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Love for Each other (Episode 13)

Hi guys here after I could post only once in a week since school is going to reopen . So here is the update . Hope u guys lik it


Vansh’s Pov

After Playing for sometime we decided to watch the movie . Riddhu asked to play horror movie so I played THE CABIN IN WOODS movie . The movie began and we were watching the movie . I must that this girl na she is scared but is hell bend in watching the horror movie. Without my knowledge I started adoring her . Her cute antics is so cute antics that I want to pull her cheeks . I must say she is a pure innocent soul . When the ghost scenes came he clunched into my shirt tightly and closed her eyes . I felt something different today . I don’t know this feeling but it’s something different . When I said that I WILL BE ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU a small drop of tear escaped from her eyes. Seeing her tears my heart ached . This feeling is something new for me .I have never felt like this for anyone . While the movie was playing Riddhima slept so gently adjusted her head to the pillow and covered her in the blanket and left the room without distrubing her. When I came down I noticed that dadi and mom were discussing something. When I came it seems they changed the topic . I don’t know why but I feel something’s is suspicious . But I ignored it and went near them .

Me : dadi ma did Aryan , Kabir , Sejal and Siya returned ?

Mom : no beta they didn’t return yet .

Me : It has been more than 4 hours but they haven’t return . Did you guys called them ?

Dadi : No beta . Maybe due to traffic they may get late na .

I : Maybe yes but I will call them

I called Kabir but Kabir didn’t pick the call so I called Aryan but he phone is switched off . So I tried Kabir’s number again and again finally after a long ring it was answered .

Me (angry +worried ): Where the hell you guys are can’t you pick the call . And Aryan his phone is switched off . You guys don’t know how much I got worried for you all . Can’t you even speak Kabir .

Kabir : Bhai first calm down . Calm down

I : I am worried for you guys but you are asking me to calm down . Calm down my foot .

Kabir : If you calm down only I can say something .

I : ok . Acha now tell me

Kabir : bhai we are in Dream party planning office as Sejal and Siya has some work in the office we came here. And myself and Aryan were inside the office helping Sejal and Siya and I forgot my phone in the car . Now only we came back as I came I saw the phone ringing and answered it . Now the work got over so we all will be there within 1 hour . So don’t worry bhai .

I : ok come soon .

I hanged the call and came inside to find Dadi and ma waiting for the Answer while I informed them about their whereabouts .

I : Dadi ma I will be in the study room . If Kabir and Aryan comes ask them to meet me there .

Mom and Dadi : Ok beta

I went to the study room and started going through some files but I couldn’t concentrate on the file . All my thoughts were about Riddhu . I couldn’t take her thoughts of my mind so to avoid those thoughts I decided to play basketball . I started to playing basketball that’s when Riddhu came .

Riddhu : Hi Vansh

I : Hi . Are you feeling better now .

Riddhu : Much better . Seems you are a master in basketball .

I : Not master but used to play we I couldn’t concentrate or when I am confused .

Riddhu : So what now are you confused or couldn’t concentrate

I : Couldn’t concentrate .

Riddhu : Shall I also join you

I : no you should take rest . When you get well we will play .but not now

Riddhu : Arrey vansh am I looking like a patient for you that you are asking me to take rest . See I am all fit and fine . Please vansh . Please please please please please 🥺

I : Acha ok but only for 10 minutes. Deal

Riddhu : Deal

We both started playing basketball . Both were immersed in playing that we didn’t see the time . We stopped playing when Angre and Ishani came .

Ishani : Wow bhai seems you got a Partner .

I /Riddhu : What

Ishani : I mean to play basketball .what you both thought

I / Riddhu : Nothing

Ishani : so who is the winner

I : Do you anyone could defeat the Great Vansh Raisinghania .

Ishani : nope

I : so obviously I am the winner

Riddhu : What . Vansh we both are in the same points for your Kind information .

I : But I was about to basket na . So I am the winner

Riddhu : No I won’t accept .

I : Acha ok I accept we both have the same points .

Riddhu : That’s like a good boy .(pulls my cheeks )

Vansh’s Pov ends

Angre (whispers to Ishani ) : Don’t they seems to be perfect pair

Ishani( whispers to Angre ) : Even I thought the same Angre .

Vansh : what are you guys talking among yourselves . Come lets go

Riddhu : ya even I am hungry

Vansh : Me to . Come Riddhu let’s go . It seems they will standing here and talking for the whole day .

Riddhu : Haan vansh lets go

Saying so Riddhu held vansh’s hand and both went to the hall room .

By the time they come Aryan , Kabir , Sejal and Siya also arrived

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