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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Narmund gang keeps Bharti and Prasad captive

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shridhar coming inside the cave and asks Vaishnavi to accept the bhog. Vaishnavi looks at him. Bhakti is praying to Mata Rani and grinding the wheat in manual hand blender. Shridhar asks did I do something mistake. Vaishnavi says no and tells that she can’t have bhog as two of her devotees are hungry. She says Bhakti and Bharti have passed their test. She says Raksha bandhan will begin, but this time a sister will protect her brother. Shridhar smiles and says Jai Mata di. Bhakti grinds the wheat and is about to collapsed. Narendra says I will grind the wheat and starts grinding. Vaishnavi shows her hand. Bhakti thanks Mata Rani and says you have sent help for me, now I shall make arrangements to break my fast. Bharti and Prasad are walking in the jungle and reach a safe place. Bharti asks Prasad to get some wood and light it with fire, so that no harmful animals can attack them. They light the wood with fire. Prasad enjoys their journey and tells that he is hungry. Bharti gives him apple. Prasad gets happy. Narmund gang members come there. Bharti and Prasad hide from their sight. Prasad gets angry. Bharti tells that nothing will happen to courageous people. Prasad prays to Mata Rani to protect them. Mata Rani is mediating with her eyes closed, while Bhakti makes Mata Rani’s idol on Tulsi pot and keeps flower. She says I am feeling guilty that I couldn’t keep 2 fruits. Vaishnavi sends lion to help Bharti and Prasad. Narmund gang members hear the lion roaring sound and runs away from there. Prasad tells Bharti that they shall leave from here. Bhakti hears the fruit seller’s voice and comes out. The fruit seller drops one of the apple and goes. Bhakti picks he apple and keeps infront of Mata Rani’s mud idol.

Bharti and Prasad see a hut. An old man comes out and asks what are they doing here? Bharti tells that they are searching her brother Shullu who was caught by the narmund gang. The man asks them to come inside and have food. He serves them food. Prasad thanks Mata Rani and the old man. He asks about Narmund gang. The old man says you will know it soon, as you both will reach there. They get unconscious. The old man brings them to Narmund gang head and takes money from him. Bharti hears them and makes Prasad gain consciousness. They shout seeing the skulls there. The Narmund gang member asks Bharti why is she searching him? He asks her to say. Bharti tells that she is searching her brother Shullu as Bheema accused him of theft and kept my mother captive. He says until my brother returns, my brother will be captive. The gang member tells Bharti that the sardaar will not leave her alive now. Narmund gang head slaps the member and tells that he don’t raise his hand on women. Prasad asks what about kids? The gang head laughs and tells that they don’t touch the kids. He asks why did you come here? Bharti says Bheema took your gang name in drunk state. The gang head says your brother is not here and asks her to leave in the morning. he asks his man to make arrangements for their food and stay for night. Shridhar worries for Prasad and Bharti. Vaishnavi asks them to have trust on themselves like they trust their Devta. She says they shall be sure that they will achieve what they wanted, and they shall keep trying until her/his wish gets fulfilled.

Precap: Bharti rescues Shullu and is eloping with him from Narmund gang’s place. The head of the gang catches them and asks his men to behead Shullu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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