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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 51

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Episode begins with.. 

Vansh thinks of riddhima’s each and every words and cries.. 

VANSH: I have done the biggest mistake of my life. What will I do now? How will I convince riddhima? He runs and finds riddhima standing. He goes near her. But, she disappears. It was his imagination.. He imagines riddhima standing and questioning him.. 

RIDDHIMA: You have punished me without even hearing my verdict. You have done a big mistake. But, still you have everything with you. Without doing anything, I lost everything. Why did you do this to me? 

Riddhima disappears.. 

Vansh tries to hold her and he falls down.. 

VANSH: I won’t ask sorry to you. Because, I don’t have the right to ask that. But, I will rectify my mistake. Please.. Return to me.. I can’t be in this room without you. Please.. Please.. He cries.. 

Just then, uma comes to his room and sees him crying. She runs to him.. 

UMA: Vansh.. Vansh.. What happened? Why are you crying? Get up first.. Get up.. 

VANSH: Mom, I have made big mistake.. No.. I have committed a sin.. 

UMA: What happened? 

He tells everything.. Uma gets shocked.. 

UMA: Vansh, where is riddhima going now? 

VANSH: Mom, she left me.. She left me forever.. Of course, how will she live with a monster like me? She was right? I don’t deserve her.. Mom, but I don’t want to live with this guilt.. This guilt is strangling me. I couldn’t even breathe. The guilt that I spoiled one’s life is taking my life. Mom, please do something.. 

He lies on her lap and cries.. 

Uma wipes his tears and thinks of her words. 

UMA: (thinking) I’m sorry riddhima. What will I do now? I need to see you.. 

On the other hand, riddhima is in hotel along with sejal.. 

SEJAL: Riddhu, are you fine? 


SEJAL: Riddhu, why don’t you want to come to my house too? 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t want to be a burden.. That’s it.. I don’t want to say anything.. Please.. 


Vansh comes to riddhima enterprise. 

VANSH: Hope, I’ll see her.. 

But, he couldn’t find her in her cabin. He asks shwetha a s she replies that riddhima haven’t come yet.. 

VANSH:(thinking) Is he fine? I hope.. Or is she still upset with me? 

Just then, riddhima comes there.. 

Riddhima without even seeing vansh goes to her cabin. Vansh follows her.. 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha, give me the files.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, are you fine? 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha get me the files that I have to sign? 

VANSH: Riddhima, is everything okay? 

RIDDHIMA: (shouts) Shwetha, get me the files? 

Shwetha goes.. 

Vansh looks at riddhima.. 

VANSH: (thinking) Seems like she is still angry.. 

Just then, he sees her hurt on her head.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, how is your hurt? Is it paining? Did you go to the doctor? 

Riddhima gets angry.. 

RIDDHIMA: (shout) Enough sir!! Enough!! Do you want me to be normal and answer your questions? Or do you want me to believe that you care about me? In that case, I have answers for both.. First, I can’t be normal and answer your questions. I’m not that great to forget everything within a night. I don’t even want to see your face. And second, I have already seen your care for me last night, when you left me there. Moreover, I don’t need your care anymore sir.. 

VANSH: Wait.. Why are you repeatedly addressing me as sir? 

RIDDHIMA: Then, how should I? 

Just then, shwetha comes in and gives the files. Riddhima signs all those files. 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha, do we have any important meeting, tomorrow? 


RIDDHIMA: Fine, vansh sir will handle all those meeting. If we have taken anything from others then, we should accept all the responsibilities a d take care of it. So, sir will take care of it.. 


RIDDHIMA: Yes, sir.. 

VANSH: Why are you calling me sir? 

RIDDHIMA: Sorry sir, I forgot to tell this.. 

She shows some papers to vansh and asks him to read it.. 

Vansh takes it and reads it and gets shocked.. 

VANSH: Divorce papers?

RIDDHIMA: Yes sir.. Now, you must have understood why I called you sir.. 

VANSH: What’s all this? 

RIDDHIMA: I have signed this divorce papers. This is why I am late. Just sign this. I don’t want to have any relationship with you. You have hurted me a lot. Not anymore.. I don’t want to give anymore chance for you to enter my life again and hurt me. So, let’s finish it here legally.. I’ve decided this after thinking a lot. 

VANSH: Who gave you the right to take this decision? Did you ever inform me before signing this? How dare you to do this? 

