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His Hostage in Love- Plan ep. 19 IMM2


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Anupriya and Ishani agreed and left while Kabir stayed back without even being asked to. They waited for her to come her senses. Vansh got up from the bed and settled on the couch beside Kabir and closed his eyes, his head resting on the edge of the couch. The incident of losing someone else had once again petrified him.


Two ward boys entered the mansion carrying a stretcher with them. They placed the stretcher on the floor and stood beside it while a lady, revealed to be Anupriya came downstairs in tears. Witnessing the scene in front of her and relating it to the phone call she had received, she broke down into tears. She fell on the ground right beside the stretcher and with courage she pulled off the white cloth that covered the stretcher.

Seeing the face of the dead body, she screamed shaking the entire mansion. A young Vansh, Ishani and Kabir ran from their rooms to see their father’s body on the stretcher, lying lifeless. They broke down on the floor, falling near their mum. Vansh tried his best to hold his tears to stay strong for his family. When enquired, they were informed that it was an accident on the highway but possibly a planned murder.

Vansh woke up with a jolt, sweating and panting. His father’s face appeared in front of him once again this was possibly why he couldn’t let anything happen to anyone else from his family. Kabir saw him and rubbed his back trying to comfort him.

Kabir: Bhai, did you……(stopping, Vansh nodded) We’ll find everything about it soon Bhai.

Vansh: (determined) I have to Kabir! Where’s Riddhima? (worried on not finding her)

Kabir: Bhai she’s in the washroom, she had woken up half an hour back. She seemed quite fine maybe because of the medicine intake.

Vansh: You let her go alone? You could have called di! What if….let me check on her. (concern)

Kabir: Bhai relax, nothing will happen.

Vansh: hmm

Vansh stood up and paced front and back in worry, waiting for Riddhima. While Riddhima in the washroom was scrolling through her phone holding the cold granite top basin for support. She was on a chat with Rihanna, considering the fact that her voice hadn’t returned back and was still faint.


Rihanna: You’re right…I just found out.

Riddhima: What?

Rihanna: Night club…..ZNite Club that too tonight, in an hour!

Riddhima: That’s the one near the beach right?

Rihanna: Yup

Riddhima: In an hour so that means at 9 pm. Great!

Rihanna: Yea, so we meet there to find out more about them?

Riddhima: Of course! Where are you? Our apartment or with mom?

Rihanna: Our apartment with Seju, I’ll bring her along too.

Riddhima: Yea fine, it’ll also be our meet up too. I’ll see you there in an hour!

Rihanna: Bye!

Riddhima remembered how she had contacted Rihanna after she got home, witnessing something she never expected at the café. Riddhima exited her chat with Rihanna and clicked on the group that had the three of them.

Riddhima: In the next hour at ZNite club!

Sejal: What! A sudden plan?

Rihanna: Yea, don’t object yaar. Just come quietly

Riddhima: You both are chatting when you’re living under the same roof!

Sejal: Different room! 😏

Riddhima: Right! Anyway get ready, I’ll meet you there soon.

Rihanna: Guys, grab some gorgeous look and not your baggy clothes! It’s a night club, alright! Otherwise I’ll send you back home to change.

Sejal: Okay Ma’am, as you say! Can’t take a risk with you…you can actually do anything you say.


Rihanna: Go Get ready girls! 

Riddhima giggled at their conversation, missing her previous days with her girls. Hearing her giggles Vansh and Kabir raised their eyebrows, wondering what she was doing in the washroom. Riddhima put down her phone and washed her face remembering she had a guy outside waiting for her to convince him to let her out. Knowing how stubborn he was, she knew he wouldn’t let her easily go out but to find out more it was necessary for her to go.

Tucking her hair behind her ears she came out of the washroom to find two pairs of eyes staring at her weirdly. She smiled slightly while Vansh approached her, placing his hands on her shoulders, carefully and gently dragging her to the bed, asking her to rest. She sat down on the bed and saw the two men looking at her.

Riddhima raised her eyebrows.

Kabir: What were you doing in the washroom?

Vansh: You were giggling in the washroom?

Riddhima took the paper and pen kept near them and wrote

You were peeping in to the washroom?

Vansh: No! Are you mad! Anyway, lie down, you need rest.

Riddhima once again wrote

No, no rest!

Kabir: Then what do you want to do? Play hide and seek? Actually not a bad idea isn’t it?

Vansh: Why not rest? (ignoring him)

Kabir stood up and interrupted them both by walking in the space between them, gaining their attention. Both Riddhima and Vansh looked at him, shooting glares while he remained unaffected. He slowly took the water from the side table and sat down on the floor this time, gulping water. Riddhima wrote again

(Riddhima’s writings on the paper will be in bold and italics)

I want to go to the night club!

Vansh: What!! (shocked)

Kabir in shock spit all the water in his mouth on Vansh’s legs and the floor reading her message. He started laughing till he rolled on the floor, clutching his stomach, gaining angry stares from Riddhima and Vansh.

Kabir: This must be the first person whom I came across has an allergy reaction of going to the night club! (laughing)

Vansh: No way Riddhima!


Vansh: No!


Vansh: No way!

Yes way!

Kabir: No

Vansh: Yes! (in the flow)

Yipee!! Thanks Kabir, finally you did something right!

Vansh: No…I didn’t mean that!

I don’t care, you said yes, I’m going to change.

Riddhima left to the washroom picking a few dresses leaving Vansh and Kabir in the room. Kabir got an idea and whispered to Vansh who smirked.


Night club

So I decided to keep them both drunk

I hope you enjoyed reading this. The more the response the earlier I will post 😜 Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. Please keep supporting like you all always do.

Please keep commenting and do let me know how you found this episode.


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