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Lamp of Love Episode-13: Bondita gets panic and tensed.

The episode starts with Tapur asks what? Som says, “Yes it was written Bondita Roy Chaudhary, I think she had written by mistake but dada has kept this for so long. Sampoorna tells but we cannot conclude from this, in fact if we proceed with this clue, Anirudh will easily deny that he just kept this as memory. Tapur tells, yes you are right Sampoorna di, we cannot assume anything from this. Som says we have to think in different way. Sampoorna tells she has an idea and winks at them.

Bondita walks to haveli thinking about Mr. Basu words, she thinks I cannot let anything happen to my Sakha babu. She doesn’t see the hole in the ground and walks towards it lost in her thoughts, when she was about to step, Anirudh pulls her. Bondita comes to sense and they both fall near a cart, she begins to panic. Bondita asks, Sakha babu are you alright, you didn’t get hurt right, Anirudh asks her to relax and tells he is fine and asks her what happened to her, is she not well? Bondita thinks something. Anirudh calls Bon-dita, she looks at him with worries displaying in her eyes. Bondita says, nothing Sakha babu I was just think about today’s court discussion. Anirudh asks so you won’t even look at road and walk what if something happens to you, then how will I live. Bondita asks what you said Sakha babu, Anirudh realizes at tells that nothing what if something happens to her. Bondita tells she is fine and smiles, she tries to get up but her leg pains. She says, aah Sakha babu my leg is hurting, Anirudh bends down and asks what happened in tensed tone? Bondita tells don’t know I can’t get up, Anirudh tells her to try slowly but she fails. Bondita asks now how will we go to home and hangs her head in disappointment. Anirudh takes her hand and wrap it around his shoulder and lifts her, Bondita gets tensed and says Sakha babu what are you doing? Anirudh tells can’t you see or feel I am lifting you baba. Bondita looks around, some women stares at them, he makes her to sit in jeep and starts to drive.

Binoy returns home, Ksj asks how your work was. Binoy tells, everything was fine and this year the tender will be favor in our side. Sampoorna comes there and takes his bag, Binoy says that he bought almond rashogulla for Bondita and asks her to give to Bondita. Sampoorna sees and takes eight pots and asks is all the eight pots for Bondita? Binoy nods yes of course, Sampoorna asks whole eight pots ah? Binoy says, Sampoorna I said yes, our Bahu won her first case, I thought I will give her this as gift. KSj asks what bahu? Binoy tells yes, our future bahu and smiles and leaves to get fresh up. KSj tells, Sampoorna bahu, your husband has become mad so he bought 8 pots Rashogulla for Bondita and now he tells that she is our Bahu, did he forgot that he is in present and not in past. Sampoorna laughs and tells that it will happen soon and goes to her room. KSj thinks this people are speaking like riddles now a days, and he becomes so dumb to understand.

Thakumaa brings tea for KSj and they both talk about farm lands, Anirudh comes there lifting Bondita. Bondita looks him and he too reciprocate. Ksj sees them and asks what happened to Bondita and asks why he is lifting her? Anirudh tells that she got hurt and was not able to walk, he makes her to sit in sofa, Thakumaa asks her to bring haldi, see keeps her hand in Bondita’s leg and tells that it’s just sprain and she will give medicine it will be soon after couple of hours. They ask her to rest and leaves. Anirudh sits near her and asks if she is better now, she nods her head. Bondita says, Sakha babu if you were not their today than it would have been difficult, Anirudh keeps his hand on hers and tells that he will be with her always. Anirudh looks at her, Bondita gets shy and looks away, and he excuses to get some paper works for her which he prepared. Bondita thinks, duggamaa I don’t know but today I felt thousand butterflies in my tummy when Sakha babu lifted me, I don’t know whether this is right what I feel, but every time he gets close to me I am getting nervous and if he is not feeling the same, then what will I do, please show me whether he feels the same or not. Anirudh comes there and shows her about educational campaign work he did. Bondita tells him about the villagers demand to send their daughters to vidyalaya. Anirudh tells if administrators are okay with separate class then we can proceed to next step. Bondita tells but Sakha babu I have a thought about this. Anirudh asks her to tell. Bondita tells now we can make separate classes but we can’t expect the same in every places, I don’t know how will I make villagers to understand this .Anirudh says let us think about that, but we can speak to administrators and proceed further, because delaying will not be good. Anirudh tells let us proceed with this first then we can mend some things.

Sampoorna comes there and asks Bihari to keep all this pot near Bondita. Bihari brings and keeps it in table near Bondita. Bondita asks what you are keeping Bihari babu. Sampoorna tells that Binoy has bought 8 pots almond rashogulla for her only for her, Bondita gets excited and widens her eyes and her tongue circles her mouth. Bondita takes a pot and squeezes the juice and eat first rashogulla, she closes her eyes and enjoys the taste. Anirudh asks Bondita are you going to eat this 8 pots alone. Bondita tells Sakha babu you have already asked this one time you bought for me from Calcutta and what I said that time. Anirudh says, my maa tells one should not measure the amount we eat right, Bondita nods keeping Rashogulla in mouth. Anirudh says, okay enough you can eat. She gives him one and also for Sampoorna they enjoy and laughs, Tapur and Somnath also joins them.

KSj tells Thakumaa that he is going to asks Anirudh about marriage and wants to know his thought on that. Thakumaa says okay but don’t force him. Ksj tells how I cannot force him, this is the right age for marrying, but he won’t think that this is right age for Bondita. Tapur comes there and asks whose marriage they are speaking they both looks shocked seeing her that time.

To be continued…

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