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Battle Scars….- RiAnsh Chapter 13 ‘the truth’

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(A/N- Rishika is Riddhima’s Nick name)

Riddhima was sitting there, talking to Siya. When She heard footsteps and turned to see Vansh and Kabir coming together with a stern face. Riddhima looked at Siya who blinked to her.

Kabir came and directly sat next to Riddhima not looking at her.

“You know I love Siya right?” Kabir asked and she nodded.

“I think… You both should stay happy together. I am no one to come in between.” Riddhima said.

“Siyu told me you love Vansh?” Kabir finally looked at her.

“But he doesn’t. Don’t think about me focus on your life.” Riddhima said.

“I do Riddhima I do! Tell me what should I do to make you believe that I love you!” Vansh said sitting on the ground infront of her. Riddhima looked at Siya whose hands were on Kabir’s shoulder.

“Tell me why you agreed to papa for my marriage with Kabir?” Riddhima’s voice doubled in pain.

And as usual, Vansh was silent. He bowed his head down, holding both her hands tightly. Riddhima looked at Kabir and indicated him to look at Vansh.

“Vansh… Nothing will be good hiding it. Tell her… Why waste time when you love her?” Kabir said.

Riddhima stood and pulled Vansh with force to other side, so Sibir ( Siya and Kabir) could not listen.

“Now tell Vansh. Why?” Riddhima asked cupping his face making him look at her. Vansh pulled her up for a kiss, their kiss, which poured all the anger, pain, frustration, love.

Riddhima pushed him and he backed off.

“You very well know your father is the best cardiologist in our city. And the most rude too. Right?” Vansh asked.

“Yes I know he is best at his work but worst with his family.” She said folding her arms at her chest.

“Ma had a heart attack, the day your alliance was fixed.” Vansh said.

“And that’s why you just came to see if I am ok or not and went away.” Riddhima said in utter shock, she herself started joining all the dots. Her epiphany was making her cry.

“You went to papa for her surgery, the day I told him I love you.” Riddhima said again looking at him.

“Yes meri jaan that’s what happened” Vansh cupped her face nodding is yes.

“And Papa said he will only do if..if he lets me get ..mariied…” Riddhima choked and sat on the floor sobbing heavily. Vansh sat on his knees hugging her tightly.

“I am sorry Vansh ..I didn’t knwwRiddhima cried and Vansh clutched her more close to him.

“Don’t cry…my heart aches” Vansh said wiping her tears.

“How is Ma?” Riddhima asked

“She is fine now. Her Operation was successful.” Vansh told and she nodded. “Chalein?” He asked and they both stood up brushing off the dirt.

Siya and Kabir were sitting on the bench, Siya was resting her head on Kabir’s shoulder. And Kabir was resting his head on Siya’s head.

Riddhima cleared her throat and Sibir came out of their thoughts. They were shocked to see Vansh and Riddhima, hand in hand, smiling.

“Seems everything is sorted.” Siya stood up and hugged Riddhima.

“Actually I forgot to tell…Kabir. Bhai had already assigned the divorce papers, we just need to sign them.” Riddhima said.

“And me and Siyu are getting legally married the same day” Kabir said and all the four of them smiled.

“But…there is a problem…” Riddhima said making everyone stare at her with a frown.

“What about that 6 month extension thing?” Riddhima asked.

“Oh yeah I forgot..” Kabir broke his hug from Siya.

“We will see…” Vansh said.

“Actually… I got my rest letter.” Siya said.

“Wow Sii! That’s great. When are you going?” Riddhima asked.

“Day after tomorrow. And it’s a long one.” Siya said happily.

“Oh that’s great… Now I think we should leave. Right Kabir?” Vansh said and Kabir nodded.
Bidding with a casual forehead kiss, Vansh left with Kabir who kissed Siya on her cheeks.

Riddhima slightly smacked her arm to Siya who was standing carresing her cheeks shying.

“Shying and all han? Go and sleep. I will be coming around 5.” Riddhima said looking at the watch.

Taking her lists of management from the reception herself, she left. The name at the top was, today. Mr. Batra.

She opened the room and entered inside. Mr Batra was humming along with ‘So long my marriane’ trying to be casual, hit started coughing.

Riddhima handed him a glass of water, and he took it giving a toss in the air.

“You should not speak that much Batra sir. Your heart is very light to take this things.” Riddhima said rubbing his back as his breath was uneven.

“What was left to happen Rishika, heart blockage at the age of 81 is enough for me.” Mr Batra said and chuckled.

“Why didn’t you go back home sir?” Riddhima asked.

“Leave that you tell. How is your married life?” Mr Batra asked.

Riddhima left out a sad chuckle.

“We will be taking divorce when we reach back.Riddhima said.

“You both are not happy?” Mr Batra asked.

“No. And you know it’s not easy for me to forget him. But he will be back to me soon.” Riddhima sighed and smiled “anyway, I hear masima came?” Riddhima asked.

“Yes she did. As usual scolded, cried and stayed for some days.” Mr Batra said casually.

“It’s not her fault, she stays alone there all the time, and is even restricted to meet you.” Riddhima said with a poked face.

“Don’t make such faces Rishika.. I don’t like those. And listen. Be careful taking your decision, because society always aims the girls first.” Mr Batra said.

“I don’t care about society, once I get used to it, there will be no problem.” Riddhima passed a slight smile.

“What about the beginning? You can’t get used to it in a day.” Mr Batra said.

Riddhima looked at her wrist watch, as she had no answers. “I need to leave. See you soon Batra sir.” Riddhima smiled and left.

Sitting alone in the general ward, she was in deep thoughts. She went to her room, took her phone and came back. Not so slowly, she switched it on. There were 100 missed calls of only one person. Rishi. His brother was the only one who loved her in her family.

Riddhima continued scrolling in widgets thinking which app to open. Whatsapp was the least option as she knew it would be filled with messages of teasing which she didn’t wish to see since her marriage.
She opened Google, and surfed through it. And searched..

Replies to people who shame about marital life

Riddhima erased everything and switched off the phone again, kept it in her pocket, and left for the ICU which was empty.

“Who gives duty at an empty place? Uff” Riddhima sat on the chair which had wheels, pushing it here there and enjoying alone. She swirled it around and smiled at the air she felt.

As soon as she felt her head swirling, she stopped and closed her eyes, inhaling deep breathes, after a long time she enjoyed herself.

Unknown to her future, she had already accepted she would be defamed and called a divorcee, but she didn’t pay heed to think. What she thought, was, her parents’ reaction. Would they even let her tell them the decision? Or just leave her alone?

PrecapA Rest?

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