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saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Gaura frames Vidya in Chanda’s murder/remake

Gaura had a plan how to destroy even her own family. Her next victim would be Vidya.

Chanda had tortured the Suryavanshis long enough do to Gaura’s orders. But she no longer wanted to be a puppet of Gaura and Gaura knew that.

“I must get rid of Chanda as soon as possible.” Gaura thought. “She is now against me. She is trying to expose me all the time but I will not let that happen. I will talk with Vidya.”

And next, Gaura went to Vidya.

“Vidya, please, come here. I want to talk to you about something.”

“What is it, Baaji?” Vidya asked.

“Well. Listen. You know that Chanda has tortured us enough. Don’t you think it’s time for us to show her her real place?”

“Yes, Baaji, you are right.” Vidya replied. “But what can we do about her?”

“Listen, dear. You don’t know what she tried to do a few days ago. She threatened to kill Meera’s  babies if I don’t transfer the Suryavanshi mansion to her. Now she owns our house and we have to do something to get it back. Until she owns it, she can throw us out at any moment.”

Vidya stared shockingly at Gaura.

“What are you saying, Baaji? How is that possible?”

“I am telling you Vidya, this was the only way to prevent Chanda from hurting the babies. But now we need to do something about her. Listen, take this necklace and call her to your room. Occupy her with it, tell her it will look beautiful on her and so on. And while you keep her busy, I will go into her room and try to find the documents for our house. Understand?”

“But, Baaji,  if she suspects something?”

“Don’t worry, she will  not. You know, she has always wanted to wear expensive jewelry and be  the queen of this house, so she will be very happy of your gift. Come on, do it now.”

Vidya obliged and went to Chanda. She was currently watching the children of Meera, who were now sleeping.

“Chanda, please come with me.” She said. “I want to show you something.”

“What is it, Vidya Behen?”

“Well, come to my room, please.”

“And what about the babies?”

“Well, they are sleeping, don’t you see? Come on, let’s go to my room otherwise we may wake them up.”

And then, Chanda followed Vidya to her room.

“Why did you take me here?” Chanda asked.

“I want to give something to you.”

And Vidya took out the necklace that Gaura gave her.

“What is this?” Chanda asked, staring at the beautiful piece  of jewelry.

“This is for you, Chanda.”

“What? Really?”Vidya’s gift made Chanda really happy.

“But how all of a sudden you started treating me like a queen?” Chanda said.

“What a question is this? Did not you want to wear beautiful jewelry and be the master of this mansion? Take this, it’s a gift for you.”

And then, the babies started crying in Chanda’s room where Gaura was trying to find the documents.

“These children.” She said. “I can’t calm them down now, for Chanda may hear I am here and suspect something. I have to find out where she keeps the documents for my house. I have to be quick otherwise the plan may fail. And if Chanda sees me here, she might try to expose me again.”

And while Gaura was trying to find what she was looking for, Chanda heard the children crying in the other room.

“Vidya, I must give milk to the children.” She said. “Your gift is very beautiful but I have to go and see them.”

“Wait, Chanda.” Vidya tried to stop her. “They are fine, don’t worry about them. I will go check them, ok?”

“Something is very wrong here.” Chanda thought.  “The children are crying and Vidya prevents me from calming them down. She is planning something with Gaura, I am sure!”

And then, Chanda went towards the door to leave.

“Wait, Chanda, where are you going?”

And exactly at this time, Gaura came back holding the documents.

“So, is this your plan?” Chanda said in anger. “I knew it! I knew that you both are planning something! That’s why Vidya took me  to her room and didn’t let me see the babies! Now I will teach you a lesson Gaura Suryavanshi!”

And then, Chanda went to Gaura and started pulling the documents from her hands.

“The Suryavanshi mansion is mine and forever will be!” She said in anger.

