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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 52)

Is there any chappals there for me 🧐? Nhi nhi…

So Hello Guys!!! I know many of you may thought that I am no more alive but look…I am alive now 😉🙃. In this busy life, we humans are lacking of one thing and that’s TIME. But bhagwaan gave me a leisure in the form of QUARANTINE. So I thought why not give u all advantage of my quarantine. So bakwaas kadam end let’s start episode. And one more thing I am taking a leap of 2 years here.


After 2 YEARS

VR Mansion

Many people are seen going here and there in the beautifully decorated mansion…sorry HOME💒. A young women is seen coming to a man with two boys both of one and half year old.

Ragini : Kabir, did you see Ishani?

Kabir : No Ragini. I haven’t seen her. Why are you searching her?

Ragini : You know very well that although Ishaan (Ishani & Aryan’s baby) loves to spend most of time with me, your naughy Ragbir wants to see his Ishani masi.

(Yes, Ishaan and Ragbir are Ishani and Ragini’s children respectively and they are in Ragini’s hands)

Kabir : Arey, Ragbir is not only my child, he is yours too. And Aryan isn’t also here. So I am 100% sure Ishaani will be with Aryan in the processing of Ishaan2.0 🙈.

Ragini : Yuck. Don’t say such things in front of children. Ok let me check her in their room.

Ajay : Hey Ramu kaka, the flowers should be red and white, not yellow. Red is her favorite and white is his favorite color. (To another worker) Not lime, the welcome drink should me rose milk (for me🍹). Do that works properly. Not here, hang it there.

Rudra : Ajay, come here and sit. Drink this water. Don’t take this much tension, everything will be go according as planned.

Ajay : Ha but its my princess’s wedding and how can’t I worried about arrangements. And where is Uma ?

Rudra : Uma and Anupriya went to temple with mom.

Ajay : Ohk. I didn’t see Riddhima and Vansh here from morning.

Rudra : Do I have to tell it? Riddhima will be busy with Siya, helping her in make up and dressing and Vansh will be there where Riddhima is. Riddhima is like a GPS for tracking Vansh 😂.

Ajay (chuckles) : That’s right 😂.


At SIYA’s Room

A girl with cute baby bump is seen running here and there. A man is seen running behind her wherever she goes.

Siya : Vansh bhai, Why are you running behind Riddhu bhabhi?

Vansh : Siya, she is in her 8th month now and look, she is literally running here and there. My princess didn’t even get time to have beauty sleep.

Riddhu (angry) : Look Siya, your brother is only worried about his princess but what about me ? I am tolerating all her tantrums. (Thinking) One minute…Who said this is a baby girl ? I am sure this is my little prince.

Vansh : No. Its my little princess.

Riddhima : No its my little prince.

Vansh : No. Its my little princess.

Riddhima : No its my little prince.

Siya, who is witnessing all this is laughing hard holding her stomach.


RiAnsh stopped their fighting seeing her laugh.

Vansh : We are arguing and why are you laughing?

Siya : I have a doubt whether my niece or nephew is child or you two ? You two is fighting like children. I should say you aren’t changed at all. Like before you two were like tom and jerry and now two but the only difference is now Riddhu is fighting with Vansh having a baby bump. And romance is also increased than before.


Riddhima : Siya, you stop. We will argue but it is because of love. Am I right Vansh ?

Vansh : Ya you’re right sweetheart ❤️.

Siya : Wow…Now you two became a team and I am odd one.

Vansh : Yes. But don’t worry when my princess comes, she will be with me.

Hearing this Riddhu’s face again turned into angriness.

Riddhima : What? Princesses…No way it’ll be a baby boy. My little prince.


Vansh : Impossible. It’ll be my little princess.


They again continued their fight.

Siya to herself : These two won’t change 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.


Precap : Some moments from 2 years.


Guys I know its a small episode but next time I’ll try to write a big one (only if my mom gives me phone). Hope u all enjoyed it.


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