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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: AJ confiscates everyone’s phones

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Guddan says are you shocked? Ganga says Choti.. Guddan says she fell right? Everyone comes there. AJ picks Choti and says thank God. I lost my breath. Durga says I was so scared thank God Guddan told us Choti is upstairs. But how did the pram fall? Guddan says I will find out. It’s about my daughter’s life. AJ says let me make her sleep. Avinash says Ganga if Guddan finds out all this she will kick us out of this house.

Ganga says what if Guddan finds out. She drinks water. Guddan says why are you in a hurry? People behave this way when they have made a mistake. Guddan says I can see things clear now. You tried to kill me and your plan failed. Then you apologized and we let it go. Now there’s a fake couple in this house claiming that Choti is their daughter. When pram fell you were upstairs. We were all downstairs. Tell me what are you upto? If I find out on my own, I won’t leave you. Ganga says but.. I.. Saru comes and says don’t take my mistake on yourself. I sanitized the pram. It slipped from my hands. Guddan says why were you silent till now? Saru says if AJ found out he would kill me. Then I couldn’t find you. Guddan says stop lying. You better stop slipping. Ganga sits down. Saru says I saved you from Guddan. Everything is in control. You helped me in lockdown. Ganga said Saru didn’t plan anything. Ganga drinks water and says you came on right time and saved me. I was going to tell Guddan the truth. Saru gets her up. Ganga says I am the Mogambo of this house. I am the MIL of this house. Ganga says in heart I have to change the DNA papers.

Scene 2
At night, AJ looks at Choti. He says I couldn’t imagine losing you. The truth would be out tomorrow. Guddan comes and says what are you two talking about? AJ says I was making her sleep. Guddan says you can’t take my brownie points. I was kidding. We are one team. A window falls on the cot. AJ runs and stands in front of it. It falls on his back. His back is injured. He saves the baby. AJ says don’t come here Guddan. Guddan still comes running to him. She cleans the glass from his back. AJ says I told you there’s glass on the floor. Guddan says you’re always there to protect me. AJ says you and Choti are my life. I can’t let you both go away from me. AJ says why would we go away. AJ says I will keep you both safe. Guddan says and we will protect you. AJ hugs her and says how will I face you when the truth is out. Guddan says I want you to make a promise.

Buzzer blares. Everyone comes to the hall. Durga says what? AJ says the DNA report will be out tomorrow morning. I want you all to submit your phones to me for tonight. It’s not like I don’t trust you. But seeing the actions of some people, I need to do this for my family’s safety. Ganga and Avinash are worried. AJ says I hope you will all cooperate. All your phones right here. Laxmi says it’s about Choti, we are all with you. Laxmi takes everyone’s phone. Laxmi asks Saru for a phone. Saru says I won’t.. Laxmi snatches her phone. She asks Ganga for her phone. Ganga says okay take it. She gives all the phones to AJ.

Guddan says to AJ thank you. I hope no one can forge DNA reports. AJ says nothing would happen to them don’t worry. AJ calls Revati and asks her for something. She says perfect.

Everyone is bored and they sit in the hall. Durga and Laxmi cook. Guddan says Saru what are you trying to do? She says trying to hear if my phone is rining. Durga says who would call you. I am so bored. Guddan says there are other ways to not be bored. You can make sweaters for Choti Guddan. Durga says such a good idea. Laxmi get wool from my room. Ganga says my doctors will change the reports.

Precap will be added later when available.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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