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Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan ( Episode 46)

Hey guys here comes new episode. Thank you all for your support. I have added a song link too.  Do give your opinions on comment section. 

Episode 46:-

Sameeksha’s psychotic move!!

It’s evening ,

Sameeksha is standing at open garden area. Weather is nice, cold breeze touches her. She is looking at sky.

There a small tent which is well arranged with lights and candles. There is a table , there is a plates , forks , glasses placed on it .

Sameeksha checks her watch. Then she hears footsteps approaching her from behind. Sameeksha smirks.

Sameeeksha – “ You came on sharp time , Daksh . Impressive!”

Daksh gets surprised as she is understood that he arrived without seeing him. He has a bouquet . He is well dressed. Sameeksha turns to him.

They look each other. Daksh smiles at her.

Daksh – “ How did you know that it’s me? “. Sameeksha – “ This is my farm house , no one will enter here without my permission. You are here because I allowed you”. Daksh – “ Oho! But all this arrangements ?” Sameeksha – “ Don’t you like it?” Daksh – “ Ofcourse I liked it, in fact I love it. But it’s surprising “. Sameeksha – “ Its just small surprises, more is awaiting you”. Daksh – “ But Why this place ?” Sameeksha – “ It is far from city, it’s lonely place. Privacy is more for everything, even if I kill you no one will get to know about “.

Daksh gets shocked at her comment. Sameeksha looks him. She changes her expression from a serious tone to smile.

Sameeksha – “ I was just joking “. Daksh – “ So you are humorous too “.

Sameeksha smiles. He step forward to her. Daksh gives her bouquet. She looks it and takes it. She keeps it on the table .

Sameeksha – “ Thank you . Please take your seat “. Daksh – “ Sure”.

They sit down. Daksh looks around and smiles. Sameeksha looks him in a serious way and smiles as his eyes fall on her.

Daksh – “ You look beautiful, something special “. Sameeksha – “ Thank you “.

Daksh thinks – “ So finally she got interested in me. Tonight is ours , infact mine “.

Sameeksha takes out a rose from bouquet. Daksh looks on.

Sameeksha – “ You told me that you love me, let’s check whether this rose conveys the same. Your love is true or not”. Daksh – “ How ?” Sameeksha – “ I will pluck the petals by telling your love is true or false , in a consecutive manner. Hope you have heard about game ‘He loves me , He loves me not’ . Daksh – “ Yeah , I have “. Sameeksha – “ Let me start “.

She starts to pluck the petals by saying – “ True love , Fake love , True love , Fake love, True love , Fake love , True love , Fake love, True love , Fake love …. “.

As it ends at fake love , she looks him suspiciously. Daksh gets worried.

Daksh – “ How can you trust flower petals? Love can’t judged using that “. Sameeksha – “ Okay fine. Would like to have wine?”

Daksh nods ‘Yes’. Sameeksha gets up and brings a bottle of wine. She opens it. She pours it on his glass . She pushes the glass towards him lightly. Daksh looks her.

She sits down. She looks him. Daksh smiles.

Daksh- “ Are you not having it?” Sameeksha – “ No. Its for you .But don’t drink it now “. Daksh thinks – “ She seems to be so weird today . She behaving like a psycho “.

Suddenly Sameeksha bangs on the table and comes closer to him. He gets a shock .

Sameeksha – “ Really, do I look like a psycho?” Daksh thinks – “ How did she understood that ?” Sameeksha – “ I read people’s mind”. Daksh – “ I didn’t thought about you like that “. Sameeksha – “ Maybe haven’t thought about it , it can be my random thought. Leave it “.

Daksh smiles . She lean back to her normal position. She gets up . She goes to the tent and takes out something. She comes back to him while she tied her hand back. She then keeps a small bottle and a knife . Daksh gets confused over it.

Sameeksha – “ So tell me , Daksh . What can you do for me ? You told me that you can do anything for me “. Daksh – “ Anything you say “.

Sameeksha takes a knife and wipes it.


Sameeksha (with a evil smile ) – “ Can you die for me ?”

Daksh gets shocked.

Daksh  – “What ?” Sameeksha – “ Do you love to that extend that you can die for me ?” Daksh relaxes and says – “ Oho! That’s it .Yes , I can .!”. Sameeksha – “ Are you honest ?” Daksh- “ Yes , Ofcourse. Infact I want to spend my whole life with you, I would like to marry you“.  Sameeksha – “ If you want to marry me , you have to prove your words. Let me make it clear , still you can back off. I don’t mind , but if you promise me once you have to fulfill it “. Daksh – “ Anything for you”. Sameeksha – “ Okay, then”.