“Chanda, stop it!” Vidya said. “This is our house, not yours! We only accepted you because Meera’s babies needed your care, but nothing more! You started blackmailing us and you wanted to be Dharam’s wife! Yes, it is true, me and Baaji planned all this to get the house back from you!”

“You? You and  your Baaji! Ha ha, Vidya, this woman is so tricky! Since she came back, she began conspiring with me against your whole family!”

“How dare you, Chanda? How dare you talk like that against her?”

“Vidya, please, calm down.” Gaura then said. “You know she is lying, don’t fall for her words.”

“Really? Do you really think that I am lying? You will see now. I will kill your dear babies!”

“Chanda, enough is enough!” Vidya said. “Stop with your nonsense already!”

But Chanda did not listen to Vidya and went to the children and picked both  of them up.

“Now your dear sister will lose her most precious thing in live!” Chanda said. “You tricked me, now I will get you back for this!”

And then, Vidya slapped Chanda.

“If you hurt them I will kill you, I promise! Don’t even think of trying to harm  them! These are the children of my sister, I am their aunt and I will go  beyond any limits to keep them safe, understand?”

And then, unintentionally or not, Vidya pushed Chanda, she hit her head and lost consciousness.

“Chanda!” Vidya shouted. “Chanda, please, wake up!”

Gaura and Vidya were shocked. How did this happen all of a sudden?

“Baaji, please tell her to wake up!” Vidya cried. “I did not mean to hurt her but she forced me! She would harm the children!”

“Vidya, please, calm down.  Now go and take the babies to their room, I will take care of her, understand?”

Vidya obeyed Gaura and took the children away.

Gaura stared at Chanda.

“My dear Chanda.” She said. “Is your life finally coming to an end? You tried  to expose me so many times and you failed. You thought you can be smarter than me. I warned you so many times but you did not listen. Now Vidya killed you and she did a very good job. I can now use your fingerprints however I like. You know, I need to take back what is mine. May your soul be in peace.”

But then suddenly, Chanda got up.

“Now you will die, Gaura Suryavanshi!” She said. “You made me a part of your dirty games, and when I decided that I don’t want to be your partner in crime you chose to get rid of me! You tried to kill me in the hospital but you did not succeed, now you want to take away the house from me! You tortured me so much, now I will get you killed!”

And then, Chanda started choking Gaura. Gaura somehow managed to break free from her attacker. A pillow was lying next to her, Gaura took it and pressed it against Chanda’s face.

And that was it. After a few minutes, Chanda was no more. Gaura killed her. Finally.

“Is it finally over?” Gaura said and looked at the dead body in front of her. “You can’t do anything now! Finally, I managed to get rid of you, Chanda. You can’t expose me now, I will take back what is mine and will  vanish everyone else from this mansion!”

And just then, Vidya came back.

“Baaji, I put the children to sleep.” She said. “And what about Chanda? Why she is not waking up?”

“Vidya, dear, Chanda can’t wake up.” Gaura replied. “She is dead.”


Vidya stared at Gaura in disbelieve.

“But how is that possible, Baaji? Did I push her too hard?”

“I don’t know, Vidya. It does not matter now. The important thing is that Chanda is no more.”

“What are you saying? I did not want to kill her, I swear! I just… I only wanted to safe the children from her!”

“I know, Vidya, don’t worry. Listen, don’t think like you have done something wrong. Don’t think that you have committed a sin. You did us good by murdering her, unintentionally or not. You rescued the whole family from her dirty games, and most importantly, you did It for the children of your sister Meera.”

“But, Baaji, I am now a murderer!” Vidya continued crying. “And how do you tell me that I did not commit a sin? Taking someone’s life is a sin, baaji, and I did exactly that!”

“Vidya, please, stop it. We don’t have time for this now. You must help me berry her before Dharam and Shravan get back from work.”

“What are you saying?”

“Vidya, hurry up. We have no time. I will go dig her a grave. And while I am digging it, you must clean up everything. Clean up the blood, there must be no bloodstains understand?”

