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Qurbaan Hua 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Viyas jee announces Neil and Chahat’s marriage

Qurbaan Hua 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Neil and Chahat are both in a romantic moment, when Neil exclaims that she is looking very beautiful calling her as Meera when she tries to leave he pulls her closer inquiring if she also hates him because he is torturing Chahat, he explains that he is not a bad person but has to be because of the situations that are prevailing.
He calls for his sister, exclaiming that Dr Baig has killed his sister and he was not able to save her, Neil starts to cry, Neil asks her to explain why he should not take revenge from Baig as he knows that Dr Baig would surely come back for his daughter, he mentions that he knows that Chahat is innocent as she thinks that her father is innocent but whenever he sees the face of Chahat he sees Baig in her so what can he do as he has to take revenge, he starts hitting himself when Chahat ask him to sit and she will come back.
Chahat is making him wear clothes when he struggles and lands on top of her, he mentions that he has become a bad person, she explains that he is still a good person, he interrupts that he knows she is only saying this to make him feel better but she should not leave him as he will show her that he can be a good and honest person once again, he is not able to say anything and starts looking into her eyes, she is also remaining very still but is getting uncomfortable when he gets closer, he leans in to kiss her but is drunk to the extent that he falls down and pleads with Maira to not leave him as he would not be able to survive
Chahat runs to make lemonade for Neil, Godambari gets a call from Ghazala, Chahat is not able to control than asks Godamabri that it is the voice of Ghazala, Godambari mentions that she has to meet her to understand what the entire situation is as they do not know where she came from, she turns to find the Chahat is not there, Godambari goes to call Neil exclaiming that he should wake up as it has been a long time, than Neil wakes up to which she exclaims that the Chahat’s mother has come to their village, this makes him extremely curious and he runs after asking where she went than when Godambari mentions that she went to the cleaners place, he also runs after her.
Baleq enters the room asking where he went, she exclaims that he went to meet his mother in law, Baleq plans that this would mean that they would be able to know the relation between Neil and Chahat and that Viyas jee should also be there.
Neil is searching for Chahat while she is looking for Ghazala, when she sees Chahat she wonders how she was able to survive the blast and that it is not good for herself and Akram that she lives, she therefor takes a pipe and heads into the laundry. All three of them are searching for each other when Neil along with Chahat see each other but Ghazala unknowingly hits Neil and runs after seeing that he is the son of Viyas.
Chahat is trying to hold Neil when Viyas jee comes with Baleq and is shocked to see them both in this awkward position, he gets angry asking that they both not be like this, Godambari starts creating a scene mentioning that they should not do anything like this and that people would start to talk rubbish relating to Viyas, she wonders what kind of a punishment would Viyas jee give to them, he asks her if she called him to see this and that there is only one punishment and it is that they both will be married within two days, Chahat is shocked to hear the news and cannot understand what to do.
In the morning Neil wakes up in the bed and calls out to Chahat, wondering if she left with her mother, someone enters the room asking him to dress up but Neil runs out of the room, he is not able to see the preparations than asks what the matter is, his friend mentions that it is his engagement and that they should not worry about anything.
Jamuna comes mentioning that he should get ready as the auspicious time is just after twenty minutes and Viyas jee has ordered that he be ready before then, he should take a bath and get ready, Neil wonders what he will do as he cannot get engaged to Chahat because he loves Meera.

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