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My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 35

My world is in your love Chapter-35

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Riddhima was preparing for the Holi party that was going to be held tomorrow. Ahana helped her too. Sia joined them.

Sia: Riddhima Bhabhi and Ahana Bhabhi, Do the Malhotra family have some magical powers in them?

Ahana: We are not vampires or werewolves to have some magical powers. We are normal human beings.

Sia: No, you Malhotra’s have some magical power. Then tell me, Ahana Bhabhi, how did you change Kabir bhai’s bad character into a good character?

Ahana: Sia, Kabir is a good person. I didn’t change anything in his life. Within a few days, we understood each other. He was the one who did some magic in my life.

Riddhima and sia: Ohhhh…

Ahana started to blush. Her cheeks were turning red. Riddhima was so happy for her sister.

Sia: Okay, I agree. But Riddhima bhabhi and Rohan have some special magic in them. Rohan keeps the entire family happy. After Riddhima bhabhi’s appearance in Vansh bhai’s life, I could see a different brother. Vansh bhai is a workaholic, he won’t spend a lot of time with me or Ishani after we are grown up. He has turned rude towards everyone. Every time I see his face, his face will be filled with a lot of work tension. But now, I could see a smile in Vansh bhai’s face. It is all because of Riddhima bhabhi.

Riddhima made a grin towards Sia.Vansh’s statement was running through Riddhima’s mind.

“I told you that I would always be there for you. As your well-wisher, I cannot be your life partner. Try to understand Riddhima, my world is different from your world.

Riddhima (in mind): How could Vansh say that my world is different from your world? He always tried to save me in every situation. Not only he saved me, but he supported my dreams and goals in my life. I thought that it was his love towards me. In these two months of our married life, my world was revolving around him.

Vansh, my world is in your love. But why don’t you understand?

Ahana and Sia noticed that Riddhima’s concentration was not on the work. Riddhima was about to mix chilli powder in sweet. Ahana held Riddhima’s hand.

Ahana: My dear sister, what happened to you suddenly? Why are you mixing chilli powder in sweet?

Riddhima: Sorry, Ahana. I thought it was sugar.

Sia: Riddhima Bhabhi, both the colors are different. How could you think chilli powder as sugar?

Riddhima: Yes, sia. You are correct. Both are different. There can’t live under the same world.

Sia was confused. Ahana understood that something was going between Vansh and Riddhima.

Ahana: Yes, Riddhima. Both are different. I agree. But I won’t agree to the fact that both can’t live in the same world. Both, sugar sweetness and chilli spiciness should be in this world.

Sia: Yes, you are correct, Ahana bhabhi. Both are needed in our life. Okay, I have some work. I will go to my room.

Sia left the place. Ahana looked at Riddhima’s face which was looking so dull. Ahana cupped Riddhima’s face with her hands.

Ahana: Riddhima, why are you looking so sad? Did Vansh tell you anything?

Riddhima: Ahana, Vansh is not interested in our marriage relationship. Rohan told me not to force Vansh into a marriage relationship. What should I do now?

Ahana: Riddhima, life is full of mystery. Sometimes, it gives us happiness. Sometimes, it gives us sorrow. We should always be optimitist person in the world, change your sorrow into happiness. Always be happy, Riddhima.

Riddhima made a grin and hugged Ahana tightly. Riddhima went to her room and took the phone. She made a phone call to Anu. Anu picked up her phone.

Anu: Riddhima di, finally you have called me. I know the reason now, you have fought with Vansh sir, am I right?

Riddhima: No, Anu. He is not fighting with me. We took an oath that we wouldn’t talk with each other.

Anu: What? Riddhima di, I used to think that your dreams were weird, but now-a-days your life is also going so weird.

Anu’s statement about Riddhima’s dreams and life made her stunned.

Riddhima: Dreams… life…

Anu: Riddhima di, what are you blabbering?

Riddhima: Anu, do you remember in the hospital? I told you about my dream about uma aunty.

Anu: Yes, you told that you both met with an accident in the dream.

Riddhima: Anu, it is not my dream. This event had already taken place in my life.

Anu: Riddhima di, how are you telling it confidently?

Riddhima: Anu, my parents didn’t die in the car accident. It was a planned murder. According to my guess, the murderer must have killed my parents and tried to attack me. Uma aunty tried to save me and her from the murderer. But while escaping, I think we met with an accident in a car. I couldn’t recognize the man who helped us.

Anu: Riddhima di, tomorrow is your first holi with Vansh sir. Just enjoy it. I will ask the orphanage members about your past. Don’t worry.

Riddhima: Thank you, Anu. I will talk with you later.

Riddhima went to the living area and was waiting for Vansh. Vansh was busy with office work. Angre entered Vansh’s cabin.

Angre: Boss, every work has been finished. You just need to sign some files.

Vansh: Angre, I will sign it today, just bring the file.

Angre: Ok, boss. I will bring it.

Vansh signed all the documents. While Angre thoughts were busy about Vansh’s life.

Angre: Boss, before two months, I know that you are not interested in marriage. You did this marriage for Riddhima’s security issues. But I think that you have fallen in love with Riddhima Bhabhi. Is it true?