Sameeksha picks up the small bottle and pours it in his wine. She takes a spoon to mix it.

Sameeksha – “ I have added heavy poison in your wine. Prove your love for me by drinking this “. Daksh – “ Are you serious?” Sameeksha – “ Yes Iam absolutely serious, this isn’t a joke. My life is really worthy , I want a life partner who is daring and who can die for me whenever needed. I am searching for true love . Now prove yourself”.

Daksh gets worried. Sameeksha gets up with the knife . She start to walk around him. Daksh’s hands shiver .

Sameeksha – “ Remember , it’s poison. It can your take life. Don’t think that I will stop you just before you take a sip. There are chances that Iam doing this to kill you, because no can help you here. It’s my place … If don’t drink it I will believe that you are a liar . I hate liars. It can anger me, what if I slit your throat in anger?”

Sameeksha keeps knife over his neck. Daksh gets worried and he start to sweat . She looks him with a evil smile. His hands shivering in fear.

Sameeksha – “You are sweating a lot , all of a sudden. Are you afraid?” .

Daksh ( shivering voice) – “ Not all “. Sameeksha – “ Really, then have it. Prove your love for me . Come on “.

Daksh forwards his hand to pick the glass with shivering hand. Sameeksha looks on. He picks it and gets tensed. He suddenly keeps it back. Sameeksha smiles.

Daksh – “ I can’t do it . I want to live “. Sameeksha – “ So you were lying to me. I told you that I hate liars. Still !”

She takes off the knife suddenly and his heart beat stopped for a moment . He touched his neck and checked if there is any injury. He sighs. He gets up immediately and turns towards her. Sameeksha gives him a stern look.

Sameeksha – “ Leave !  Daksh Raichand, Just Leave right now . I will count till 10 , you should leave within that otherwise .. “ .

She takes a whistle and whistles. A man comes there with a big dog . It looks really scary. Daksh gets worried.

Sameeksha – “ So your time starts now …”.

She starts to count , Daksh runs away . Dog bark at him. Daksh reaches near his car and gets in . He drives off.  Sameeksha smirks. She signs the man ( with dog ) to go back. He leaves.

Sameeksha – “ Now Daksh will tell his brother about my madness. Dev will get a better idea about me “.

She smiles and pours the wine on the ground.

After sometimes,

Dev is shown to be driving his car worriedly. He reaches Raichand Mansion. He goes inside , he see Prithvi .

Dev – “ Prithvi , Where is Daksh Bro?” Prithvi – “ I don’t know where he has gone but left home at evening. What happened? You seems to be in worry”. Dev  – “ He isn’t picking my call . I got know that someone has some goons behind him. He was dating some girl 1 month ago , he dumped her.  Her brother is a dangerous man , he has sent some people behind Daksh to revenge it”.  Prithvi – “ Oho my god !”


Just then Daksh enters the home. Dev and Prithvi see him and sighs in relief. Dev goes near him. Daksh is completely lost in thoughts .


Dev finds him perfectly alright but he seems to be lost. Daksh moves him away and goes towards dining table. He see a jar of water. He picks it and drinks it. Dev and Prithvi finds it weird. He is sit down on the couch to relax.  Dev sits beside him .

Dev – “ What happened?” Daksh – “ Sameeksha is a psycho!” Dev – “ What ?” Daksh – “ There is no doubt that she isn’t Samika. It’s clear , Samika can’t be so daring. You don’t know how I escaped today “.

Daksh explains him the whole story. Dev and Prithvi gets surprised.

Daksh – “ Iam telling you bro, she isn’t as we think … I think she know some black magic too. She can read our thoughts too”. Dev thinks- “ Daksh bro was just a messenger. What a play ? Hats off. Two in one – Daksh won’t come behind you and an indirect warning for me . It’s getting interesting”.

Dev – “ I think you need to rest . By the way , I would recommend you to stay back home for few days . Your last girlfriend’s brother’s goons are looking for you. My god’s grace you escaped from them today”. Daksh – “ Really! God is great!!!”.

Daksh leaves.

Prithvi – “ Is she is really mad ?” Dev – “ Nothing, just a show for him”. Prithvi – “ Sameeksha is really confusing character. Isn’t it getting complicated ? “. Dev – “ Its fun to solve complicated puzzle”.

Dev smirks .

Next Morning, C Square Office (Sameeksha’s office)

Sameeksha is working on laptop. Dev knocks on the door , she let’s him in.

Dev takes his seat.

Sameeksha – “ What’s matter that brought you here so early?” Dev – “ Some important work. Actually I was thinking to make certain changes in garden area of the apartments included in our project. So I thought to consider your opinion on it”. Sameeksha – “ Really? Show “.

