, my hands shaking as I brought the sharp tip of the blade up to my bangle adorned wrists. The bangles of a new bride. The bride whose husband was cheating her. The bride whose husband used her then threw her aside. The bride who had no reason to live.

I made up my mind in that moment. I had no reason to live. There was nothing for me to live for. How could I show my face to the world after this? Two failed marriages within an year. No, I had no reason to live  I didn’t deserve to live. Even my husband and sister thought so too. Life would be easier without me.

My bangles clattered to the floor as I pulled them off from my wrist, clearing the pathway that stopped me from leaving this painfilled world.

Once again I found myself holding the blade onto my wrist but this time I let it sink into my skin as I slid it across, momentarily feeling pain before watching my porcelain wrist fill with the color of love, or in this case betrayal and heartbreak.

Warm red liquid dripped down my arms as my eyes started to shut, feeling heavy and before I knew it I found myself falling into a bliss of darkness.

…Maybe not…. 

Please don’t hate me, thank you all for reading my story means alot.


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