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A Royal love story (Riansh) part 6 by [email protected]

Saying in advance that crying tissues are needed .

Today’s episode starts…
The same day

Vansh , siya , ishani and aryan were talking .

Ishani – bhai , ridhima never told that she hails from a royal family .
Aryan – she is so rich
Vansh – let’s go to her

Then the youngsters reach Ridhima’s room . They were shocked seeing her room . It was decorated very beautifully .

Many frames of ridhima amd other family members were kept there .

Then ridhima comes from washroom .
Ridhima – ap log (you all) , come sit

Everyone sit on a sofa .

Ishani – Ridhima , everyone is upset from you .

Ridhima – I know I am so sorry , I should have informed you all of me hailing from a royal family . I am sorry

Ishani – it’s ok , from childhood you live in a palace

Ridhima – yes

Then siya’s gaze fell on the small fridge kept there .

Siya – what is that ?

Ridhima – that is a small fridge

Siya – but why , you have kept this fridge here ??

Ridhima – actually this is a small fridge specified fridge only for me and my sister . We are fond of chocolates . So , in this fridge all imported chocolates are kept .

Everyone laugh .
Then ridhima gave some chocolates to  everyone . Then aditya and  jhanvi came there .

Aditya – diii
Jhanvi – diii

Then they become silent when they see , the rai singhania siblings .

Then aditya md jhanvi sit beside ridhima on the bed .

Aditya – sorry due to excitement .
Then everyone chit-chat and after sometime go to sleep .

Ridhima ‘s room
Ridhima was about to sleep . Just , then aditya and jhanvi come .
Aditya – di

Jhanvi – di

Ridhima – what happened ?? You didn’t slept ?

Jhanvi cried silently .

Ridhima – jaanu what happened ?? Why are you crying ??

Aditya and jhanvi hugged ridhima tightly .

Aditya – we missed you di
Jhanvi – and beyond limits , we missed u

Ridhima also cried silently .
They broke the hug .

Aditya – di  you are crying

Aditya and jhanvi , wipe her tears .
Then ridhima also wiped their tears.

Ridhima – if you all will cry , then I will also cry . Now tell me , why didn’t you slept .

Aditya – di , we missed you lap also
Jhanvi – di , we want to sleep in your lap
Ridhima – come , sleep

Aditya and jhanvi keep their head on Ridhima’s lap . Ridhima touched their foreheads and made them sleep .
Aditya and jhanvi slept on her lap . Ridhima kissed their foreheads and slept in sitting position .

Two pair of eyes were watching them .  He  was none other than vansh . He was in tears seeing this brother-sister  love .
He went .

Next day
Vansh , ishani , siya and aryan were siting in the hall . No one was there .
Then ridhima came .

She was looking gorgeous . Vansh was awestruck seeing her in this outfit and that in open hair . Then siya amd ishani were amused .

Siya (loud)  – ap inn kapdo mein
( You in this outfit )

Ridhima – shhh

Siya – you in this outfit

Ridhima – ham raj gharane ki ladkiyan yahin pehenti hai .

( We royal girls wear this only )

Ridhima – let’s eat breakfast

Then other family members come down and sit in their seats for breakfast .

In the midst of breakfast .

Aditya – papa , kya hum aaj inn sab ko sheesh mahal dikhane le ja sakte hain

(Papa , can we take the rai singhania family to sheesh mahal )

Ridhima – han bohot acha idea hai .
(Its a good idea )

Papa – jarur (of course )

Aditya – Toh ready ho jaiyega
( So be ready )

After finishing their breakfast , the rai singhania family amd ridhima go their room .

After some time , they come downstairs .

Ridhima – so lets go to sheesh mahal .

Vansh – okay

Ridhima – adi are u not coming ?

Aditya – di , you go now , me , jaanu and others wil come  a bit late .

Ridhima – okay

They all move towards sheesh mahal .
The outer view of the sheesh mahal was mesmerizing . They enter .

It was the most beautiful  monument .