Dev takes out the plan and show her. She examine it and looks him suspiciously. Dev remains cool.

Sameeksha – “ Nice reason to meet me!! But bad execution. There isn’t much change in this plan , just small changes over the placement of children riders “. Dev – “ Not bad , you remember the plan I showed you last time.  That too so clearly, amazing! Good memory “. Sameeksha – “ If you are done with praising me , tell me what brought you here? I mean , real reason. Don’t give me any lame reasons”. Dev – “ You just escaped a charge on you, attempt to murder ! Daksh told everything “.

Sameeksha looks him and he is looking her.

Sameeksha – “ Is there any witness or evidence? “ Dev – “ No”.  Sameeksha – “ Case closed . It’s just your brother’s imagination”.  Dev- “ You are brilliant!”  Sameeksha – “ I know , by the way I was tired with your brother’s proposal. I just want to make him realize that Love isn’t that simple “.  Dev – “ I know . Leave it. Are you busy now ?” Sameeksha – “ What if ‘yes’ ?”  Dev – “ Can you spare sometime for me ?” Sameeksha – “ Why should I?” Dev – “ I do wish to thank my savior in personal “.  Sameeksha – “ Okay fine. You can do it now “.  Dev – “ Not here”.  Sameeksha – “ Then where?” Dev – “ What about a coffee?”

Sameeksha looks sternly and Dev smiles.

Sameeksha – “ Really? So you want to take me out for a coffee. Just cleared off your brother yesterday… if I come with you will I have to do the same with you tomorrow?” Dev – “ If that happens it won’t be that easy for you … Just joking ! It’s my humble request… Please!!!”. Sameeksha – “ Your attitude has changed a bit , so sweet ! Okay fine . I will come , can you wait outside for 10minutes”.

Dev smiles. Sameeksha looks him with small smile on her face.

Dev – “Okay “.

Coffee shop near her office.

Sameeksha and Dev is sitting opposite to each other. Coffee is kept near each of them. They have it. Sameeksha looks him as he is having his coffee.

Sameeksha – “ Why did you broke your engagement with Trisha ?” Dev – “ Till we see real gold we would believe that every thing that has  golden colour as gold. It’s same in the case of Real Love !” Sameeksha – “ You are speaking like me!” Dev (with a smile) – “ Shyaad mei aapki rang mein rang gaya hoga ( Maybe Iam getting your colours ) “. Sameeksha – “Aisi baat hain toh thoda sambhaal na , jo meri rang mein ranga unpe koi aur rang nahi chadenge( If that is the matter , it will tough to handle. Because if you get into my colour then you won’t be coloured by any other colour) ”. Dev – “ If that’s the thing I would happily accept that”.

Sameeksha looks him in surprise. Dev smiles. As they finish their coffee , Dev pays off the bill. Sameeksha looks on and holds his hand. Dev looks her .

Sameeksha – “ I will pay my share “. Dev – “ Its not needed today , maybe next time “.   Sameeksha – “ What if there is no next time?” Dev – “ We met in an unexpected time, you are our investor , you came out for a coffee with me … I feel this is the beginning of something beautiful “.

Sameeksha looks him intensely and Dev smiles.

Sameeksha – “ What beautiful?” Dev – “ A beautiful….. friendship !” Sameeksha – “ I don’t think so “.

Dev – “ We don’t know What is kept for us in future ? “ Sameeksha – “ Now I get after effect of breaking your relationship with Trisha”. Dev – “ If you are feeling that Iam sick , will you be my medicine?”

Dev looks her passionately, Sameeksha gets surprised and confused. They share an eyelock. Sameeksha then just step back seeing him looking her like that . Dev comes back to reality.

Sameeksha – “ Excuse me , what you mean ?” Dev- “ Nothing, I am leaving. Bye , see you “. Sameeksha – “ Okay !”

Dev walks off .

He smirks . Sameeksha looks him as he walks away.

Dev thinks- “ It’s time for me turn back that old lover boy avatar. Love will bring out your mystery , Ms. Sameeksha Chowdhary “.

Sameeksha thinks – “ Love was weak point of Samika but it’s not a matter for me. I will make sure that you fall into the trap you are  laying for me . You won’t get to know about me until I allow you“.

Precap:- Mr and Mrs Chowdhary talking to each other. Mr.Chowdhary – “ Kashyap Family has done a big favor on us , which we can’t forget”.

Flashback-  Mr.Chowdhary and Mr.Kashyap ( both of them are young) waiting outside labor room. They are tensed .

Two babies in a cradle . They looks same.

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