“But, baaji…”

“Listen dear, we need to hurry, we have no time!”

And with that said, Gaura went outside and Vidya began cleaning the blood with trembling hands. She looked at the dead body lying in front of her.

“I am sorry, Chanda!” She said. “I never meant to take away your life but… You wanted to harm my nephews and… I just lost control over myself and… I hope you will ever forgive me, Chanda, for taking away your life at such a young age! I will perform your last rituals if I have to, I just want to give peace to your soul!”

And then, Gaura returned.

“What did you do?” She asked. “Did you clean everything?”

“I think I did.” Vidya replied, still having tears in her eyes.

“Listen, Vidya, stop crying and be serious! We don’t have time for tears now! I digged her a grave, now we need to perform her last rituals and berry her. Come on, help me take her outside!”

Vidya did as ordered and together with Gaura took Chanda’s lifeless body outside. They burnt her and placed her remains in the grave that Gaura had prepared.

“Finally, it’s over.” Gaura said. “Let’s go back inside now. You will pretend like nothing has happened, understand? You will not tell anyone about what happened today! You don’t want to get yourself arrested, do you?”

“But, baaji, how do you want me to be silent about such a crime? I took away a life today, how do you want me to live like nothing has happened?”

“Listen, Vidya, why do you want to get yourself arrested because of this girl? She tortured us and you did us all a favor by putting an end to her wrongdoings. You want to spend your whole life in prison because of her? Come on, Vidya, forget about it. This is our secret and no one, I repeat no one will find out about it. Understand?”

Days were passing. Dharam and Shravan noticed that there was something wrong with Vidya. They tried to ask her a lot of times but she kept denying, saying it is nothing.

But one day, she could not resist the pressure and decided to tell Dharam about what happened. What’s more, he kept asking about Chanda’s absence, but Gaura and Vidya kept saying that she has ran away.

And afterwards, Vidya went to Dharam. He saw her coming and asked her is there something wrong.

“I want to tell you something.” She said. “You want to know where Chanda is right? Listen then.”

And she told him the whole story. Dharam had no words after hearing all of it.

“And why did not you tell me about it earlier?” He asked.

“Well, baaji told me not to tell anyone, for she was afraid I might go to prison. But you know what, I am agree to be arrested. I did something horrible and I have to pay the prize.”

“No, Vidya. My mother is right, you should not go to prison because of Chanda. Listen, her sister has filed a missing  person’s report at the police. They may come here at any moment and ask about Chanda’s whereabouts. You will keep silent about everything if they ask you something. Priyal and the family needs you so you are not going anywhere. I will move her corpse to a different place so if police come look for evidence here, they will find nothing.”

Vidya just shook her head in agreement.

But nor Dharam or Vidya were aware that Gaura was listening to their  conversation.

“Poor Vidya.” Gaura thought. “She is so naive to believe me. She thinks I am hiding the truth to do her a favor, but it’s not true. I am just following my plan. Dharam wants to prevent her from going to jail, but I want exactly that. Vidya doesn’t know that it was me who killed Chanda and not her. Poor girl, she believes everything I tell her. Now I must find out where Dharam will move Chanda’s remains and I will report everything to the police. Vidya will be jailed and the Modis will be heartbroken. I will show them their real place. Gopi is very proud of Meera and Vidya, now her pride will be destroyed.”

Three days later. Gaura came to know about Chanda’s new grave and reported everything to the police, which resulted in Vidya’s arrest. The whole family was very sad about her. Gaura pretended to be sad as well.

In the meantime, Kokila was also jailed for Urvashi’s attempted murder. She was very surprised to see her granddaughter in the same prison.

She asked Vidya about it and she told the whole story. Kokila was sure that something must be wrong and Vidya couldnt’ve done that. She suspected Gaura, but she had no evidence and could not prove anything.

And again, Gaura’s mission to destroy the Modis was successful. Vidya and Kokila were in prison, and who knows who would follow next.

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