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MATSH: Ourr Endless Love [episode 12]

Sorry guys I am late. My phone is in repair. So I can’t update regularly.
Ranveer untied the cloth in Ishani’s eyes. Ishani got surpised seeing decorations. She was waiting for ranveer’s words.
Ranveer: I am sorry ishani.
Ishhani got upset, as she thought ranveer was going to propose her. She was disappointed.
Ishani: its okay Ranveer. You no need to ask sorry. I am sorry. may I leave?
Ranveer: no ishani. Please stay here for sometime.
Ishani: sorry ranveer. I will go. I am not feeling well.
Ranveer: what happened to you? I told you to take rest. Come I will drop you.
Ishani: no ranveer. Don’t waste your time for me. I can go.
Ranveer: what are you saying? Your health is very important to me than time.
Ishani: no ranveer…
Ranveer: shut up. Don’t talk anything. I will drop you. That’s final.
Ranveer and ishani came to ishani’s house.
Ishani: ranveer u go. I can take care of myself.
Ranveer: what you can? See how weak you are. i Won’t leave you until your family members come.
Ishani: they will come next week only.
Ranveer: ok I will stay with you.
Ishani: what?

Ranveer: I mean I will stay in guest room and take care of you.
Ishani: but
Ranveer: no buts and ifs… its my order. I am your boss.
Ishani: you are not my boss now.
Ranveer: I didn’t accept your resignation. Tomorrow onwards you should come to office with me. I will come and pick up you daily. You need to eat your medicines.i will bring something for you.
Ranveer left.
Ishani{to herself}: he is again making me fall for him. I should talk with him.
At kitchen,
Ranveer{in thoughts}: please get well soon ishani. I need to tell how I feel for you, how much I love you.
I don’t want to stress you now. I will tell everything to you.
Ranveer made something for ishani and came to her room. when he was going to feed her, ishani shouted.
Ishani: why are you doing all this? Please ranveer don’t do this to me. Don’t melt me. Don’t make me fall for you again. Don’t give this small happiness. You don’t love me. Please let me move on.
Ranveer: ishani I need to talk with you.
Ishani: please ranveer get last.
He dropped a plate in his hands and left that place with teary eyes.
Ishani cried.
Ranveer drank so much and came to his house. In his room, he was having ishani’s photo and talked with it.
Ranveer: ishani I hurted you so much.i love u. I don’t deserve you. I was not ready to accept you because if you leave me, I cant live. Now I am leaving this world. Iam leaving you . I hope you will get someone who understands you in your life. He wrote everything in a letter and took a knife. He cut his wrist. That time rithika and sharman came to his house. Rthika read the letter and she got shocked to see rv’s state. They got him to ’ABC’ hospital. Doctor informed them that ranveer is in serious condition.
Rithika called ishani many times but Ishani didn’t attend her calls. Then she texted ishani,” ranveer cut his wrist. He is in serious condition. Please come to ABC hospital. Ishani saw the message and rushed to hospital. She saw rithika and hugged her. Rithika gave that letter to ishani. ishani read it.
Ishani: I am the reason for his state. He came to tell me about this. But I shouted at him badly. If something happens to him, I will die.
Rithika: ishani nothing will happen to him.
Doctor came out and said ”he is alright now. ”
Ishani: doctor can I see him?

Doctor: after he comes to conscious. you can see him.
Ishani is waiting for ranveer to wake up.
Ranveer waked up. She hesitantly came inside. Ranveer started to speak.
Ranveer: ishani don’t say anything. I need to say something to you. Can I speak?
Ishani nodded her head as yes.
Ranveer: I love you ishani. I know I hurted you a lot. But I understand my love for you now. please ishani forgive me. Will you accept me????
Ishani without saying anything hugged him tightly
Ishani: I love you too ranveer. I am sorry.
Ranveer: please ishani don’t leave me in any situation.
Ishani: I won’t.
After a week ranveer got discharged.
At ranveer’s home,
Ranveer: ishani don’t treat me like patient.
Ishani: keep quiet. And eat it.
Ranveer: I don’t need this tablets. I need a medicine that is you.
Ishani: I will be with you always. But eat this now.
Ranveer: I won’t eat.
Ishani: if you eat, I will give whatever you want.
Ranveer: promise?
Ishani: promise.
ranveer ate medicines. He slept quietly because of that medicines.
Falguni called ishani.
Falguni: where are you now?
Ishani: in my friend’s home.
Falguni: you are in ranveer’s home right? Rithika told me everything. I am okay with your relationship. Tomorrow come to house. We will fix your engagement date.
Ishani: thank you maa. Thank you so much. Love you maa. Bye.

Episode ends with happy face of ishani and cute sleeping face of ranveer.

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