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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhimbai sets the villager free

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Epi begins with Bhimbai telling Bhima that all of this has happened because of him only. He offers to go in search of his Baba but she takes him home with her. You will now only do whatever I will tell you to!

Bhimbai locks Bhima in a room against her family’s wish. They fail in trying to convince her to free Bhima.

Bhimbai walks up to the villager tied outside. You dint tell us the name of the person who has sent you here but we know who it is. You are free to go now. Go to the shop in front of our house and collect the promised due. It is a sin to drink water from this house yet you have committed a sin by entering in this house. Entire village has seen you getting punished by being tied overnight. You will spend your entire life purifying yourself but you wont be able to cleanse yourself ever. My son has returned home after many days today so I am letting you go. She unties him. He leaves.

Bhaskar’s father claps. It is good that your son is here. Father will also be home soon. We can talk without any hesitation now. We have borne a lot of insult / shame in the society. The wedding didn’t happen and our DIL committed suicide because of this shame. We have been through a lot. We deserve compensation. We want compensation! Sakpal family is in shock. Bhimbai asks him what kind of people they are. You killed your DIL and are asking for compensation now? Bhaskar’s mother refuses to budge. Meera tells them not to trouble them right now. Bhaskar’s father seconds her. It is no point talking and bothering them. We should pick the shagun and leave. Manjula picks a stick and warns them to leave or they will have to face consequences. Meera objects but Bala and Bhima support her. Bhaskar’s father says it is good that the wedding dint happen. She will follow what she has been taught! Bhaskar’s mother speaks of the kids and their upbringing. Bhimbai says I know how my kids are and I now know what kind of people you are. God saved us from committing a big mistake. Please leave. Bhaskar’s mother tells them to compensate for their loss. Manjula threatens them again. Bhaskar’s father says we are leaving but everyone will have to pay. They leave. Bhima smiles and so does Manjula. Meera tells Bhimbai they got saved. It has been proved now. Please free Bhima. Bhimbai insists he must be punished. He will stay locked in that room only. Everyone turns sad again. Anand and Bala tell Manjula they are proud that she is their sister. They all smile and share a group hug. Bhimbai is watching them from the window and smiles. Bhima hears their smile and smiles as well. Manjula tells Bhima she cannot hug him but I am also proud of the fact that you all are my brothers. Bhimbai smiles.

Bhaskar’s parents are mumbling about Manjula’s actions to themselves when Dhansukhlal and Mangesh instigate them. Bhaskar’s father says they are very stubborn. They wont get afraid of us. Dhansukhlal suggests going to police for help. You lost your DIL and your son left home! Will the people of your society respect you then? Bhaskar’s mother asks them why they are bothered for them when they aren’t even from their community. Mangesh retorts angrily but Dhansukhlal calmly says we want you to take the right course of action. Convince your son to return home. You don’t know Sakpal family. They have a habit of stealing the sons of other families. Bhaskar’s parents get tensed. Mangesh shares Dhruv’s story with them. No one can know your pain more than Seth ji. It is just a sad father who is trying to talk sense to another sad father. Bhaskar’s father nods. Why should we be afraid when people from their community are willing to support us? Let’s file a complaint. Mangesh and Dhansukhlal send them in another direction to go to police station.

Dhansukhlal asks Mangesh why he shared Dhruv’s story with Bhaskar’s parents. You lose track of stuff sometimes. What will they be thinking of me now? Dhruv says what’s there to think. It is the truth. Dhansukhlal asks him why he is outside. Dhruv says I stayed inside quietly and looked at the idol that’s next to your seat. I kept wondering who is right – Bhima who is fighting this battle alone or you and your entire community which has been together in this fight. I remembered that Aayi used to say that truth always wins. I decided that the wedding will break if Bhima is right or it will happen if you all are right but you are all wrong if Bhima is right. Dhansukhlal asks him to go back inside but Dhruv says I was inside by choice all these days but now I will be free as that’s what I want. He heads to Bhima’s home.

Bhimbai is in tears. Where are you (her husband)? I know you wont come without Bhima but he is here now. Where are you? How to tell you this? Ganga assures her that Baba will come home just like Bhima has. Baba knows that all of you are very smart. He is the eldest of the house. He worries for everyone. He will be home soon. Bhimbai says I cannot stop wondering why he isn’t home yet. He dint know that the wedding will be called off. He is a responsible husband and responsible father. He should have been here during the wedding but he dint come. I know he loves Bhima the most but he knows how to prioritize things. I hope nothing is wrong. Ganga denies. Wrong accepts things quickly. He will be fine. Don’t worry.

At night, Bala and Anand are sitting outside the room where Bhima is locked. They share that they want to help Bhaskar’s Bhabhi get justice. Bhima assures them it will happen. We will also bring Baba home.

Precap: Bhaskar’s parents come to Sakpal House with Police captain. He tells him to arrest each one of them. Police captain tells his constables to arrest everyone.

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