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Next day

At Mehra mansion

Dadi calls everyone to the living room. Panditji has come to fix Pranbhir’s wedding date. Everyone comes there. Pranbhir takes panditji’s blessings. Dadi asks panditji to fix an auspicious day for Pranbhir’s wedding. Panditji announces there is an auspicious day after 10 days and fixes the date for Pranbhir’s wedding. Pallavi feeds sweets to Prachi and Ranbhir but doesn’t give sweets to Rhea. Rhea feels bad but smiles. Prachi feeds sweets to Rhea. Pallavi calls and informs Mishti about Pranbhir’s wedding.

At Srinivasans hosue

Mishti gets excited. She comes running but finds everyone stressed out regarding Rhea and Ishaan. Shashank understands  that Mishti wants to say something.

“ What happend Mishti? U look so happy.” asks Shashsank. Everyone turns to Mishti on hearing Shashank’s words.

“ well, Prachi and my brother’s wedding is fixed. After 10 days, they are gonna get married.” Says Mishti to which everyone gets happy.

At Mehra mansion

“ what happened Shahana? Why are u shouting like this?” asks Prachi who comes there running.

“ I wasn’t shouting. I was calling everyone.” Replies Shahana.

“ calling? Is that called calling? And Aryan, u, instead of stopping her, u are also shouting with her.” Says Ranbhir who comes after Prachi.

“ why? Were u busy with each other? doing something ?” asks Shahana naughtily.

“ Shut up” says Pranbhir in unison.

“ Stop it all of u. two of u are already married and two more are getting married but four of u are acting like kids.” Says Pragya.

“ why did u call everyone here, Aryan?” asks Alia.

Aryan takes a deep breath and Aryan and Shahana look at each other.

“ well, I and Aryan were thinking that more the people more merrier, especially in a wedding home.” Tells Shahana.

“ so?” asks Abhi.

“ so, we were thinking to call our relatives and friends now itself, at least the closed ones. It would be nice. Don’t u think, Chucks?” asks Aryan.

“ well, that’s a….” Abhi gets interrupted by Alia.

“it’s such a nasty idea. This is our house not any ashram or something else to shelter so many people for 10 days for a damn wedding.” Tells Alia and gets a ferocious look from everyone.

“ Mind your words, Alia. this is not a damn wedding, it’s my daughter’s wedding. And Aryan and Shahana, I really like ur idea. Prachi and Ranbhir, this is your wedding. So, do u like Aryan and Shahana’s idea?” asks Abhi to which Pranbhir nods in agreement.

“ ok, I will call Mr.Srinivasan and  ask them to come asap.” Saying this Vikram leaves from there.

“ So, I will call Sunny bhai. ” says Shahana.

Everyone gets shocked on hearing Shahana’s words as they know how Sunny is related to their family except Prachi, Rhea and Kohlis.

“ what did u just say?” asks Alia angrily.

Her anger is noticed by everyone but not by Prachi. Prachi gets excited on hearing Shahana’s idea.

“ wow Shahana, what an awsm idea. I really want Sunny bhai to be with me till my wedding. He is the only elder brother I have. And what is there to ask in this? Haven’t u heard what papa said? It’s my wedding and everything will happen as I wanted. Wait for five minutes, I will get ready and then we can go together and bring maasi and bhai here.” Says an excited Prachi.

But Prachi gets topped by pragya.

“ u are the bride. Don’t forget that. U can’t go. Aryan and Shahana will go and bring them.” Says Pragya.

Hearing this Alia fumes and leaves in anger which didn’t go unnoticed by Pragya. Aryan and Shahana share a hi-fi. They leave to Disha’s house.

In Alia’s room

Alia breaks all things in anger. As she breaks a vase, she finds Pragya standing at the door step.

“ came here to mock  me?” asks Alia.

“ no, do u think I am jobless like u?” asks Pragya.

“ pragya.” Shouts Alia.

“ don’t raise ur volume. Till date u did so many unforgivable crimes. I let go of everything. And I know when Disha comes here, u will never leave an opportunity to harm her. But I am warning u Alia, this time if  u do anything, I will not keep quiet. And don’t underestimate me in this matter.” Saying this Pragya leaves from there.

Alia fumes in anger. Rhea who was standing near the door listens to their conversation.

Rhea’s pov

“ why will buji harm Disha aunty? What is their relation?”

At Disha’s house

“ Sunny, open the door.” Orders Disha.

Sunny finds Arhana at the door step. He happily hugs them.

“ Shahana, Aryan, come in?” says Disha.

“Well, we have come here to take u all with us.” Says Shahana.

“ where?” asks Disha. Just then Kiara comes there.

“ to Mehra mansion.” Replies Aryan.

“ why?” asks Sunny.

Arhana says about the invitation to Pranbhir’s wedding. Kiara, Sunny and Disha gets happy on hearing Prachi and Ranbhir are getting married but feels uncomfortable about going to Mehra mansion. They deny the invitation.

“ Bhai, it’s Prachi’s wedding.” Says Shahana.

“ I know, but u also know why I can’t come, and I love Prachi too, and we will definitely attend all the rituals but can’t stay with u guys.” Says Sunny.

“ okay fine, say this to Prachi only. And if she she gets sad, remember u are the one responsible. U made ur bridal sister cry. U …..” Shahana gets interrupted by Sunny.

“ Enough…. Enough of ur over acting. I will come.” Tells Sunny to which Arhana gets happy.

“ But Arya?” Saying this Disha turns towards Kiara.

“ it’s fine. ” says Kiara with pain.

“ no, u can’t be alone her. U are also coming with us. Chucks loves Prachi and Rhea and at least for their happiness he would let u stay for a while with everyone. ” says Sunny to which kiara agrees but was still afraid about Abhi’s reaction when he sees her.

At Srinivasans house

“ I got a call from Vikram asking us to come there and stay till Ranbhir’s wedding.” Says Mr. Srinivasan.

“ but what is the need? I mean we are in the same city, right?”says Meenaskhi.

“ but amma, I wanna go. It’s my brother’s wedding. Please amma, it will be nice to celebrate with anyone.” Requests Mishti.

“ okay, but everyone better be in ur limits.” Says Meenakshi looking at Ishaan and leaves from there.

Ishaan understands what his mother meant but stays stubborn to convince his family members.

At Mehra mansion

Srinivasans come to Mehra mansion. As soon as Rhea hears that Srinivasans has come she runs into her room and locks herself. As soon as Ishaan reaches there, he desperately looks out for Rhea but doesn’t find her. Meenakshi observs this. Mishti runs into Ranbhir’s arms and congratulates him. Ishaan comes inside still looking for Rhea.

“ Whom are u searching, Ishaan?” asks Prachi.

Before Ishaan could answer Aryan and Shahana come home.

“ Aryan? Shahana? Where are bhai and maasi?” asks Prachi.

Just then Disha and Sunny enter. Alia fumes with anger. Purab’s eyes gets filled with tears of happiness on seeing Sunny and Disha which is noticed by Arhana. Prachi goes and hugs Sunny and Disha. She finds Kiara standing behind Sunny. She pulls her from behind and hugs her too. Abhi couldn’t see Kiara’s face clearly as Prachi was hugging her. As soon as Prachi breaks the hug, everyone gets shocked on seeing Kiara.

“ come in di.” Says Prachi and tries to bring her in.

“ stop right there.” Shouts Abhi.

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