Vansh: Yes, Angre. You are correct. I love Riddhima very much. Actually, she was my first childhood crush. Riddhima is my first love. I gave her so much pain by marring her forcefully. I know I did that for her security but I also have two sisters with me. I am having a guilty feeling whether I have destroyed her dream by marring her forcefully. So after finding my mom and the culprit who killed Riddhima’s parents, I will set her free from my life forever.

Vansh arrived late at home due to some work in the office. Seeing Vansh, Riddhima went to the dining hall. Vansh went to his room and refreshed himself and came to the dining hall. Both refused to have an eye contact with each other. Both were eating silently.

Vansh (in mind): Sweetheart, three days have passed, but you refuse to talk with me. This much stubbornness. Then I will also be adamant. You will be the first one to talk with me. I swear tomorrow will be a more fun day for me and you.

Vansh gave a smirk towards Riddhima. Both went to their room and slept peacefully.

Next morning,

Riddhima woke with excitement. While Vansh hated this day from his childhood. So he went to the study room to do his work. Everyone gathers in the prayer room except Vansh. Kabir applied colors on Ahana’s face using his hands. While Ahana also applies colors on Kabir’s face using her hands. The whole family was happy to see the first Holi of the newly wedded couple. Riddhima was happy, she was not disappointed because she knew the fact that Vansh didn’t like colors. So he will not apply colors on her.

Everyone went to the garden and started to apply color on each other. Riddhima was busy in welcoming the guest. Vansh was watching it from the balcony. Suddenly a huge drum sound was heard. It was Rajeev, Sunil and Karthik in the entrance of the VR mansion. Ahana went and hugged Rajeev. Kabir also joined with Ahana and both got a blessing from Rajeev. Sunil went near Riddhima.

Sunil: My dear Riddhima, why didn’t Vansh apply colors on you?

Riddhima: Sunil uncle, Vansh didn’t like Holi.

Sunil: Riddhima but this is your first Holi after your marriage. This rich man will never give you happiness.

Riddhima: Sunil uncle, please don’t say any wrong things about my Vansh. I am happy with Vansh.

Karthik: Dad, why does Vansh want to apply colors on my dumpling when I am here?

Riddhima: Mr. Karthik, I won’t let you apply colors on me.

Karthik: Dumpling, are you challenging a police officer?

Riddhima: Yes.

Karthik took a plate full of red color in his hands and started to chase Riddhima. While Riddhima started to run from Karthik. But soon, she felt that she had hit a wall. She turned and realized that it was Vansh’s chest. Karthik was standing near Riddhima and Vansh. He was in absolute shock by seeing Vansh. Not only Karthik, the entire family was in shock. Vansh gave a glare at Karthik.

Vansh just placed his right hand on the red color plate which Karthik was holding. Vansh caressed Riddhima’s left and right cheeks with his right hand. Riddhima’s heartbeat was bumping so fast when Vansh touched her cheeks.  Vansh gave a smirk towards Karthik and went near him and whispered in his ears. “Karthik, just remember Riddhima is mine, don’t you dare come between me and my wife. Finally, you lost the challenge again, I was the one to apply color first on my Riddhima’s face”.

Vansh left the place while Karthik went to anger mode and left the place. Riddhima couldn’t believe her eyes. She took her phone and turned her camera on. She looked at her face which has the red-colored finger prints of Vansh on her cheeks. She immediately followed Vansh by taking a plate full of red color. Vansh went to his study room. He sat on the sofa and started to read some documents.

Riddhima: Mr. Raisinghania, how dare you apply color on me?

Vansh: Someone told me that we shouldn’t talk with each other.

Riddhima (rolled her eyes): Mr. Raisinghania, I only told you that we shouldn’t talk with each other. Tell me why did you apply color on me? You don’t like colors, right.

Vansh: Yes, I don’t like colors but like to apply colors on others. Wait a minute, you are here to apply colors on me. Go ahead, Riddhima. I am waiting.

Riddhima: Mr. Raisinghania, I will never apply colors on you.

Riddhima placed the color plate on the table. Riddhima was about to leave the room. But Vansh held her hands and pulled her back with force. Due to the force, Riddhima landed on Vansh’s lap. She turned her face with anger.

Vansh: Sweetheart, are you angry with me?

Riddhima (turning her face towards Vansh): Yes, I am angry with you. Ask sorry.

Vansh gently pulled Riddhima’s chin towards him. He placed his cheeks towards Riddhima’s cheek. Vansh’s cheeks were filled with red color.

Riddhima(blushing): Mr. Raisinghania, what are you doing? Just leave me.

Vansh: Riddhima, this is my way of saying sorry. Call me as Vansh. I am missing it, sweetheart.

Riddhima: Vansh, will you please leave me?

Vansh: No, sweetheart, I won’t leave you. Until you apply color on me with your hands.

Riddhima chuckled and applied color on Vansh’s face with her hands. Riddhima made a grin towards Vansh and hugged him. Vansh also hugged her back. Dadi called Riddhima and Vansh from the living area. Both came to the living area.

