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Bigg Boss OTT 29th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 29th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend ka waar starts. Karan welcomes everyone. He says there were things flying in the house including a person who had to leave the house without nomination due to the use of hands. Let’s see what happened yesterday.

Day 21 8 AM
Everyone wakes up to music. Nishant dances with Moose. Shamita cries. Raqesh asks what happened? Neha tries to cheer her up. Raqesh hugs her. Shamita cries. He caresses her face. He says I am your little family here. Raqesh kisses her cheek. He says feel good about today.

10:30 AM
Nishant says see our Raqesh babu flying in his own world. Blushing and being happy in his heart. The one smiling in his heart. Milint laughs and says scared of Shamita Raqesh. Nishant keeps teasing him. Milint laughs. Nishant says what is he thinking?

11 AM
Moose cries on the floor jokingly. Pratik tickles her. she says I have to clean the carpet. He says you have to clean it from the tongue. Moose jokes how will she clean the carpet. She says the dirt keeps coming back. I am sleeping and I hope when I woke up it would be clean.

Neha teaches Pratik how to sing. Nishant says this isn’t a singing show. Neha teaches Pratik the notes. Nishant, Moose, and Divya laugh. Neha says to Shamita she tried talking to me. She said you will be happy when we all leave. I said Akshara you think what is right. Shamita says she’s a very confused and negative person. Neha says with harsh opinions. Shamita says I am an idiot I went to her yesterday. Neha says I wanted to stop you. Shamita says I know at least I tried.

1:15 PM
Pratik keeps practicing singing. He says lust or love? Neha says nothing. She touches his abs and says lovely, he says what would be the camera’s thinking. She says I know you are comfortable. He says a lot of people have touched my abs.

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