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Pandya Store 29th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva and Raavi unite

Pandya Store 29th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raavi angrily going. Gautam hugs Shiva. He says bangles aren’t imp than your life, we held your hand else… Shiva says no, I was confident that my brothers won’t let anything happen to me. They all hug. Suman smiles. Anita asks Prafulla to come with her. Shiva stops Prafulla. She asks why, you took the bangles, you want to take my life now. He says I would have taken your life if I could, but Suman and Dhara didn’t raise me much, forward your hands. She asks why, will you make fun of me. He gives her a gift box. Raavi beats the melon by writing Shiva on it. She gets angry. Dhara calls her. Raavi answers. Dhara asks her where did you go. Raavi says Shiva got the bangles, I don’t matter. Prafulla asks do you want me to die, you want to give me poison, no need, I will jump down. Dhara asks Raavi to wait. She shows the video. Raavi sees Shiva gifting the gold bangles to Prafulla.

Shiva says its real gold bangles, Dhara taught me that suhaagan’s wrist shouldn’t be empty, my mum’s bangles are her right, you see what you want to do with this, take this bill, its on your name. Raavi cries. She recalls Shiva’s words. She says this was his plan, he thought Prafulla will give him Suman’s bangles, he will give her new bangles. Suman says Shiva is real gold. Gautam says it means you mortgaged the land to get the bangles. Suman asks Dhara what’s all this. Dhara says I will explain later. Suman says explain now itself. Dhara says Shiva mortgaged his land share to get bangles for Prafulla. Shiva asks Prafulla didn’t she like the bangles, give it back. Anita asks Prafulla to get happy. Anita and Prafulla leave. Shiva says Rishita saw me with the truck, I wasn’t buying it, I was selling it, my six trucks will be sold, whatever commission I get, I will pay it to Rasik, I will manage it, don’t take tension, we also want to help you. Everyone smiles. Shiva asks how long will you do everything alone. Dev nods. Gautam hugs Shiva. Yaadon ki baraat….plays….

Dhara says Raavi is left out, we have to cut her cake. Shiva looks for her. Dhara takes him along. Raavi cries. Anita and Prafulla come there. Raavi hugs Prafulla. She says Shiva isn’t bad hearted, else he would have not got bangles for her. Prafulla says he didn’t do any favor, he got this from my money, he mortgaged the land which is of Raavi, it means its of me. Raavi gets angry on her. Anita also makes a face seeing Prafulla. Dhara comes and hugs Raavi. She says I told you Shiva’s intentions can never be wrong. Raavi says sorry. Dhara asks Raavi to come if she wants. Everyone says we are not forcing you. Raavi sees everyone. Dhara says fine, I will go. Raavi sees Shiva and smiles. She asks everyone to stop. She says my birthday cake cutting is pending. She asks Anita to come. She asks Krish to get her bags later. Krish says yes, happily. He hugs Shiva.

Raavi cuts the cake. She celebrates her birthday. Dhara asks Shiva to feed the cake to Raavi. Shiva does so and wishes Raavi. Raavi jokes and asks him to say aloud. He shouts. Everyone laughs. Rishita asks why did Shiva mortgage the land for bangles. Dev asks her to have the cake. Raavi feeds the cake to everyone. She goes to Dev. Dev smiles and asks will you be my friend. Raavi laughs. Dev says I wish you always smile, you look good, I have seen you laughing for the first time after marriage, I know your smile went because of me, happy birthday, forgive me. She nods and eats the cake. Shiva looks on. Dhara asks Shiva to get the gift. Shiva asks her to tell Raavi. Suman asks him to get the gift.

He gets the gift. Krish says its a big gift box, it will be a big diamond. Rishita asks what, I m sure, land money can’t go in one gift. Raavi asks did you get a gift for me, aw. Shiva says yes, I got it. He tries to apologize. Everyone smiles. Krish says he is trying to say sorry. Raavi says he can say sorry. Krish says he is Shiva, he says like that, you adjust. Dhara says at least they are talking by some excuse. Gautam smiles. He says they both look good together. Dhara says yes, like Shiv Parvati, I wish no one’s bad sight catches them. Janardhan calls someone. The man says deal is fixed, I will take money from Shiva tomorrow, he will be caught for illegal trade and go to jail. Janardhan says Pandya family will get ruined, I will get the license cancelled, nothing should go wrong. He laughs and says Gautam and his family will be ruined, then I will get my daughter Rishita back.

Some officers catch Shiva. They arrest Shiva for illegal trading. Janardhan smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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