RIDDHIMA:How dare you to say this? Aren’t you shamed of your words? Wow!! First, answer me.. Which gave you the right to snatch everything from me? Or did you even listened to my words.. No.. And why can’t I take the decision to divorce you? Don’t think me like others.. In this marriage life we both have equal responsibilities and equal rights. I did all my responsibilities. But, did you do it? No.. Did you fulfill you responsibility of supporting your wife when she needed it? 

Vansh remains silent.. 

RIDDHIMA: See, this is your answer.. You won’t be able to even utter a word. Because, you actions are like that. I have right to divorce you. Now, you just sign these papers. Don’t worry.. I’m not vansh to force you. I’m riddhima.. I’ll do what my heart says.. I’ve signed it as my wish. You may sign or not. But, according to me, the moment I signed these papers I have broken this relationship. I’m no more bound by any promises.. But, remember one thing. As far as, I was in this relationship I completed all my duties. Now, it’s broken because, I don’t want to live my life with heartless one. I won’t force you. But, for me this is over sir.. Now, I know you just professionally. 

Shwetha was shocked to hear all those from riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: Shwetha, tomorrow I won’t come. Sir, will handle everything. Moreover, none will worry about me. Because, neither I have a husband now nor a family.. 

Vansh cries hearing that.. 

RIDDHIMA: I had.. But, a heartless selfish man has snatched all those beautiful relations from me.. 

SHWETHA: But, riddhima where are you going? 

RIDDHIMA: I’m tired of taking acre of others family and relations as mine. I even got a best reward for that. I have my own problems and responsibility. I must look after that. So, I’ll take a leave.. 

Saying so, she goes.. 


VANSH: Leave me alone for sometime.. 

Shwetha goes.. 

Vansh remembers riddhima’s words and cries holding the divorce papers.. 

VANSH: I don’t know why I’m crying. I don’t want this divorce to happen. I won’t sign these papers. I can’t take this guilt.. 

On the other hand riddhima sits in the car and thinks of vansh behavior towards her.. 

RIDDHIMA: The hatred which you showed me will always have its impact. I want to go away from it. I might be strong from outside. But, I’m totally broken internally. I want to mend it and I need this divorce for that. 


VANSH: Riddhima, I have done many mistakes. I accept it. But, can’t you give me a chance? Why do you want to divorce me? 

On the other hand, 

RIDDHIMA: I can’t give you another chance to break me. My self respect is more important for me. I don’t want to lose it for any relationship. 

VANSH: No matter whatever happens.. I will surely reform this broken relationship. Our paths can’t be different.. 

RIDDHIMA: Our paths are different.. I have understood it. I don’t want to again fall because of this relationship. If it happens, I might lose the strength to get up again. That shouldn’t happen.. 

Saying so, she starts the car and goes.. 

VANSH: I won’t let you fall once again riddhima.. This is my promise to myself. But, will I be able to gain your trust once again? Will that happen? 

Vansh cries.. 

Riddhima comes to he hotel room. She finds sejal there.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, I have an important office work to complete. So, I’m leaving immediately. You can be here if you want. 

SEJAL: What will I do here alone? I’m here just for you. If you are going anywhere then, I’ll go to my house. 

RIDDHIMA: Okay, then give me two minutes we’ll leave together. I’ll drop you at your home. 

SEJAL: Okay.. Fine.. 

Meanwhile, vansh comes to his home holding the divorce papers. Uma sees him.. 

UMA: Vansh, what happened? You look so worried.. 

Just then, sia comes there.. 

VANSH: Mom, riddhima gave me this.. 

He shows the divorce papers and tells everything. Uma and sia gets shocked.. 

UMA: What? 

VANSH: I don’t think she’ll return.. 

UMA: Don’t worry.. I’ll speak to her.. 

Vansh stops Uma.. 

VANSH: Mom, it’s of no use. We all have committed a big sin. We lost her. We lost our riddhima. No matter whatever happens, ahe won’t come. She was right mom. We don’t deserve her.. Mom, I made a mistake.. But, atleast you have made me understand, right? Mom, she considered you as her mother that’s why she made your happiness and your health as her priority and supported you and wiped your teara and took care of you. But, you didn’t consider her as your daughter that’s why you believed me but not her. Not only you.. We all wronged her.. 

Uma thinks of her words and her behavior towards riddhima and faints. Vansh and sia rushes to her. 

Meanwhile, riddhima drops sejal. 

RIDDHIMA: No matter, whatever might happen.. I will find that pappu and his whole story. 

PRECAP: Riddhima comes to a village school and enquires about pappu. A staff asks her to meet sharda who can only help her. She goes to meet sharda.. 

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