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His Hostage in Love-Kidnapped ep.2 IMM2


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His Hostage in Love-A day in their lives ep.1 IMM2


On an isolated street, in the dark nights, two men were dragging a girl to a car that was seen in the distance. The two men were dressed in black and their faces covered in a black cloth. The girl’s hands were tied at the back while she was trying to get off their hold, struggling hard. She was Riddhima.

Riddhima: Leave me! (struggling)

Man: Shut up! If you want to stay alive then just shut up before I kill you. (taking a deep breathe) Don’t force me to do anything that i wouldn’t want to do that Ms pretty face!

Riddhima: Why the hell did you do this? (struggling)

Man 2: Because of your father!

Riddhima: Randhir Shah! I hate him! I hate him! (grit her teeth in anger)

Man 1: Will you shut up! You’re speaking like a radio! Don’t you understand that you’ve been kidnapped?

Riddhima: Show me your faces then you’ll see who I am!

Man 2: Why if we don’t you won’t be able to show? (chuckling)

Riddhima: If that was meant to be a joke then It was horrible!

Man 1: We didn’t ask your opinion! And you (pointing to man 2) Shut up, stop your nonsense!

Man 2: But bhai….(cut by Riddhima)

Riddhima: You two are brothers?

Man 1: You want to know our full family history? Don’t worry Ms pretty face we have a lot of time to spend together.

Riddhima: I’m not interested! Leave me! (struggling)

Man 2: Bhai why did we have to do this! She’s such a trouble! And it’s so dark, we can’t even see anything!

Riddhima: Oh hello, who did you call a trouble? I’m not any trouble! You both are troubling me and you call me a trouble.

Man 1: Shut up!! Please for heaven’s sake just keep quiet. (anger)

Riddhima: I won’t! Do whatever you want to! (struggling)

Man 2: (taking a knife from his pocket and put it near her neck) Shall i? I won’t hesitate to (anger)

Riddhima: You think I’m that helpless woman! Hell no, it’s your misunderstanding. Untie me once and you’ll see the real me!

Man 2: Shut up! Don’t narrate your bravery and courageous stories here, do it once we reach the car.

Man 1: Keep it down! Don’t hurt her, we aren’t supposed to do that (worried)

Riddhima: You both are so in trouble for doing this!

The trio reached the car with a lot of struggle and the two men pushed Riddhima inside the car. One of them sat inside with her while the other went and took hold of the steering wheel. A few other men were inside the car waiting for them.

4 hours back

 At RR Fashions

Riddhima: Rihu are they all settled?

Rihanna: Yes they are. I’ll call them one by one and Ms Ishani you can start.

Ishani: Sure, I’m just setting up the equipment for the photography.

Ishani set up the camera stand and placed her camera on the stand. Rihanna took the list and started calling the names out. Each model came with different dresses all designed by Riddhima and Rihanna. Some were western and some were Indian. Some wore gowns with intricate designs and others heavy lehengas. They posed while Ishani took their pictures. Riddhima stood there, happy watching her designs.

The shoot finished and Ishani packed everything while Riddhima and Rihanna helped the models pack their dresses for the fashion show. Once they did that Riddhima approached and offered Ishani to accompany them to the show on which she agreed. All three settled in a Mercedes belonging to Riddhima and drove off to the venue while the models and the equipment followed them in a van.

They soon reached and Riddhima and her team quickly arranged everything. There were other companies present there for the same. Lots of people arrived to watch the show, Riddhima’s family too.

Aryan: Riddhu! (hugging her)

Riddhima: Bhai! (hugged back) Thank you for coming!

Aryan: Riddhu, do you have to say thank you? And even if you wouldn’t have invited us we would have still come. We don’t need an invitation do we mom?

Uma: (walking to them) Of course not (laughing) All the best baby!

Riddhima: Thank you ma! Siya? She didn’t come?

Siya: Di how can I not come? Of course I’m here (hugging her) All the best!! And make sure you do proper make up and dressing before you come in front on the ramp

Riddhima: That reminds me, I need to go change. Please take your seat and remember front row! (making a cute face) Bye!

Uma: Wait…your dad

Riddhima: (cut her) Ma, not now! I don’t care. Byeeee!

Riddhima went inside her green room to change while on the other hand Vihaan and Kartik entered the venue. They wore full black. They saw everyone present there, cheering for all the models walking on the ramp and companies, taking that as an opportunity they went towards the backstage and attempted to find Riddhima. Vihaan saw the green rooms and decided to head towards them.

Vihaan: Kartik the green rooms (pointing) Let’s check there, she must be there like all the rest of the designers.

Kartik: Bhai why are you calling me Kartik here? No one’s following us

Vansh: Kabir, you may never know. We’ll call each other our real names only at home. Now let’s go. (reached) Riddhima Shah, there’s her room!

Vansh and Kabir went there and peeped inside the room. Vansh stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw…..



In search for her

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