Dadi: Rajeev needs to give some gifts to you and Vansh.

Riddhima: But why, Dadi?

Rajeev: Riddhima, it is our family tradition. Each father should give gifts to his son-in-law family. You belong to Malhotra’s family. I gave gifts to Ahana and Kabir. Ahana insisted on me, so I am giving gifts to you.

Riddhima: Gifts should be given as a blessing to us, not by other’s insistence or tradition.

Rajeev: Riddhima, I am just tolerating your speech because you’re my brother’s daughter. Don’t make me angry. Otherwise, …

Riddhima: What will you do? You will beat me or slap me. I think you will kill me, am I right?

Rajeev: Enough, Riddhima…

Dadi: Rajeev and Riddhima, will you both stop fighting with each other? Riddhima, you should accept the gifts.

Riddhima and Vansh accepted the gifts. Ahana came and pulled Riddhima to the dance floor. Riddhima started to dance. Seeing Riddhima and Ahana dancing, Aryan, Ishani, Karthik and Rohan joined the dance floor. Kabir and Vansh were standing together.

Kabir: Vansh, we need to stop Karthik. Do you know this man is flirting with my wife?

Vansh: What? I thought he was just flirting with Riddhima. He is also flirting with Ahana. I can’t understand this man.

Ahana came towards Vansh and Kabir. Ahana pulled Kabir to the dance floor. Both were dancing happily. Vansh went to jealous mode when he saw Riddhima dancing with Karthik. Vansh went to the dance floor and clenched Riddhima’s wrist and took her outside the VR mansion in an angry way. Both went in the car while Angre was driving.

Riddhima: Vansh, where are we going?

Vansh: Sweetheart, we are going to Kamshet.

Riddhima: Vansh, but why?

Vansh: Riddhima, I will tell you.

Angre: Boss, the car is ready for you and Riddhima bhabhi.

Vansh: Yes, Angre.

Suddenly a sound was heard in the car’s back trunk. Angre went and opened the car’s back trunk. It was Ishani.

Vansh: Ishani, what are you doing in the car’s back trunk?

Ishani: your personal secretary has no time to spend some time with me. I saw him driving the car. So I jumped into the car’s back trunk.

Vansh: So, Angre, you are not coming with us. Go and spend some time with Ishani.

Angre: But…

Vansh: Angre, you should get to know each other. So it will be the best day for you.

Ishani (hugging Vansh): Thank you, bhai. Angre, just take the car, we will go for a long drive.

Angre and Ishani left the place. After two hours of travel, both came to Kamshet. Riddhima liked the climate while Vansh was busy in talking with the clients. Riddhima noticed that paragliding was a famous adventure sport in Kamset. She was looking at the sky. Vansh came near Riddhima.

Riddhima: Vansh, this place is really awesome.

Vansh: Yes, Riddhima. It is my favorite place. Will you come for doing some adventure with me?

Riddhima: Vansh, I am really scared of heights. I won’t come.

Vansh: Riddhima, do you believe me?

Riddhima: Yes, I believe you.

Vansh: We will have a ride in paragliders. Just come with me.

Riddhima had a fear, the employees were wearing the safety equipment for both. Riddhima was shocked to see Vansh was going to ride the paragliders.

Riddhima: Vansh, do you know how to handle paragliders?

Vansh: Yes, Sweetheart. I know every air sport.

When there started to fly in the sky using paragliders, Riddhima was screaming in fear, closing her eyes tightly.

Vansh: Riddhima, slowly open your eyes and enjoy the nature.

Riddhima opened her eyes slowly and looked at the sky which was so beautiful. She spread her hands wide and she was feeling like a bird which was flying high in the sky. She shouted in enjoyment. She looked down, the trees and people were so tiny. She was able to see the clouds and birds in the sky.

Vansh shouted “Je t’aime Riddhima” (I love you Riddhima).

Riddhima couldn’t understand anything.

Riddhima: Vansh, I can’t understand anything.

Vansh: Riddhima, it is a French statement.

Riddima: Vansh, really you are multi-talented. You have learnt many things.

Both landed safely. After landing, Riddhima went and hugged Vansh.

Riddhima: Vansh, it is my best Holi celebration.

Vansh: Riddhima, I won’t have any magical carpet with me. I just own this paraglider. It was your dream to fly high in the sky, right.

Riddhima: So you have listened to my conversation with Anu secretly.

Vansh (chuckling at Riddhima): Yes, Sweetheart. I listened to your fairy tale story. Did you like my surprise?

Riddhima didn’t utter a word. He hugged him again and said yes.

Riddhima (in mind): Vansh, from now on, I don’t care whether you love me or not. But I will love you more. I will help you in finding uma aunty.

Suddenly, a message popped in Riddhima’s phone. It was from Anu.

“Riddhima di, something is fishy. Orphange administrator people are refusing to tell the person who admitted you in the hospital. But I have come to know that the person who saved you from the accident at the age of four and your sponsor for the education is the same person.”

Will Riddhima able to find the person who saved her and uma aunty from the accident?

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