Ishani – wow

Ridhima – so welcome to sheesh mahal

Siya – it’s beautiful

Aryan – wow

Vansh –  beautiful

Ishani – ridhima , who made this ?? This is so beautiful .

Ridhima – my dadu made this for me and my siblings for playing .

Then suddenly , a music starts . Everyone come from corners .

Ridhima was shocked .

Then aditya and jhanvi come and sing.

Jhanvi- sapnon ka woh aangan kahan
Darpan bata bachpan kahan
Sapno ka wo aangan kahan
                 Darpan bata bachpan kahan

Ridhima was in tears . Everyone was holding some beautiful childhood pictures of the three siblings .
Ridhima was remembering everything .

Aditya-  Seedha saral tha jeevan jahan
                  Darpan bata bachpan kahan
                Sapno ka wo aangan kahan
               Darpan bata bachpan kahan

In between

Jhanvi – di , apne hamesha humara khayal rakha hai , apne hamesha humari galti apne upar li hai , apne hamesha hume maa ke barabar  pyaar dia hai
Aap duniya ki best di hai .
I Love You .

(Di , u always took our care , you always take our mistake upon you , you always love us like maa , you are the best .
I  Love You .)

Aditya – di , apne humesha hume galat karne se roka hai , apne humesha hume sahi ke raaste pe chalna sikhaya hai , apne humesha khud se pehle humare baarein mein socha hai , ap iss duniya ki best se best dii hain .
I Love You di .

(Di , you always told us not to do bad things , you always made us learn to walk in the path of right , you always think about us before yourselve .  You are the best dii In the world .
I Love You di. )

It was enough for ridhima to cry , she was crying , then jhanvi and aditya hugged her tightly .

Virendra –   Bhai se yaari
                     Behno se masti
                    Udti patango
                    jaisa tha mann

Mansi –   Jitne the rishte
             Saare the mann ke
              Unme na uljhan
               Na thi jalan

In between

Virendra – apne hamesha apne behen bhaiyon ko bohot pyaar dia hai , apne apna badi behen hone ka farz nibhaya hai , hame garv hai ap pe Ridhima .

( You loved your sibling very much ,
You always fulfilled your duty of being
an elder sister , I am proud of you )

Mansi –  Aapko yaad hai , jab jhanvi paida hui thi , tab meri tabiyat kharab thi , tab apne jhanvi ki dekhbhal ki thi
, Apne humesha har mushkil mein apne behen bhaiyon ka saath diya hai ,
Hame garv hai ap pe Ridhima .

( You remembered , when jhanvi was born , I was  ill and then you took care of jhanvi , you were present for your siblings , amd parents . I am proud of u .

Ridhima was now out of control , she was crying very badly . The rai singhania’s were emotional too by seeing their love .

Jhanvi – Hoti na thi anban jahan
             Darpan bata bachpan kahan
              Seedha saral tha jeevan jahan
            Darpan bata bachpan kahan
           Sapno ka woh aangan kahan
          Darpan bata bachpan kahan

Aditya- Khaane ki chinta,
               sone ki fikrein
              Hoti bhi thi toh hoti thi kamm
    Khushiyaan judi thi khilono se apni
      Khabar hi na thi kya hota hai gham

One childhood photo of Ridhima , jhanvi and aditya was shown  in which  they were playing  Ringa  Ringa Roses  .

Then aditya , jhanvi , ridhima hold each other’s hand and recreate the pose of the photo .

Jhanvi – Paavan thhe sab 
               bandhan jahaan
          Darpan bata bachpan kahan

Aditya -Seedha saral tha jeevan jahan
              Darpan bata bachpan kahan

Jhanvi –  Sapno ka wo aangan kahan

Aditya – Darpan bata bachpan kahan

Jhanvi and aditya – Darpan bata 
                               Bachpan kahaan

Everyone present there was crying .
Ridhima tightly hugged her siblings .

Jhanvi and aditya – WE LOVE YOU DI

Ridhima – l LOVE YOU TOO

She kissed their foreheads .

To be continued…

It was emotional ???
You may feel similar it to a movie also .

Thank you



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